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  1. Obviously this topic could easily change with how End of Dragons plays out. I was playing through Sandswept Isles again, doing the Specimen Chamber featuring Overseer Kuda and was wondering what have the Inquest been up to, specifically with their dragon research. Is it possible that we will see them in Cantha or post EoD. This got me thinking about the Inquest and their attempt to control and experiment with all the different dragon minions and what not. Now depending on how much of Primordus is left behind, is it possible that maybe the Inquest might att
  2. I guess if they had made those zones for Primordus, they wouldn’t be making End of Dragons, which might have been the true ending of GW2.
  3. I’m kinda hoping that we get the origin story of the Elder Dragons. I’m also hoping that in some way shape or form that we battle the essence of each dragons again, either in some primordial flash back, or something similar to the Kralkatorrik facets in War Eternal.
  4. Oh yeah, saw that. Looks like Raven. Oddly enough all this magic in the fallout of dragonstorm looks like spirit energy.
  5. Regarding Anvil Rock, you could make that argument with lots of Tyria’s landmarks. It makes the experience a little more satisfying for those who played Gw1 like a fun Easter egg. *** Ryland does say this though. <Character name>: I don't see Jormag playing offense against Primordus. Seems to me your Elder Dragon's more about hiding. Whispering. Ryland Steelcatcher: Waiting for the right moment to strike isn't "hiding." Every attack needs a strategy. Perhaps Jormag didn’t even realized that they were being manipulated and pulled by the ley lines. Non
  6. Actually this is not a new thing. Take a look back to Season 2. Taimi: Yes, it's troubling, but it makes sense given how the dragons consume magic. They're undoubtedly attracted to ley lines like spiders are attracted to flies caught in their webs. Remember Mordremoth was attacking waypoints because of the ley lines.
  7. Yeah and according to the Spirits, Primordus absorbed the energy of three dragons and changed physically, explaining his change from season 3. Will the DSD show all the different dragon domains is hard to say. With the loop, it could be the conflagration/ destruction sphere, maybe the rabidness of the destroyers might be a trait of fury.
  8. So now that both are dead, what powers do you think each gained from Kralkatorrik? I’m still convinced that these feed back loop and Frozen are somehow a Crystal acquired ability, however now that both are gone, we don’t have much more evidence.
  9. I’m wondering if the magic was absorb by the Wild or the forces of nature, which I would imagine would include the Spirits of the Wild and maybe this dragon spirit and other nature forces. This could be a tie in as I recall Cantha having a more spiritual side focussed on the Ritualist and what not.
  10. Couple things kinda bugged me and for all I know, this might be where the story is going. In Champions, Owl said this: “The Wild together can direct the fall. You are the harness, Norn of Prophecy. Tell them.” I thought this was weird maybe this is referring to the Spirits of the Wild absorbing the magical fallout. Then at the end Aurene says these couple of lines. “Aurene: I felt such a rush of wild magic, but then some of it seemed to just... flow through me. There's still much I don't know.” and “All that magic from Primo
  11. I feel like they take the player "feedback" too seriously and even take plot ideas from the forums.The entire plot point of Braham becoming the champion of Primordus is literal forum speculation fan fiction. I suspect that the plot for this was written way before player feedback came into play due to how long their development takes. I did a quick search and theory sprouted once the first chapter of champions was released. That Shaman data mined all the DRMs which means they had them all ready in November. This is the story team dropping bread crumbs.
  12. Why thank you. I think it is always important to remember, even with all the forum drama and back and forth, in most cases players want what they believe is best for the game. Discussion then arises over contrasting subjective opinions and experiences everyone has. While I often have diverging opinions on issues with different forum members, I don't doubt most players dedication and passion for the game. I'm also well aware I am not always right. Best example: I was against the implementation of mounts back in the day (thinking of an implementation similar to other games). I lacked the foresi
  13. I don’t know, I tend to disagree with Cyninja on this topic, but even Cyn posted an elaborate explanation on their view, that I can respect.
  14. If pretending that's all that has been said here is what you really want to do, then I'll go the same way about it:Yes, that's the magical thinking in your posts: claming that putting easy mode with easly accessible legendary armor somehow fixes raids, grows popularity and makes anet release more encounters. Yeeee, that's totally what would happen, super easy, raiding community SAVED and you're the savior they were clearly actively looking for.Oh, i don't know if my approach would work. I'm sure that it would help, but can't be certain if it would help enough to matter. But i am certain of one
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