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  1. Defend event is very buggy. Has been for years. Sometimes you get it for kills. Sometimes if you die while defending it can trigger. I've lost objectives and received credit for defending after the objective was lost (event failed but that still counted for the daily). One of the more frustrating categories to complete. Or the most fun, since you know, you just have to keep defending and eventually some combination of killing, dying, or even losing the objective will count.
  2. I fought a Mechanist probably running something celestial or diviner yesterday. It was a pain to kill because the sustain was solid but the Damage overall wasn't above B grade. (For context: C grade is unable to kill all but the newest players, B grade can kill average players but isn't too threatening without additional allied players focusing, A grade is moderately threatening and can down even veteran players solo, S grade is anything that can effectively oneshot targets solo. The mechanist then swapped to Holosmith to try to kill me an additional 2 times. Obviously, fr
  3. I'd only note that Invigorating Precision has been nerfed so the build you linked is somewhat less survivable than it was. Running with Zerker stats is glassy so you will have to learn your personal survival first. Your survival is mostly active so the Sw/Pistol set for damage will be pretty solid in that regard at the cost of some damage. As for suggestions, run multiple different weapons to see how they play and their relative advantages/disadvantages. Thief doesn't have that many weapon choices so it's worth figuring out which ones you like to play.
  4. The only one you can "see" from afar is the target painter. But that relies on you seeing the red dot pop up and knowing that your trap was responsible. Supply traps are more useful in covering common approaches to key objectives and you have to pay more attention to whether or not a random roamer set yours off or not. It only really makes sense to set one of you are actively draining a group's supply.
  5. In practice it is actually quite effective. Most heals have some limited AoE range and the teleport based mechanic works to put the Specter where the people needing heals are. It does rely on people sticking to a target like a tag effectively. And that is always a problem in wvw when people die off tag (or the tag isn't communicating and people get left behind because the tag is going in 5 different directions at once and people can't keep up). The only major issues with the teleport healing mechanic are animation delays in casting Wells and bugs on some weapon skills not trigger
  6. There are a range of nerfs to Firebrand and Scrapper in WvW. I'd have liked to see some efforts to boost Specter's issues with boon application (given we don't bring AoE cleanse or super speed to the table) but at least this puts Specter more in the running for larger scale wvw support play. It also looks like they spent a lot more effort overall on Elementalist (for good reason) so I'd imagine the larger scale balance changes are waiting for the bigger patch later in Spring.
  7. What it does help with though is tagging for support based heals. You get much better loot and participation just by spreading your barrier around because you get some minimal damage applied. Still a power and cc heavy meta though.
  8. Well of Bounty suffers from a couple of issues. 1) The boons initially applied are almost expired by the time the last boon is applied. 2) The boons are applied only if you don't have a boon, so any boon longer than 5 seconds left will disappear shortly after the Well of Bounty, because the Well can't apply it while it's active. Suggestion: Make WoB also extend the duration of all active boons on the recipient by 1 second per pulse. This means your old boons won't fall off shortly after the well expires. It also makes the Well more useful for building up a bounty of boons.
  9. And Shadow Savior in Shadow Arts. Just your teleports are 2-2.5k heals x5 (up to 12.5k heal per teleport).
  10. The only issue I've seen is Infiltrators Strike not triggering both Shadow Savior and Teaversing Darkness. Wells certainly do trigger all the heals. The no valid path issue is true for all teleports, this also limits the heals on stairs on walls in WvW.
  11. Also use Quick Pockets. The extra Initiative from going into shroud or exiting shroud is invaluable. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?Pa0AsirlFwQYHMK2IO2WexLA-zRJYmKtMchkTI0VCEZBI8JAA-e
  12. I would suspect you are losing about 10% damage from being in Exotics. Then, you are losing a lot from your choice of Runes and Sigils. You end up with only 60% torment duration so you are losing 40% of your potential torment damage that way. You are using the Rage sigil, which isn't much of a DPS add. The stacking sigil also wouldn't be recommended for a build because even if you can stack all that up you won't get any dps add from it unless you can swap off that weapon set and use 2 other sigil types. Specter uses "weapon swap" a lot. That's because the shroud counts as a
  13. Generally you'd run some kind of Might generation DPS paired with other kinds of DPS and some kind of general boon generator. The heals are distributed in a five man group on a priority so it's pretty heavy but can spread out if the Heal Specter isn't in a group. To be honest it's a mix because some content might want a dedicated healer in a group and others would suffice with a general healer. I wouldn't take RfI on heal specter. You get enough from Quick Pockets and Siphon to rotate between shroud and weapon skills with utilities. RfI is redundant but could help you if you are stru
  14. Consume Shadows (at max stacks) converts 50% of your remaining shadow force to healing. That healing is converted to barrier once the recipient is at 100% HP. So a person missing 5k health and receiving a 10k heal from Consume Shadows will be healed for 5k and get 5k barrier. As mentioned, Specter can heal AoE through Consume Shadows and Traversing Darkness. There are SA traits that also can help provide sustain and that synergize with Specter gaining Barrier on entering Stealth (for example if Siphon gives Barrier and also applies Stealth, the Specter gets a double dose of Barrier).
  15. I've had limited chance to test for WvW. There are a number of different support Specters with related flavors, so I'm adjusting both my own gameplay and the builds as I go. Basically, there is a strong incentive to use Sc/P to stay on tag and apply heals there. There are other permutations involving Sword that have higher burst heal but may be a bit more clunky to use. Using SA and TD for teleport based heals is actually quite strong, you can easily put out AoE healing for a total of 10k (2k x5) healed per teleport. I have yet to test with an organized group but evidence from smalle
  16. Was it mostly due to Vindicator? There was a Monk rune build I fought during beta 2 that was unkillable 1v1. As in, it could be damaged. But its health regenerated super fast. I saw it go even 1v3 versus decent builds and it actually didn't die to that either. I need to bring Specter into WvW before I comment on that in detail. But that elite EoD spec may also prove...difficult to deal with in a similar fashion in XvX.
  17. I checked the Path of Fire release notes and there wasn't anything about runes or sigils. But you are correct the new stat types were included this time around.
  18. And to be clear it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't remember to update the legendary rune/sigil selection tables or put runes on a WvW vendor. So I'm still hoping there is something....
  19. Yikes...well I have a few more hours before I can play. Was hoping to get some info on runes...not encouraging to hear there might not be any.
  20. Getting reports that there are no new selections available on legendary runes or sigils. Was this a mistake and are there new runes/sigils available in the expansion or not?
  21. Could you clarify what exactly you think should replace Hidden Thief or how you'd nerf it? I don't personally think thief stealth running without SR is a problem. RS is a great option for anti-boons. And CiS is solid for 1vX survival (similar to using blinds from Smoke Screen in a sense) while providing a nice life steal. But that said I'm curious what you think about Hidden Thief exactly needs to be changed/how you'd implement it.
  22. No, and people need to understand. Thief stealth durations are *not* significantly/unfairly increased by being able to gain stealth on Steal/Swipe/Mark/Siphon. The reasons you don't have a cooldown on the trait is because the cooldowns on Steal vs Swipe vs Mark vs Siphon are all quite different (and then there are the cooldown reduction traits or utilities). Changing/nerfing this trait (1) won't significantly reduce the stealth durations (it's a 3 second stealth application) and (2) make using Steal to initiate a stealth attack—a core gameplay component of thief—unreliable on any build/elite s
  23. True, but until we get to that point it's hard to get enough people making complaints to get noticed. For now all we can say is that several of the changes missed the mark and that much depends on whatever the full balance team considers important.
  24. It's sPvP...so I expect a bunch of people will just ignore this since it's not exactly a game mode known for high population. But really this seems like a "do something" effort that is a poor substitute for an actual balance pass with the full balance team. Like, balancing SA isn't hard when the biggest outlier is the same grandmaster trait for the last 9 years.
  25. Why touch SR's health regen and not the initiative gain? Even an increase from 1 per 3 seconds to 1 per 5 would significantly alter the ability for long term stealth durations. The people complaining about stealth are all complaining about duration. The number of times they cite various stealth granting abilities is simple because they don't understand how thief works and think nerfing the SA duration or bonus stealth durations will prevent long duration stealth builds. Initiative regeneration is the only thing that is making long duration stealth (and multiple initiat
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