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  1. I have more than - let's say - 5 characters. Quite a few more. And these characters would love to go to other maps besides core Tyria. I have all the GW2 content. Full access everywhere. But if I want to bring a new character in any of the maps of the expansions or LWs, I have to go through the same stories over and over and over. Not only it's a waste of time, but it gets boring. The second time, it's ok. But the 5th, 6th, etc times it makes you want to start pulling your hair. I know, pretty much each zone has a teleport scroll. Ensues mixing and matching and putting in bank a
  2. I think I killed those guys at least half a dozen times, the runestone is not getting activated and I can't get the etchings. Because of that I can't complete the map.
  3. I totally agree. I am disabled and have nerve damage to my hands. As much as I wish I could do jumping puzzles, I physically can't. When they put jumping puzzles in the story-line. The Kralkatorik jumping puzzle with the raptor - I tried days and days on end. I was only able to finish that story after I got the skyscale.
  4. Exactly. You have an unfunctional piece of something. Can't do certain hearts (or takes for ever to do them) or other things. Why don't these come with a basic crappy power core common for all players?
  5. Once we unlock mounts in the story, they are unlocked for ALL the characters. Once we unlock glider, it's unlocked for ALL the characters. Even in EoD, you get skiff on ALL characters once you unlock it in the story. But the jade bots? No sirree. You have to do the story. Don't get me wrong, I liked the story but it's way too long to do it over and over and over and over. I love the whole of EoD (except for some of the music and the fact that the Empress looks like an Oiran) But this.... Please tell me there's a way to get the jade bot on other character
  6. Don't get happy about the pass. I hope I missed it, but right now it seems you can't get the jade bot outside the story. So story is needed no matter what
  7. I didn't Edit: I guess I did get one. It was just buried in my bags
  8. Stuck on "initializing" Edit: now downloading. As Dawdler said above, it kinda hurts my eyes
  9. Sorry, I don't watch guild chat and streams. I got things to do and when it's my time to relax watching something I have other interests that have priority.
  10. The thing that came to my mind after I watched the trailer and saw the posts was "oh great, like we don't have enough light effects, now we gonna have dozens of green light bugs all over the place when there's a meta, so you can be sure you can't see what you're doing." I mean, they're cute, but are they customizable. as in color and maybe models? Because just having something that everybody else has doesn't make it in any way covetable.
  11. I had the same 108 issue. No matter what browser I tried. Funny part is I never have issues buying gems in-game using Paypal, even if ... it brings me to the browser to complete the purchase. You'd think if it's a browser issue, then it wouldn't work no matter what right? I ended up buying it from Amazon. Where I encountered another issue. I could only pay for it with a card, not directly from my bank account.
  12. Bloodtide Coast. First it was showing me I was lacking one heart. Couldn't find where for the life of me. Then noticed one heart on the map didn't show "Completed" even if I KNEW I had just gotten it not long ago. Went to that heart, this time it showed completed, but I didn't get the map complete notification and reward. Tried to report with the in-game feature, it doesn't work. The "submit" button doesn't light up to click it no matter what you choose.
  13. Assumptions: 1) GW2 has no vertical progression, rather horizontal, meaning you grind more for cosmetics, mounts, achievements, ,... Actually what you call "horizontal progression" means you won't have to grind like crazy to level up so you can be able to play in high level areas, instead, you can enjoy everything quite fast. Is there a game where you don't grind to get something? I mean, seriously? 2) GW2 has 99% of these unlockables (excluding achievements) in the gem shop Wrong. Except for a few QOL items (like extra bag slot, extra bank etc.) everything else
  14. Or, if you actually pay attention to the "after Guild Wars 2" it might mean a Guild Wars 3?
  15. Nobody noticed that they said "there will be more after End of Dragons and after Guild Wars 2"???
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