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  1. In wvw, zerg fights, Vindi wiht salvation, can get closer to cleansegod scrapper. I really wanna see that. New Ventari could work, with better tablet movement. So I really wanna try this. Even now with Marauder stats, im able to keep alive my subgroup, if I go with blue legend.
  2. Hammer is great for the best endgame content -> Fashion baby
  3. It isnt best, but it iant worst either
  4. Ye rev rn is very boring, still trying to find way how to make it good, but other classes just have more love. Best i can do is dueling1v1 vs power class , Not talking about 1v3 (harb, willy,..) core traits and class isnt bad, it is just weak, without much depth. Only plus is, atleast in wvw. Most of the time I feel unique, cuz im only rev here(you see renegade time to time, or hammer rev for some reason). Good for RP ngl. Hope they will add after summer nightmare patch some item into shop, where you can change your class.
  5. It cannot be done like this, because those solution works. It have to be more cluncky to fit the theme.
  6. Summer curse is on point. Devastation doesnt have much options but invo still does(atleast in pvp/wvw). Mace is still good and no rng on it Shortbow is the same Mabye jalis costs will rise while effectivness goes down. We will see. Tbh i still have little bit of hope.
  7. Im kinda happy they are trying to push hammer rev out of meta, only concern I have is, do we get something in return? if this was guard/ranger/necro subforum, I would be chilling and knowing something is comming back(rework of hammer,etc). But we live in no fun changes for the class nerfland. I understand, from dev perspective why would you put resources on least used class, if you can satisfy a lot more if you buff guard for example. But still wish. Off topic. Why Rev cannot have sidenoder? always pushed to +1/teamfighter. EDIT: I dont want to be confusion emote collector, there is ded
  8. there is 10sec icd, but if you sit in blue legend you proc it everytime. Raw healing is good, i can see it work in wvw. Red heal should heal on hitting enemy. it would be good heal.
  9. I dont thnik alliances heals have this good scaling. Gotta check that. But For Berserker/Marauder its not that good, both combined are worst then Bladesworn heal. EDIT: full minstrel and rune of Flock can make this big heal. So if you are dedicated healer your life is good. If you are DPS, its little bit different.
  10. Hello fellow folks from the Mists. I have a question regarding Participation. I noticed, sometimes I get participation(full 10min) if rolled over by blob. Is there anyone that have a knowledge on how many ppl I have to hit(or they have to hit me) to die peacefully with full bar and 9:59 on my clock? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. We are going to be Outnumbered pretty much whole week on all maps. And I would like to have my pips. I tried active part but it is impossible. Thank you and cya!
  11. maybe they plan delete and completely rework herald? So they went with this replacement?
  12. I get we cannot dodge thru wards etc, my problem is, dodge animation is Jump to thy sky, then fall down. It is dumb. If we changed to mistform instead I would get it. Ppl complain cuz our dodge is 100endurance, while it fails 1 whole traitline got wasted cuz bug or inconsistency. On Renegade, 1dodge is nothing. I can dodge again. Investment that I do when dodging is huge, its big risk, and then I weaponswap too early and im without effect I had to take 2 traits for. This should be fixed. Or lock weaponswap until it cannot kill the dodge. Good point is, thanks to the dodge it is pla
  13. I will ask for build, it was core. We didnt fight, I was just trying to do dps to him standing still. So yea, he would not kill me with condies, cuz I would heal and stuff. But he was passively invincible. Skills did him 1k or 2k at max, but that was it. I would asume a lot of toughness, however if we really fought, he did lower dmg, but eventualy won, cuz he was still 100% hp and I fall to condies over time, run out of cleanses. So yea, it is cheese build and he is most likely killing only classes with bad condi management on it. I would like some Berserker+Toughness on top of it 😄 If I
  14. EU T1-2(sometimes T3) 18of20 enemies i face are trailblazer/cele just condi. I see power classes only if they have stealth, or insane mobility. And I get it, condies are almost same bursty as power builds(hello burning), and this is safe way how to deal with it. And trailblazer with perma prot? Lovely 😂 friend is playing ranger on different server trailblazer+ prot with regen, and with power herald i dont have dps to cut thru, he just heals back quickly and i would die on condies i get by hitting him( we just stand and I aa him just to see, no real fight). Condies are here for more
  15. To respect the evolution of rev especs, we will be able to run only forward if using F2 to change movement for energy. Yes 😂 whatever, just dont kill it 2 weaks after implementation.
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