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  1. @Bobby Stein.3612 Now that Jormag and Primordus are now deceased, will we receive further elaborations on what powers they received from Kralkatorrik? I’m curious on what domain Primordus acquired the feedback loop as well what domain Jormag used when creating Frozen, which seems to be a new ability acquired from Kralkatorrik. Any explanation would be great, though I realize there is a caveat here if it implicates future story.
  2. Yeah, I saw this hunk of dialogue too. Maybe something we come back to post EoD.
  3. Not necessarily, they could have used forged and the shadow army models from Dragonfall, for a Fissure of Woe Raid, maybe have the end boss be Menzies or a remnant of him? Could go into Balthazar’s back story as well.
  4. Yes, however it should be noted that Aurene can use god powers from fallen gods, where most of the time, when dragons absorb magic they usually drain the essence and not respected ability or properties. The fact that Aurene is immortal, could point to some lost ability that Joko located involving Dhuum, from the time of when the Gods first walked in Tyria.
  5. Or Zhaitan could have unbound Joko’s magic and become immortal itself.
  6. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Awakened_Sylvari
  7. It’s not like he’s going to say when E will come back . My thought? After EoD. I hope by that point we can have self contained stories.
  8. Well Bobby Stein did advised that they know who E is and is just waiting for an appropriate time to bring into the story.
  9. That’s the one thing I wish they did with HoT, just pepper a few elite spec npcs that have dialogue about that elite spec like PoF.
  10. Did you speak with the firebrand NPC in Desert Highlands?
  11. Multi headed dragon, with each elder dragon head on it.
  12. It may be rose coloured glasses, I’ve replayed some of GW1 the other day and some of those cutscenes are kinda... meh not so great. I also forgot that they ran out of time near the end of the game as you see the amount of quests become less and less and less. For example southern Shiverpeaks have next to no quests at all and just a bunch of vast zones littered with mobs. Just my thoughts on the matter, as someone who was not overly impressed that my GW1 was getting a sequel.
  13. Will Anet provide another opportunity for Lore questions in the future, much like those forums posts back in the day?
  14. I suspect that since we are sorting through these memories, that some of these open ended story threads might come into play. Who gave the egg to the Master of Peace, Marjory’s sword, E, and maybe Scarlet.
  15. As was explained by the devs, it sounds like their will be updates in between the saga and EoD. So I’m excited to see if we receive any explanation of what’s going on, specifically with the All. I personally found it interesting how the fallout of energy after dragonstorm as well as the sky having the blue teal colour that is similar to the Spirit of the Wild.
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