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  1. I think it shows Balthazar’s darker side, which all human beings have, and is further displayed by Balthazar in PoF. I never had an issue with Balthazar in PoF. He wanted to wage war against the dragons, the rest of the pantheon didn’t agree, which resulted in another fit of anger, which resulted in his banishment. Now feeling betrayed, Balthazar wants to kill the dragons gain their power and get revenge against his former comrades.
  2. I wouldn’t bother with an easy mode, I would see the devs creating new legendary Armor then monkeying around with the raid scene. As of now it seems that Raid has a complete set of 7 raid wings and probably won’t get any more. Strikes appear to be the new menu item much like fractals.
  3. I would keep raids out of it entirely. Keep it as it is, similar to Dungeons. Raid Armor and a raid ring is the reward. Do I think they need an open world Armor set? Yes, similar to how you obtain the weapons. Can make the recipes similar to the other sets, however throw in more of the collections like the Gen 2 Legendaries.
  4. This makes a lot of sense to me. Since the start of Guild Wars 2, there has always been the thought when will we get to the next dragon, the next old historical area, the next story and in a way, it kinda shoots them in the foot a bit. People complained why did X dragon get X amount of story, while X dragon didn’t etc. After EoD, Anet is free to create new stories not involving dragons, as well as not be constrained to the dragon story. With the dragons gone, there’s alot of potential as well as plenty of unknowns, which excites me.
  5. Oh I would be happy with Zhaitan as a strike mission, slightly revamped. Hell they could make strike missions for all the dragon fights.
  6. Yeah, I would keep the raid Armor out of it completely. That’s it own set and kinda ugly IMO. I wouldn’t mind a new open world set similar to the cost of the other armors and possibly with collections similar to the first 4 Gen 2 weapons. Brand new skin for the light, medium and heavy.
  7. Adding the Stone Summit to the DRMs as well as Dragonstorm would have been nice for creature/destroyer variety. Hopefully that’s something that could be updated when we get to return to IBS.
  8. My best guess for the above, is Braham got lucky. When Balthazar activated the machine it killed the destroyers in the volcanoe chimney. I suspect this happened to the Icebrood surrounding Jormag, giving Braham and his guild an opportunity to get in position, which Braham claimed happened. Jormag would have also been in a paralyzed state like Primordus, which would explain, how Jormag didn’t slaughter them. Once the machine overloaded, Jormag would have cried out, after getting hit by the fire energy and returned to the ice, travelling up to the Sanctum of the Wild to heal.
  9. Not sure to be honest, but thinking about it more it would neat if an Aurene Armor could customizable, as in during the progress of obtaining the Armor you could throw Zhaitan energy into the mix and get a Zhaitan infused Armor or Jormag etc.
  10. I honestly would not be surprised if we received an Aurene legendary Armor akin to the new weapon set.
  11. The only way I could see a new race, would be a brand new continent not involved in the Elder Dragon story. All previous stories could be done like a visions of the past (kinda) similar to how we become Ryland, you would get the choice of playing the personal story/living world through whichever race combination you wanted (keeping your profession in tact) at least until the cycle is reborn.
  12. I could imagine some crazy stories missions if we are using the skiffs and small platoons to invade an island or sea vessels. Something similar to invading Gandara in GW1, but using skiffs to get to the docks, while avoiding mines and enemy ships. Lots of potential…
  13. Agreed, I liked it as well. I’m also happy that they are drop feeding e specs like HoT.
  14. Yeah, and looks like maybe dual daggers 🗡 🗡, which I’m a little disappointed about, but we’ll see.
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