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  1. before this game had great combat system. now, not so much. combat system should be tailored towards PvP as it is where it matters. PvE is just damage number and keeping the aesthetics that's it but somehow anet's main skill team only works for pve and you had to hire a pvp dev only to tweak number in a combat design with 0 balance thought behind how the game just clustered with mechanic creep, mobility creep. everything has insane mobility, compared to vanilla gw2, where classes actually had characteristic, now everybody moves so fast. there's so much mobi
  2. he means ranked carry. i'd say pherald is higher and dh is lower to soulbeast level S is literally cmirage, d/p, power rev S- nade holo A would be DH and soulbeast, support guard, scourge the rest doesnt matter
  3. Nah, ranger gs out CC and out evade spellbreaker without counting pet. not to mention ranger can harass warrior at range and take out at least 30% of the HP in a relatively fast time, unless warrior waste CDs on pet. also you can proc tether with pet then pet swap
  4. if you arent hitting your burst, you arent doing damage anyway, and you shouldnt win the fight to begin with. defense just have better sustain then tactic in power core build, that's what i learnt from play these two specs in plat+ with the latest updates due to adrenal health and resolution.
  5. what warrior needs is buff to core and berserker and adjust spellbreaker, i'd have full counter damage back instead of daze spam. block damage and deal big damage, no daze. apply 1 second of disenchantment, duration be buffed to 2 seconds with trait this would make spellbreaker less toxic in 1v1 and more desirable in team fight
  6. yes, thief is the most op broken class in current high end conquest gameplay, agreed by 90% of the mAT winners in EU. go to any of the mAT winners stream and ask them about thief, and they will tell you its the most broken class in the game. you dont understand only because you are bad.
  7. defense is better then tactic now after numerous nerfs, tactic power warrior is less playable compared to defense power war i'm having better success with defense power instead of tactic core power, the healing tactic gives for power spec are garbage now compared to adrenal health. both need buffs, tactic is garbage even in healer specs. tactic nerfed too much because of spellbreaker healer spec and spellbreaker is just gives more sustain and more damage then defense. i think that people are outdated, if you still think tactic core power is playable compared to
  8. i'd expect DH damage nerf instead of trapper nerf. as it was not touched for feb 2020
  9. if you are talking about skill color, you should look at berserker skill preview you should be happy if they don't remove any effect from warrior instead of expecting anything.
  10. because it is not carried by mechanics. less so for weaver cuz lightning rod/fresh air, but current meta doesn't allow canon build without high up time of evade/block just look at thief/rev/soulbeast.
  11. core war core engi core power d/p thief the only 3 classes. spellbreaker spams CC and has instant cast CC, which is cheese and toxic, just because it is overshadowed by all the other over the top stuff, doesnt mean it's not what it is. CC should never be spammed ever.
  12. SB is middle tier class in pvp, only because thief/shiro damage is instant, which is better for faster snowball and take down as roamer and pvp has plenty of LoS and is objective based. has nothing to do with class' fight performance.
  13. this sounds like it's not me who dont play ranger, it's you who don't play mesmer. what build exactly of mesmer you can't out run with ranger? also you can not simply justify balance with one class. then i can justify prot holo with corrupt necro/spellbreaker. not to mention the fact that PB mirage is cheese, you can't justify cheese with cheese. i literally base my opinion of balance by playing 9 classes in plat level and have an extensive amount of play time on each of them. ranger is literally one of the easiest roaming build in wvw with plenty of
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