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  1. cause the especs in beta were fun with good looking effect instead of place holder effect with copy pasted icons, the maps were good looking, the mounts were well thought and the story had a long build up. EoD really is not an expansion, its an DLC, and the only thing that's acceptable is it's price point. they could just call it an DLC and sell for 30, no one would complain
  2. is this 2020? i thought this discussion is long over
  3. looks like someone never played high end 5v5 scrims. well, not like 95% of the current pvp player base played that anyway..
  4. i have no problem 1v1 other classes on thief
  5. when i say all roles, i mean ALL literally, all, including pvp/wvw/open world builds variation and playability uptimes in the pasts.
  6. lol you are clueless, warriors infamouse for that in like 2014 running some meme build that kills no one, and only some people who couldn't press button(which is like 90% of the pvp/ 99% of the wvw population) will get impressed by those videos of runner nike meme build outrunning 50 men, wow so great..so nice..what you accomplish here, nothing. while thief ranger and engi can just stealth and completely avoid the entire zerg. not like the zerg is not following a commander who isnt paying attention to that one guy. when you look at actual combats, even necro can escape warrior easi
  7. yes, it's impossible to play warrior without warrior's sprint and brawler's recovery as some one who played warrior previous to these additions in high end pvp content. immob/cripple/blind would literally f up warrior so hard it's not even funny. u literally have to use cleansing ire and longbow cause you cant touch anyone with those conditions. now they just heavy buff warrior condition cleanse through the roof without wanting to fix warrior's core problem, which is the same problem warrior face now. but instead they just give a f tons of condition cleanse to warrior...too funny, ev
  8. to have a good laugh i guess, when i used to play this game i read forum everyday, now i read it once or twice every 1-2 weeks to have a good laugh and out of habbit
  9. lol gw2 does great in open world, not gonna lie, but endless open world meta event farming gets old and does not justify the lack of content in ALL other area, because in the end, open world fights are just spammy braindead content and a big clusterf. the game keep the same popularity? i doubt, countless people quit through out the years for the lack of content. that's most likely why they even struggle to finish EoD with the current funding they have, let alone 0 normal updates. imagine not having an actual release date when it's almost feb.
  10. because it is a spec that's been played since 2012, when people were farming CoF. while everything else they ever did to warrior including elite spec doesnt matter, because no matter what it will be a bannerslave. u would hate it too when u play banner for 10 years.
  11. stances are still the better warrior skills.... frenzy/endure pain are warrior meta and great balance stance still warrior's best stab source, dolyak signet is garbage. berserker stance is meh , but still ok compared to a lot of other skills, and work in some niche build like signet of fury what they really need to change, kick, bola, dolyak signet, fear me, signet of stamina, banners, signet of rage.
  12. cuz they know by removing banner warrior will be come completely irrelevant as other classes even with similar dps, will bring something extra that helps with the clear in their tool kit.
  13. guys u beat thief by going spellbreaker, but that's not the point. berserker and core warrior skills are horribly outdated. and spellbreaker is single handily carrying the entire class and bladesworn is yet another bad spec. ^ in terms of skill and functions. DPS/stats chart for raid/pve excluded as those are just numbers which are easily modifiable.
  14. streamers refuse to play this game, because it sucks lol they paid small streamer to play it tho. but no one really sticks
  15. how so? ff14 literally gives job revamp for outdated classes on top of new classes/ new skills, while warrior in gw2 still garbage for 2 years now in pvp for having 2012 skills. and new raids, new trial bosses, normal modes/savage mode, new dungeons, tons new mounts, tons new armor sets. whens last time gw2 get a raid or dungeon or actually challenging content?..oh did i mention endwalker story can single handily destroy all gw2 expansions including features.
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