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  1. Target painters are better than target painters traps. Instantly accessible and work better imo. Don't worry about confusion reactions on the forums. There's nothing to be gained from such indicators when the only thing you can actually react to are posts. The best advice I can give anyone when fighting anyone is 1) build your profession to kite out an opponent, 2) have both melee and ranged burst options (or really good mobility), 3) have at least one ability you can use to escape a major burst. Stealth is a repositioning tool. You need to retreat when they steal
  2. There was an issue with the beta where some accounts weren't properly placed. You can select a world from the list on the Beta tab if you were misplaced. Any attempt to join wvw without making a selection will result in an error message.
  3. Elementalist in general is a "spam" class in the sense that they have a lot of skills and sustain (healing, evading, block//reflect/invuln, as well as damage output in general) is based on rotating through them as much as possible. What you have as a thief is a lot of potential interrupts—on steal, offhand pistol, even a well timed choking gas. You don't need to interrupt very much. Just enough that the weaver is going to be missing key skills. Then you can focus on bringing more damage into them, again it's nice if you can mix in an interrupt to keep them off kilter. Of course don
  4. That's a lot to do in the timer for portal. I saw a thief hiding in Osprey's recently and they sat around for 20 minutes or so. I scouted and made sure there weren't enemies coming to take a portal. Eventually they got bored and left the keep (visually jumped out and stayed too long outside keep to have a portal back inside). Portal into keeps are not really the biggest issue with permastealth gameplay. Imo the biggest issue is that it is entirely safe and boring to fight against.
  5. Thief is inherently brittle without access to stealth (SA builds), evade (Daredevil builds), usually combined with some kind of mobility (teleport on weapon skills, teleports on utilities, dash/withdraw, Shortbow 5, Dagger Storm, etc). There's also the use of blind to avoid being hit, which thief has plenty of access to through traits, utilities, and weapon skills. That's a lot so I can see why people have difficulty accepting that thief without those is brittle. I think there's two definitions of brittle being used here. One is more general survivability. At which, of course, thie
  6. Any other condi rune would technically work better. You'd get the condi bonus duration and slightly more condi damage. But those are just as or more expensive than Thief runes. The reason for my choice of Thief runes is because they add a large amount of precision so you can have better interaction with malice generation. But you can get away with less precision (or take more Rampagers stat armor if you are feeling like the Malice generation isn't working out). Infiltration runes have some precision (100 total versus 300 on Thief). But the focus on power damage won't help yo
  7. I once CnD'd a guardian to death while he was camping his Wall of Reflection. But that guy was glassy. Most aren't that easy to kill with melee. But Wall of Reflection does have a 8 second duration on a super low cooldown (should be increased to 40 seconds in WvW/PvP).
  8. Quality content. Honestly if they let thieves access our stealth attacks through a F3 type skill, on a 4 second cooldown, but removed stealth people would still be dying left and right and crying for nerfs. Looking at all the people throwing target painters in WvW and still losing 2v1 versus a thief....
  9. Overall, I'd like a slight nerf to aura share magnetic aura duration. That and the nerf I mentioned to Wall of Reflections cooldown in WvW. Otherwise I think no one is naming specific skills they think should be nerfed so it's just talking in circles at this point.
  10. The system isn't in place yet. Obviously, it will take time to get this built. I don't think we know much more than it will be built using a mix of systems. Sadly, the issue with a lack of people willing to tag up is hard to solve (although the bonus rewards for commanders aren't insignificant bonus pips are usually less valuable to those players with the tags because they play enough that a few bonus pips don't motivate them as much as a new player). And people don't follow unknown tags as much so the trust level takes time to build up. Roamer tags are useful for coordinat
  11. @SweetPotato.7456 The burden of proof here is on you. That's not mean or trolling that's a fact. Anet is not required to listen to you, or any of us for that matter. As a few have pointed out here you need to explain yourself more completely. That is assuming you want to be listened to and don't just want to rant. That's perfectly fine, but most people are here for constructive ideas rather than complaints so you won't get as far without some degree of explanation. We aren't mind readers and our ability to extrapolate is limited. Personally, I don't understand y
  12. Most of not all unblockable attacks were reworked to a X number of attacks model. This makes it far less usable as a bypass, but you are correct this is a partial workaround to surprise the target. I personally don't have unblockable attacks in my build (also not a Ranger) so I also can't rely on that to avoid anti-projectile bubbles. Wall of Reflection (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Wall_of_Reflection) is probably the one skill I'd say is too short of a cooldown given the 8 second duration. Guardian has a lot of other blocks and damage mitigation so this single skill adds signific
  13. I think most projectile block skills (I use one as well) are ok. They stop projectiles but it is fairly limited (set location, limited duration, cooldown). Recalling the pirate ship meta I would remind everyone of how forcing people into close range is better for the health of the game than eating 10 projectile AoE from 1200 range and going down. And you can still use ranged it just takes timing and care.
  14. Unfortunately, because the UI code seems to have been designed to neither be modular or even properly scalable, it is probably a core piece of game code that can't be selected on/off for different versions. likely it would still work with core/DD/DE and then break if the person was using Specter post eod.
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