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  1. Machine gun rifle go BRRRR! I thought when Anet said Rifle Burst was going to be 2 bullets and a grenade, they meant Thief's Double Tap for the bullets and a hip shot for the grenade (like how you'd expect someone to use a grenade launcher), but nah! They went full machine gun blitz! XD I do think the animation could be increased to 1 second, or something (and rebalance the damage to match). Rifle seems stupid strong in PvP and WvW. Legit blowing people up.
  2. I like kits and usually run at least one in my Engineer builds; however, I don't like how much better they are than almost every other utility skill. In fact, they feel so mandatory to use that I would rather Kits be our Profession Mechanic rather than the Toolbelt skills. Turrets, Gadgets, and Elixirs are practically dead in PvE, and only select ones are used in PvP or WvW. I will say that the animations for a lot of the kits are boring, which make them feel boring to play. Med Kit, Elixir Gun, and Tool Kit have okay animations for their skills, but Bomb Kit, Grenade Kit, and Mor
  3. That sounds like a horrible build.... but to answer your question: Sigil of Purging to cleanse conditions and Sigil of Savagery so your shield stuns last longer. You should at least use Mortar Kit instead of Elixir X. Elixir X is the worst elite you could use on Mechanist
  4. I did say I was coming from a mostly PvE perspective, but you're right that I overlooked Fumigate's potential in WvW. You're also right that Elixir H is used in PvP, however I will push back that I think Supply Crate sees more use than Elixir X, at least for roaming in WvW. I don't play a lot of WvW, so my experiences are limited, however, when I do fight against other Engineers, if they're not using Mortar, it's Supply Crate. The main reason I created this thread was to create some discussion on what could be done to Engineer's many weak traits and abilities to make them more comp
  5. In the blog post today, ArenaNet said, "In addition to the number tweaks that you’re used to seeing, the team will be revisiting some underpowered and underused weapon skills, traits, or utilities for each profession in each profession update to help expand your arsenal". Since June 28 is 3 months away, I'd like to list changes I'd like to see to Engineer's underpowered and underused skills and traits (and there's a lot of them) in the hopes of affecting what changes get made. This will mostly be from a PvE perspective, and feel free to add your own ideas to make Engineer's many underutilized
  6. Overall, I like the Dragon's End meta. It's very engaging and the spectacle is incredible. I don't think the Tail nerf was super necessary. The most annoying thing, to me, is when Soo-Won switches sides in the arena. Since she's essentially invulnerable during the animation, it's very annoying trying to keep the damage up. However, since the Tail comes up less often, it does mean we don't have to swap to Tail as often. It eases my issue with it a little, but the Tail wasn't my hang-up about the fight. I think the meta is largely fine as is, the only changes I would like to see are:
  7. I think a Technomancy/Magitech spec would be a cool fantasy for engineer to dip into. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Engineers are the only profession that don't use any kind of magic, so I find the idea of Engineers "inventing" their own magic very compelling. For the gameplay side, I think having a totem-style mechanic, a la Scourge, where you drop 1-3 pylons or tesla coils that steal boons from enemies and copy them on allies or cleanse conditions on allies and copy them on enemies near the pylon. I think the whole boon corrupt playstyle isn't utilized well enough, and expandin
  8. This is a dumb build I'll play for probably the first week of EoD. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PewAk6Rlxy0YvMXWMOsXVxPA-zRIYR01XGBWFVkK6PA-e It likely only works in the open world and likely doesn't deal any respectable DPS, but having double Aim-Assisted Rockets is pretty fun to see. The main idea is to have the Golem hold aggro while the Mech and I hit from range. Hopefully Anet makes the Mech inherit 50% power again so Power Mechanist isn't relegated solely to meme builds
  9. Okay, I was being a little hyperbolic when I said the "Mechanist is nothing without the Mech"; however, your build is determined by the Specializations and traits you pick. Only 2 Mechanist traits affect the player, but all of them affect the Mech. That means if you aren't running those 2 traits and you don't have a Mech, you are, as you say, a core Engineer with 2 specializations. With the Mech gone, the Mechanist specialization does little for you, or in more hyperbolic terms: "The Mechanist is nothing without the Mech". When I said "good reason to be without the Mech", I meant i
  10. Hopefully it's not too late for me to provide my 2 cents on the changes to Mechanist during the 4th Beta weekend. This is mostly from an Open-World PvE perspective (5 days is not enough time to play all 9 specs!!!) The lower cooldown on Crash Down felt pretty good (could be a little lower. IMO somewhere between 30-45s, but 50s is close enough), however, I think the whole mechanic should be removed. The Mechanist has nothing without the Mech; that's it's whole defining feature. I don't think there's a good reason for why the Mechanist should be without the Mech either. When the Mech
  11. How are the stats calculated for the mech? Currently, the minors give the mech 25% of all stats, 50% Toughness/Vitality, and 100% Toughness/Vitality. The Master traits also grant the mech 100% Condition Damage/Expertise, 100% Healing Power/Concentration, or 50% Power/Precision/Ferocity. A plain reading of this would suggest the mech would inherit 175% Toughness/Vitality with 125% Condition Damage/Expertise, 125% Healing Power/Concentration, or 75% Power/Precision/Ferocity. However if my Mechanist has 186 Condition Damage and 8.39% Condition Duration and take
  12. Seems to work much more consistently when in combat and works as described above when out of combat. The teleport also fails if you fall off a big enough ledge when the teleport happens
  13. Not sure if this is a Mechanist-specific bug, but in the Special Forces Training area with all boons and professions-specific buffs the Equipment panel would lag the game out horribly until I closed it. And it's only the Equipment tab. The Achievements, Wardrobe, and Build tabs were fine.
  14. Medical Dispersion Field doesn't work with Rectifier Signet Passive The Mech Arms: Jade Cannons auto-attack ability, Jade Energy Shot, do not have a skill fact mouse-over in the combat log Dynamo Burst from Mech Core: Jade Dynamo does not have a skill description, it just lists it's damage, targets, and range. Barrier Blast (Mace auto 3) has a quick animation on Asura. Doesn't seem like it's following the 1/2 second cast time Sometimes the Mech shoots Jade Mortar off towards the moon and it'll end before reaching the ground Can't see cooldowns on F1 and F3 M
  15. I would like a keybind for "Return to me". In PvP fights, and even during Meta events, I loose track of the mech, and it's annoying to have to click the button, doubly so because I use action cam 99% of the time. Having pet commands for a "Stay" (Sit here until I run too far away) and an "Attack target" would be welcomed. I'd like for my mech to engage combat first so it takes aggro, and I'd also like for it to stay at range so it can consistently proc Aim-Assited Rocket I like that the Mech Arms change based on your traits, but I was a let down when I saw that the Mech Frame and M
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