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  1. Scrouge/FB was meta, because it wasn't norm... but imagine all boons on Cata constantly turning into conditions and all conditions applied to enemy team either turned into boons or sent back with Plague Signet 😎. One shotting them? When you've perma weakness, thru barriers and protection? No way.
  2. Imagine throwing 5 catas against Firebrand&Scrouge meta or against double Viper Malyx Revs.
  3. Viper Malyx/Herald after HoT release, when Banish Enchantment was Corrupting 3 boons for 20 energy w/o CD. Make Malyx great again and all Catas gonna vanish with over 9000 boons converted into conditions...
  4. Don't they know at least one should switch to Tempest? 🙄
  5. Have fun for not switching to support in such situation I'd say.
  6. Thats very interesting question. With good balancing that should be good solution. Class that has built in counter for basic mechanic of other class should shut it down easily. Question why its not the case? Overnerfed? Last crusade I remember on those forums was "nerf Necromancer" and "Elementalist unplayable" and here we're today.
  7. Maybe having boon corruption only on Necros isn't good enough?
  8. It does. Reducing boon impact makes the most boon spammy spec much weaker. It also would be huge buff to builds that ain't heavy boon dependant/spammy as boon corrupt oriented builds would be weaker against them creating more classic rock/paper/scissors (raw/boon/corrupt) system. To have diverse meta game we need more r/p/s.
  9. I haven't said I disagree with OP, but that I believe feedback has to be precise. However if we look at your points, I think we should have more boon corruption across various classes to keep boon vomit in check. I'd put boon corruption on: Revenant (Malyx - Banish Enchantment bring back corruption trait); Mesmer - don't know where, but it's supposed to be denial class, so should be good at turning boons into pain; Ranger - I'd rework one pet around removing and corrupting boons and give such abilities to Soulbeast while merged. That would be huge nerf to Ele without actualy nerfing Ele. It would also give some options to less played builds. Edit: If they want to keep boon corruption kinda Necro exclusive then i'd buff boon strip heavily for Mesmer and Malyx and still add boonstrip pet to Ranger with boonstrip abilities to Soulbeast.
  10. Imho they should turn all ranged offensive attacks into projectiles.
  11. I feel like feedback on those forums is usualy poor quality. Don't ask them to "do something", try to identify problems. For example: "Too spammy, too much of everything, every single skill hits to hard" - thats not good feedback, while "Auras are too strong, reduce their duration" we seen in different thread other day was much better feedback having any actual value as it was pointing at something.
  12. I always said rating gain/loss should be based both on score (not just win/lose) and personal stats. We have no control over remaining participants in our games. There is no reason to either reward or punish us for their actions. Imho such close games (11 points) never should be more than +/- 1.
  13. I think removing CD from Earth Shield would solve all problems!
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