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  1. People still go to other maps, but when it's reset night and all maps are queued and you wait in Lion's Arch or whatever map you are in for the queue to pop and it resets itself from where you are almost in to be no chance on getting in for the night. But yes, I agree, Anet needs to look at why the queues are resetting for individuals.
  2. I don't use mouse buttons to move forward. So that isn't it.
  3. Unless they fight a necro, or a revenant, or a ranger, who either reveals you, or stacks a ton of condi your stealth can't remove. But still a broke burst class due to the stealth mechanics for those who know how to play it.
  4. I love waiting as #1 in queue, then dropped to 20.
  5. Seriously, QA couldnt catch the bugs from Anet. What the Kitten Kitten. Can't play, cant spend money to support the game, well fuck them at this point.
  6. Please don't bring minion mancers to WvW. Same thing with PvP. In competitive you will get nuked down pretty quick, because your weakness is your minions, once dead, you die because all your utilities and elite is spent. I will say its fine for PvE content, but competative, gtkitten-o.
  7. I would say JQ is meh, not good enough, but not the worst. The majority of WvW guilds that were on there at one point keeping T1 and sitting in T2 for some time left due to the announcement of Alliances cough but I still would like to thank the one developer who tried to make it possible. But if you have worked in any IT industry, you know how it is when you are pulled off a passion project to do others. Most scattered to IoJ, SoR, BP, AR, BG, but I heard a couple people migrated back to JQ. So JQ is not the best, but they will put up a fight when they need to, but don't feel bad when you hit
  8. Why does anet decide to mess up actual league play matches with those who are trying to place their ranking for league. What the kitten.
  9. I have about two support tickets at this time. I have tried various methods, credit card, debit card, and paypal. I have submitted two tickets regarding this issue, the reason for the 2nd ticket is because it was well over 72 hours and no response. There is an error for submitting a request for gems from a credit card or debit card, and paypal, which will state the offer is not available. I understand there are wait times due to limitations of staff, but it is getting to the point that their staff cannot give a canned response of, "we will investigate the issue and come back with an answer." B
  10. Nothing yet, nothing to the original ticket I submitted, and it's been over 72 hours, so I am submitting another ticket, with what they have in an article for submitting a gem purchase issue: Account Name (your email address)First and Last NameThe Date of Birth listed on your accountYour Guild Wars 2 Serial CodeIf available, any Gem Card code(s) used on your accountDisplay Name (including the 4-digit number after the name, such as “Gamer.1234”)The last four digits (only the last four) of the credit or debit card that you used to make those purchases. If you made purchases using PayPal®, pleas
  11. It's not a spending limit, unless you are counting for a period of three months or more. I still have yet to have a response to the ticket.
  12. "This offer is currently not available," when trying to buy 8k gems for $100 USD, I finally got the message to stay when trying paypal over a credit card or debit card. So what changed with the offer that it is not currently available? What relationship or table changed?
  13. Sadly, that isn't the case for me. I had submitted a ticket Tuesday, and have not heard a word back regarding it. I understand ticket volume at this time while running a ghost ship of support at this time or a massive influx of ticket due to being at home during our current crisis. But when you try three different payment methods, and try three different internet connections, its not a firewall issue, even when the company had accepted payments in the past. The problem with trying to send a screen shot of the error is that it comes and goes way too quickly to even capture it. This is basic re
  14. "Due to the high volume of tickets Anet's support is receiving, your wait time is 17,520 hours. Thank you for your patience. " I am pretty sure we all submitted tickets for the issue and it drove their ticket system through the roof. But the error is so quick I cannot get a screenshot, I am just wondering if there is an issue with Digital River's API or something with the code that Anet can fix on their end. And the error occurs regardless of payment method selected. I do agree with other customers that this should have had priority if Anet is looking to have more income to keep everyone em
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