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  1. Same problem! Started the collection on day 2 after the launch of the expansion and have been fishing tons of Tangle Weed since. ūü§£
  2. Etsinnässä tosiaan aktiivinen suomalainen kilta, jonka kanssa pääsisi touhuamaan WvW:ssä ja tutustumaan vihdoinkin raideihin. Kokemusta löytyy muilta pelin saroilta aina betasta lähtien. Parhaiten saa kiinni pelin puolelta maililla - osoite löytyy tuosta viestin vierestä!
  3. I'd love to see Abaddon's Mask in sale again! (Planning on making a Margonite cosplay character <3__<3) It would be a dream come true, if the selection of elemental/aspect eyes were to be expanded, with for example the Elementalist Vabbian Eyes from Guild Wars 1: Nightfall! Same goes for the GW1 Elementalist Ancient armor and the Canthan Elemental Aura headgear! ‚̧ԳŹ
  4. This. Very much this. There was some great discussion on reddit a few days ago, which explains the actual state of ele very well. To sum it all up: Elementalist is an unforgiving, high skill, but very low reward class. It's incredibly hard to master and even then it's hard to keep alive. Yet it doesn't shine anywhere, as other classes outshine it easily by facerolling their rotations. It really needs more love.
  5. It would also be lovely, if the armory enabled using the legendary visual effects, like auras and foot prints, separate from using the skin of the legendary weapon itself. A nice extra feature, which would allow for more room to customize a character, though not an important update in any way.Looks like the armory wasn't mentioned in the Q3 Looking Ahead post, so we'll likely have to wait for it a bit longer still?
  6. Welcome to the forums! I gotta admit, this edit of "Aurene, Dragon Full Of Light" you made has been a part of my playlist for about a year now!I love it to bits!
  7. I agree, that the meteorite systems is currently quite broken, thanks to the map - and activity - being so underpopulated. I tend to miss most meteorites all together, as finding them takes it's own time and getting rid of the mobs is another undertaking, as you're usually doing it completely alone. Just when you're about to start looking for the nodes, the whole thing disappears, making you wait for 15-20 minutes for the next repeat.It's quite frustrating, to be honest.
  8. Asura: Lèonn - A simple name for an elementalist, that follows the asuran naming standards. There's also slight similarity to one of my own names. Vrekk - The name of my engineer. It too follows the asuran naming standards and has a funny similarity to the word "wreck," which I think is fitting for an engineer in this game. - Norn: I've picked my norn names from the Norse Mythology, which is one of the sources of inspiration behind the norn race. Odin Ravensight - A norn elementalist, who's been blessed by the Raven Spirit. Odin is the king of the gods in Norse my
  9. Thanks for the suggestions and empathy! I did send a ticket to the support team asking if they could help me out, right after I realized the gift can't be found anywhere. Taken how awesome they are, I'm sure they'll be able to help me out. :) I actually did check if Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs could save me, but unfortunately he doesn't have the Gift of Valor in his selection. Thanks for the tip, though! :)
  10. I've been working towards Aurora for the past months. It all ended up with me farming the Living World Season 3 maps like crazy for the map currencies.I finally managed to collect 250 of each currency and head down to Lion's Arch to craft the item... Only to find out I can't find my Gift of Valor literally anywhere. I check the achievement, in case I've been dreaming, but it does confirm I've done Aurora: Awakening and received the gift. However, even GW2 Efficiency can't find it from anywhere in my account.The thing is, I have absolutely no clue of what could have happened to it! I can't beli
  11. But the 100 response long pages of requests for easy mode raids that constantly gets brought up is direct evidence against what you're saying. Saying "I know people" is literally just anecdotal evidence. Also the fact that you think you NEED to download a dps meter and that you NEED to copy a meta build from a top tier raiding website also shows that you're out of touch with what it takes to raid. I don't have a dps meter and you just need to have slightly more than a basic grasp of mmo mechanics and build synergy to raid, and again, people who literally just press 1 and down world bosses i
  12. Is it truly so difficult, it's comparable to raids?I've never done raids before (well, after a couple of epic failures after Vale Guardian was added to the game), but I'm quite interested in them nevertheless. Always expected them to be far out of my skill level though, and finding a group to learn them with has been too much of a hassle thanks to my irregular gaming times. Let me tell you, a three-shift work and a long-distance relationship make it impossible to attend literally anything regularly.But after figuring out the strategy for the Whisper, the groups I've attended haven't failed a s
  13. I wouldn't say Anet's design is lacking - there are tons of amazing outfits, weapons, creatures and mounts in the game after all - but any design contest would be amazing nevertheless! They tend to spark quite a bit of interest in the playerbase.I really loved the design a weapon contest a couple of years ago, as well as the way the winning weapons were introduced into the game.
  14. I ran into these problems as well. I'm doing the "Skyscale Rider: Tarnished Coast" part of the achievement, and one of the 5 rifts in Brisban Wildlands and Metrica Province won't count for the completed reality rifts. I've repeated each and every one of them multiple times, but it still shows me only 4 completed rifts.At times it won't activate the counter for the orbs at all, and sometimes the final rift simply won't be there. EDIT: The first rift, after I continued to the next map, ended up rewarding me two rifts. Got the Ruler of the Skies done after all!
  15. I'm a stubborn multitasker - so probably an elementalist.
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