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  1. Yup. Lots of people on this planet who don't even have indoor plumbing... but they have cellphones.
  2. But it's also not a purely Sword & Sorcery Fantasy game, either. Asura had their magitech and the Charr their steampunk vibe from the very start. And we've had monitor screens and holographic displays for a while... think Scarlet's Lair. I love Blade Runner - it's an all time favorite. It's not a stretch to imagine a mega city like Kaineng having some kind of magitech bling. Looking forward to it.
  3. "Lime Jello Green" Thank you. I just now got around to watching a video of it and was trying to think of how to describe it. GW1 GWAMM, here. Very disappointed. It looks absurd.
  4. I've had this happen several times. It's very annoying. Logging out to character selection and back in fixes it. Running a new character through Queensdale today and had a few of these glitches, including that one above. NPCs getting rezzed are frozen and then start sliding around like statues. It's seriously messing with my immersion. I even had Ert and Burt, the Hero Point Ettin, freeze in place when I killed him. https://i.postimg.cc/t4FkHwn1/Ert-Burt-Froze-01.jpg EDIT: And I do not have DX 11 Rendering turned on.
  5. I certainly hope so. My honest first impression, upon seeing them gallivanting about in Lion's Arch, is what a ridiculous, cluttering eyesore they are. But then, I'm one of those mostly solo players who has just recently returned to the game to finally get around to Icebrood Saga. I have no immediate interest in EoD so won't even be bothering with the Turtles anytime soon.
  6. Ah, it's always good to hear you're not alone. :D I don't feel quite so silly for my little rant, now.I have been using it to get gems back for trinkets while leveling up a new character, so, there's that.
  7. Heh, yeah... lesson learned. I guess I've been seriously behind the times on how the salvage mechanic works. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Well, I just got suckered into this thing. The in game description reads, _"100% chance of salvaging upgrades." I don't see "Lucent Motes" listed under the wiki article for "Upgrade Component." That description should be changed. This is bait and switch. I want my gems back. :/
  9. Have you got room for a conservative, absent-minded, fumbly-fingered old fart? (age 61) ;-PI got into gaming late in life when I stumbled upon a free pass code for a beta weekend event for Guild Wars back in January of 2005 and fell in love with it. The henchman system and individually instanced maps were ideal for a (mostly) solitary player like me. I put over 8,000 hours into that game with probably 95% of that being solo PVE. I had discovered the joy of farming and chasing achievements. I got GWAMM.I was in a small guild for a bit, and it was fun, but it fell apart after a couple months.I'v
  10. This has got to be random. I went for my first run at the challenge for the day, got in for the last 2 events (2 Aura stacks) and got a token on that first run. And this is after having done it several times last night after the daily reset. And I see the leechers have figured out where to stand to avoid getting mobbed while waiting for the chest to spawn.
  11. I was waiting around for this event to start last night in Arkjok Farmlands, along with another person. Did some other events, harvested, killed rats out of boredom etc. while waiting for nearly an hour. Suddenly I see, in map chat, that other person ask, "Is Emm still broken?" To which someone replied that yes it was. The event never did start. Any word on this? The completionist in me is having a nervous fit. :anguished:
  12. Okay.... this is becoming unplayable, now. Guess it's time for a break.
  13. At least half a dozen DCs in the past couple hours. Was happening while mapping Brisban Wildlands, and now in Snowden Drifts. It's getting pretty annoying. I'm in Eastern WA state. I usually play for hours at a time with no problems.
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