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  1. How else the story is moving forward then? She's basically a plot moving tool
  2. Unisex means it fits both sexes. Designed for both in mind. Unlocking different styles for both sexes is hardly unisex.
  3. Barrel roll on dragon was in FFXIV before GW2 even had mounts. And yes even that barrel roll wasn't an original idea
  4. Its opposite of QOL game. Hence the itemshop. It's sole reason is to exist is to provide that QOL for a price
  5. You mean people enjoy to make experience kitten for the others? Since that's the only purpose for it.
  6. Mounts ruin HoT. You want new players to explore it without mounts 😊
  7. Well at least we get better statistics from Steam. I bet that the doubled or tripled amount of players are just core game test accounts. How come you double the amount of players but won't earn more money.
  8. Let's just say there would be no PC gaming as it is now without Steam. At the time console gaming was dominant and Steam was an answer to that.
  9. Wish it was possible. I would play my heavy classes more if the armour wasn't so boring looking. I'm locked to wear certain pieces just to look good
  10. GW2 has this kitten feature called anyone can hijack your group. Just a side note, I don't agree nor disagree with the OP
  11. I guess the ridiculous chair skins didn't sell enough
  12. That system is so bad. Also it often decides to kill populated instances and move players to a new empty one. This can be easily seen on hubs like DR and LA
  13. They would earn a lot money if they actually had those users. Alas they don't and it shows everywhere
  14. What's the point of playing an mmorpg and not to buy the latest expansion?
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