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  1. Since End of Dragons update started the Warrior just gets nerfed almost every update,some are hidden nerfs some are written in notes. What annoyed me the most was the Bladesworn nerf...a nerf for something barely viable. There were 2 great things which it seems that disappeared. 1)The 3 weapons: You had the gunsaber,after switching off the gunsaber you got 2 more weapons to use.Now only one and the gunsaber. 2)Defiance break nerf,the damage of the dragonslash remained but the defiance break it was high indeed then got nerfed with around 65% or more... while I have to sit id
  2. Indeed,some of Revenant's animations would look fine on warrior especially the GS dodge landing. The only current animations of warrior which still look somewhat cool is the GS hundred blades(2) or maybe the Rush(5) skills rest is....like blade trail which uses the same animation since the very beginning... Bladesworn animations are weak and in Dragon trigger the Flicker step(5) should look like a dash and not a relocate or if they insist on blink then give it a larger area of use and the Trigger Guard(4) should give dodge not block. It seems that Anet reduced the personal on designe
  3. I main warrior in every possible games and I find the warrior in GW2 quite fun to play but as in every game the warrior is an easy to play hard to master class and if you want to play it at full potential you will need a lot of brain to do so. If you have to think how to play and what to do in combat PvE/PvP why choose warrior when you can do so with a assassin/thief archetype for far more dps,versatility etc... the answer is simple you have to like the class maybe love it and learn all the tricks and utilities.(My second is thief just to understand that I am not talking from air) Yo
  4. I can relate to this because I am a solo player too in most of the time and sometimes I ran into , let's call them players but they are far from that mentality level, so I ran into players whom always expected perfection and split second skill reflexes...okaaay GW2 is already like a second job in some areas and I said no thx. Then what remains to enjoy a game you like for far more reasons than the playerbase? Soloing the content. I main a Warrior/Thief with berserker gear and before it was ok to solo without using glitches,bugs,abuses,etc now some bosses are undefeatable without and
  5. I hate achievement locks but no one cares so I think any of us will have what it wants anytime soon
  6. I saw in PvP some extremly good thieves,they were using Sword+Pistol and DD ,it took some time to take them down. In PvE is other level because 1 wrong move and you are dead,so have to memorize every patterns. Thief were nerfed to the ground then buffed the nerfed again,many say that in good hands they are a force to be reckoned with but to be honest,which class isn't in good hands? XD This new spec,helped nothing ,support assassin/rogue/thief/etc had support roles in many games but not a full support. I wait to see how Anet handles the thief in future updates but until the
  7. I have played Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and I remember well Samuel Rodrigues aka Jetstream Sam(when you find the Bladesworn mentor you'll see what I mean xD) and he was not this clumsy like this elite specialization. Even if we check the other inspiration the Samurai were not this slow... need a revisit and a faster peace,the damage is acceptable but the rest could be much better.
  8. When I first saw Cantha for thief I expected some sort of Shinobi/Ninja not this shadow support whatever is it... It was one of my biggest disappointments this game offered after achievement gatings. I know this won't be changed anytime soon but I don't gave up hope that one day Thief will get a nice real ninja/shinobi like specialization
  9. 1)Those who love that Confused reaction in every topic on everything they don't like be kind and ask what is hard to understand in any opinion instead of giving confused to anything you are not agree with and maybe many point of views could be cleared. 2) I got banned on my first account pre-hot because of this,indeed I got lots of gold from this way of portal use ,my friend with who I was playing got a ban too for this ...my second account was banned for the other gold farming way in Ascalon Catacombs with thief ,that maybe was legit but anyway since multiboxing/multi accounting i
  10. The only issue I found with this thing is that mesmers using portals to end chest for gold gets banned while mesmers using portals to troll and annoy people just get's away,I always loved this type of approach.
  11. Indeed but I hope effort is not put in making achievement walls and gatings like they did in PoF... But we still hope for a better change between factions,with Asura tech everything is possible
  12. I forgot the point gathering part to unlock specializations again* and unlocked extra bag slots,etc In short I only see benefits in race change and I don't get why is that hard to find a solution to solve this
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