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  1. Maybe burn effect from the Blood Crazed Wyvern. The visual does not cover the whole area it does damage and also appears late
  2. Funny you mention that since GW2 is by far the most Korean influenced of these big mmorpgs we have (not counting Korean ones)
  3. FFXIV if you prefer style instead of rainbow vomit
  4. That frozen infusion is probably the worst offender xD. Winterheart?
  5. Nope, just an i7 4770k OC, ssd, 16gb ram. And zero bloatware since it was custom built by me.
  6. Agree on all of those things. I do disagree about the performance however and how fluid the OS feels compared to clunky 7. I'd say worst thing about the 10 is that with every bigger update it resets some of my settings and MS switches around where specific controls are like networking, language (keyboard) and sound device management are hidden behind multiple tabs when in the launch they were just as simple and quick to use as in the 7
  7. Yea, i doubt it really :S. GW1 had really fun and diverse ones
  8. Did you actually use the OS or just jumped in to the bandwagon?
  9. Yep. On some classes they feel "non existent"
  10. Skyscale already is too much. Free air afk over metas to be safe from mobs etc
  11. Would be Titanfall 2 / Call of Duty all over again if they release it close to Endwalker's release
  12. Yea wish we had this for PoF/HoT/LW4 etc... where the story is combined in one tiny fart
  13. PayPal auto converts the currency. And it was EU sale as in Europe, not Union
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