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  1. whats the s/w sb build you talking about
  2. felix.2386


    pounce in pvp does more than level 2 eviscerate damage on berserker stats to CC'ed, movement impaired foes with 8 second cooldown, no energy requirement, 3 targets, gives 3 second vigor instead of 1 might and has 450 range. they don't even try to mask it anymore.
  3. grimjack just killed a spellbreaker in his stream without pressing the dodge button. im sure it's so strong.
  4. it does 15k damage in an instant on heavy armor https://i.imgur.com/2DqmxLg.jpg
  5. they did make berserker stance -15 second cooldown hah but doesn't really matter, warrior utility is too precious. if warrior could afford to free a space for berserker stance, it would long ago take utilities like AoE stab, throw bolas etc.
  6. yea i figured, you have to jump it with big bursts and disrupt it's rotation, once it's starts going, it will basically not die.
  7. yea rifle is so kitten, like wth. now is even more kitten and an abomination. longbow is also kitten, the only variant that is played is scorching earth, that is berserker. every spec else, it's garbo.
  8. low tier pvp gameplay has no right of opinion.
  9. strength need some form of resistance, or defense will forever be better at dealing damage in pvp lol.
  10. eternal champion used to give stab on stunbreak lol anyway i wish theres a trait that give resis on movement skill, how come rev/thief get resistance on movement skill with no CD. and warrior get the resistance on dodge.. and the movement skill only get stab that has 10 second iCD...crazy
  11. rev forum is kitten up lol there were like 2 top10 rev mains trying to tell how good vindicator was back then in the forum, while forum was flooded with vindicator stance suck threads, some days before mAT winners ran 2 of them. and they got like 30 confuses it was funny and now those dudes don't come to forum anymore.
  12. why power warrior suck? because for the lack of skills, if you take utility you have no sustain, you take sustain you have no utility and also adrenaline system suck. there's no front load damage. and the majority of damage comes from burst skill, making weapon skill completely garbage.
  13. quick wield should just be deleted...
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