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  1. Ooo, Quaggan would rather see buffs rework to Deadeye so it would fill similar role in sPvP like .
  2. Devs do, as far as Quaggan knows, and for example Rev has pretty high rating (91%) on metabattle, which doesn't make any sense. you mean no rev is in the meta or great builds only in the goods one with score of 70.....Ooo, one should install Taimi newest invention - irony meter!On serious note, you quoted post written so long ago, that Herald had 91% that day! Wooo-hooo!
  3. Ooo, Quaggan sees a poll, Quaggan gonna vote, even tho Quaggan is ill and had no opportunity to play yet!
  4. so.. elusive mind deserves a nerf, but similar traits from daredevil and druid do not because...? mirage must have awesome health restoration on hit... right? or celestial avatar? no, i´m sure mirage has heavy armor coupled with awesome sustain so it can facetank like an spellbreaker... oh wait... I´m confused (pun intended) not sure why so much hate for elusive mind when mantra of resolve is a thing Ooo, there is no "similar" trait to Elusive Mind, if you look into context of how dodge roll on Mirage does work.
  5. Quaggan still wonders why Elusive Mind wasn't touched by magical nerf stick.
  6. Ooo, Quaggan is hyped, yet he wonders how many gonna sing PrePatch Day today.
  7. animation canceling is NOT a good thing for a pvp system. Why not? . Because it makes the gameplay more of a gamble. fakecasting is considered to be skillfull, just look at wow. it adds another layer to the gameplay, fakecasting to get enemies to use silence/counterspell so you can cast your spells freely. or shadow word death for CC etc etc or bait it out to prevent it. Those tiny details are just sweet as hell.Combo skipping was big part of Age of Conan PvP and while it was "skillful", it was also random, because if you would skip Butcher IV at half of cast you still would do
  8. News flash, Ziggityzog HATES Circlequest, with a passion. In case anyone in the PvP forums failed to see him spam every thread about it and was still unsure. He hates it. Like . . . a lot. Fixed that for ya bucko. Yes i do and obviously your obsessed with me. move on kiddo there is more to life. Oh yeah, forgot you like to call it Circlequest. Because we attack circles or something right? Also, not sure quoting a single post counts as obsession, but whatever floats your boat I guess. I was just trying to help ya man. I figured you were spamming your hate across the forums in case people didn'
  9. Ooo, seriously, Quaggan thinks those guys are waiting for a reason to actualy click on GW2 launcher. If you don't want to play GW2 why complain on the forum? No balance patch will ever fundamentally change the game, if you don't enjoy the game right now, you won't enjoy it after a balance patch either. Fooo, Quaggan disagrees.Overnerfing Scrooge and Mirage to their extinction in competitive could deal with most issues.
  10. Ooo, seriously, Quaggan thinks those guys are waiting for a reason to actualy click on GW2 launcher.
  11. Ooo, Quaggan think they did, problem is, that person is also AFK!
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