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  1. Can confirm once again this still dont work. Whatever they "fixed" it wasn't these.
  2. If you haven't done so yet, file an in-game bug report as well. Sooner or later they should be able to take the time to unscrew this up. Halloween activates next Tuesday, so unless they got new stuff planned in there not gonna get a normal patch/fix build without bug reports going in. Forums are nice, but lets face it, they rarely get read and noted for fixes lately.
  3. Glad it wasn't just me all along :) Here's hoping that its a minor switch that they flick back on with tomorrows patch/update. And rather than create yet another ranting post elsewhere I'll say here that I sure wish there was someone at Anet who actually could just pop through this forum once in a while and at least acknowledge things that are clearly broken and will be investigated. Just a quick "sorry! we busted something" would be nice once in a while. Could have sworn they used to do this occassionally :p
  4. So the new decoration tokens do not seem to work at all. Bought the heliplatform and charr tank, but any attempt to consume the items results in the animation for cosuming them, but they remain in inventory. The decoration merchant in the guild hall does not have these items available like they do with some other token decos either. At the moment, I've tried double clicking in the guild hall, double clicking in Grothmar Valley, double clicking on multiple toons (including my master scribe) and no joy from these. Also tried repping many different guilds from level 0 to level 69 and still no go.
  5. T-Shirt = 200 ChiliIron Banner = 100 ChiliChecking vendors and achievement before release? Priceless.
  6. Will you continue to use the Event Schedule boards in future maps/episodes and if so, will we get an option in the in-game clock to show "Tyrian" time instead of local/server times? Awesome job on the prologue, and yes, Metal Legion and more Metal Legion!
  7. Hopefully they can push a hotfix for this, as I'd love to craft some guild decos, but consumed all my currency thinking that it was intended. Guess I could earn a crapton more, but then I have to issue of stacks of currency in my inventory again ... :anguished:
  8. I've been working with CS on a Digital River problem since Thursday. Initial response was around 8hrs, but it was fairly generic and mostly of little use. Continued conversations/responses take up to 24 more hours to get going, and thus far nothing has come from it aside from me getting more annoyed with Digital River and Anet not working to solve the problem very fast.
  9. If you're experiencing this error or similar problem with giving Anet your money, and have not put a ticket in, PUT IN A TICKET.If you have put in a ticket, don't just check your email for updates, check the support page and look for MY TICKETS.Whenever someone goes into your ticket, it will update and you'll at least know someone has seen it and is working towards a solution. That being said, I put in at ticket two days ago, and after doing similar phone calls to the card provider, the issue is being investigated, and is definitely either on Anet's end or at Digital River (the transaction pro
  10. Whatever is blasting Akili back into a loop is also affecting/caused by an Orthodox Scholar just above the waypoint. There is a blast that knocks this NPC backwards that coincides with a blast that occurs near Akili's reset point.
  11. Let's face it, the super rare is super rare and this event is indeed something to keep people playing and spending until more content arrives. I wonder how many people bought the world boss portal device when it was on sale just before this event? I'm guessing plenty of folks thought it would be a good investment, and Anet thought it would be good revenue to hype the event and sell some more of these things. Is what it is, money in the bank, people playing the game.
  12. This promotion provides different kinds of prizes depending on where you you live, because of the way our partner Alienware built it (the Dell part of this is not available outside of the US). European players are able to grab a Miniature Egg if they register to Alienware Arena. We're working on promotions that will be available to our European players later. What about promotions available to your Canadian (you know, just a little north of you) players? No outfit code, out of egg codes, and apparently since you seem to have authorized 4000 codes for them to give away PoF, none of that for us
  13. Think the whole egg/outfit thing is bad? Giving away free game now via their twitter account if you sign up, and once again ... US only.
  14. I've completed the Master achieve 3 times and heading into my 4th it is currently showing (inside that achieve) that I need to open all 10 chests again. Zero chests are available as it shows all 10 complete in the list outside the main Master achieve and I've taken my current 8 keys around to each chest and all are open. Looks like when the completion of the Master was done last, it failed to reset the chests. Given that each chest has a check "has this been opened today" and that each chest must also have a second check "has the Master achieve been completed since this was opened" I'm guessin
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