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  1. open world means doing hero point, doing champion, doing group event AND involve soloing content with TIME LIMIT. i literally don't know how you would think "every weapon" is viable to begin with.
  2. open world pve is literally the first thing i quit warrior on. little to no diversity to have fun with. on rev can i play condition, power and what not on all kinds of elite specs and have fun in all kinds of way and maybe if i want to tag farming, i can tag. but war? only one build basically. and average unless you like to play one build for eternity then sure
  3. well this truth is that their patch is always 1 month late, as they need testing, quality control w/e. their nerf patch is fixated before the willbender, untamed, harbinger coming to the meta, thus only targeting mech and vindi and spector but hey, a side from guard and harb, rev and thief also always anet's pvp favorite, look at vindi now, still a beast, specter also very good if wb and harb arent so dominant.
  4. watch them remove light field which they just added for no reason a few patch ago, for no reason.
  5. great job anet, for making warrior not only the least useful class in the game but also the ugliest class in the game. berserker had cool animations in concept documents, all reduced. at least core warrior skills on release had actual design animations, tho incredibly subtle. look at the details on sword 1 and 2, then look at the later introduced final thrust, what laziness is that and look at spellbreaker sure, skill looks nice, but every skill literally look the same, immient threat literally look the exact same with break enchantment (which also shares animat
  6. nah, one dodge mirage was still very strong, it was just garbage ONLY because daredevil existed, if daredevil never existed, mirage can easily take the missing spot. mesmers mains could easily climb top 10 and hard carrying in ranked. just not in competitive, because there's a daredevil in basically every team. but now every spec pales in comparison to the new op EoD specs, so there's that.
  7. lets add more ammo charges to useless warrior skills, so they will still be useless.
  8. daredevil/dead eye, both toxic specs for the game. like daredevil is, if your build can pressure it, you will pressure it, if your build can't, all you can do is kneel and pray god. and it's not like there's strategy or even tells, because all it does are the same thing just over and over. shortbow pew pew, shortbow 2, when ever enemy get a tiny bit close, dash away, keep shortbow 2ing. then steal stealth backstab combo that is basically unable to react to, then spam heartseeker, dagger pressure, or maybe spam stealth and back to SB again and repeat..like it's simple gamepl
  9. again, main core necro does not take tougness line, lol like what u guys even talking about. and harbinger does not have second heal bar. it is only bonus on top of the actual sustaining skills, wurm/specter walk and reliable range skills. literally doesnt matter who has more toughness, because y'all just walking target dummy without movement skill. can be explained y necro is passively more tanky then warrior because warrior has more movement skills, but it's ALL POINTLESS. necro without wurm/spec walk, is just a even more squishier war, because war has blocks and inv
  10. copy pasted skill from another class most likely, like a lot of EoD skills, just with tweaks. and forgot to remove evade as nobody cares about underwater, not even anet
  11. actually tho, willbender alone still can't delete daredevil that's quite annoying as daredevil has stealth that means willbender will never chase down daredevil. it is a combination of willbender, harbinger, untamed and vindic that deleted daredevil in the high end, took 4 op classes to delete daredevil, nice bruh. gotta have at least 3 of these on the team to delete daredevil, quite funny lol
  12. you literally just repeated what i've said. if warrior actually does real damage that matters, warrior wouldn't even need to build this much sustain to begin with. warrior's only way to matter is to stack sustain over sustain, because it does 1 damage and takes a long time to start matter. simple logic really, warrior does 1 damage, and needs 5 seconds of continuous attacking to deal 5 damage, while class X does 5 damage and only need 1 second, and have 4 seconds of kitting. if you played other classes, that's how it works, that's why warrior is even worse now as we a
  13. what kind of necro you talking about, harbinger has no second lifebar, and core necro does not build toughness. get fact straight. also toughness is basically useless without wurm and spec walk, it's these two that make necro sustainable and enable necro to take an arm-like trait line and do massive crits. without spec walk and wurm, necro is just a damage sponge that dies. you play a necro without wurm and you get deleted so fast in the high end that's why MM necro is just basically a low tier build that wrecks noob in bot tier like every warrior build.
  14. wow 3 elite specs in and still isn't the playstyle? hahaha warrior is not viable because it does 0 damage, making it more unkillable passively will solve nothing, it is already pretty sustainable if built for. no amount of sustain will make a 0 damage build viable unless it's literally unkillable. more evade will allow warrior to take more offensive traits and actually start doing something
  15. because daredevil got stealth and ground targeted teleport and very good range weapon, that's why. also willbender will not chase a daredevil simply because it got stealth, basically no one can
  16. i'd argue guardian is best. multiple top builds in every mode. multiple roles in every mode multiple playstyle: hunter, melee, magic
  17. nop, doesnt need protection. need evade and better range option, as EoD destroyed rifle and longbow, because everybody moves so fast to melee now. nobody want passive gameplay as warrior is already slow enough. simply buff sustain has done nothing to warrior but doom, if you played war since the beginning and know the history of warrior changes
  18. they are so fixated with ammo for some reason thinking it will be the saving grace of warrior. just look at rifle, like doubling with the skills with ammo. look at kick, look at throw bolas. look at longbow 4. why are they so fixated in giving warrior boring skills and thinking that making them ammo will save anything. look at shouts, nothing but spamming for heal, instead of actual skill play
  19. i mean majority of warrior weapons arent proper weapon.
  20. that's just one of a million example bud, we kept on making comment knowing that. you don't need to state the obviously basic logic we all already knew, like it's some rare knowledge, obviously, it's not us who dont know basic logic, but you don't know the basic of this game
  21. what's funny is that, skills that does damage but traited to have CCs are still allowed to have damage. but skills that CCs, traited to do damage, isnt allowed and should do 9 damage, lol
  22. they could've just gave gs new skills when selecting bladesworn instead of that ugly stuff, at least that way we can use our own skins
  23. it's funny how they gave the class which called "guardian" a longbow hunter class and a fast pace melee class. the only thing that feels guardian is firebrand. while every single warrior spec plays the same. how about instead of introducing pointless/useless weapon every elite spec on a already large pool of useless weapon. instead you give new skills on old weapons by selecting elite spec.
  24. it's funny how they gave the class which called "guardian" a longbow hunter class and a fast pace melee class. the only thing that feels guardian is firebrand. while every single warrior spec plays the same.
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