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  1. Necro has an incredible presence in all game modes. But the one thing we haven't had is a real viable necro support spec that will work in WvW. I see no reason why elixirs can't be improved to take on that role, if a player chooses to play it that way. Support necro is a thing in PvE but it just doesn't work in WvW. And in return another class should be able to take scourge's spot in WvW via one of the new elites that we haven't seen. We've been playing the same stale meta, the same classes, same specs, for over 2 years. My guildies who play firebrands don't want to play fb's
  2. Speaking from WvW perspective, I play in an organized WvW squad. In order to slot a support Harbringer, it'll have to outdo Firebrands, Support Scrappers, and Tempests. Elixirs currently do not provide enough stab to take over a Firebrand's stab duty, not even close. Harbringer does not cleanse, nor does it heal, so it can't take over Support Scrapper & Tempest's jobs. Heralds, a DPS class, can provide more reliable boons than a Harbringer can with elixirs. That says something. I'm not quite sure how the current iteration of elixirs got passed through QA or even the whiteb
  3. My feedback from someone that plays only WvW. Harbringer is FUN. Getting access to multiple cc's that's not fear, plus double leaps in shroud, it makes the class really enjoyable to play. As a long time necro this elite spec definitely plays different than all previous specs, which is great. I give it 9/10 for fun factor. Now the pistol, it seems like a nice weapon for solo roaming, but it's too condi focused. The most satisfying thing about pistol is the stun. When you nail the stun, it's very deadly and satisfying af. But WvW is full of reflects, a
  4. Some feedback for you: 1. Before match-up rewards, you need to equalize loot for dps and support. It's hard enough to get people to want to play support classes in organized squads. To see support not get rewarded with loot bags is saddening. When I get bags from kills as dps, that firebrand that gave me the stab, and that scrapper that cleansed & healed me, should most definitely get the same share of loot bags. It's widely known that if you're a WvW player, you are already poor compared to PvE & PvP players. Support players should be rewarded. This leads me to #2.
  5. You're self limiting due to your guild's size.try running less people if you actually want more fights. Used to run 15-20, but more and more guilds run 30+ now it becomes harder to stay small. Times have changed, seems like skilled players are consolidating into less guilds on less servers, hence creating this problem. When facing certain servers you are expected to fight multiple guilds running 25-30+ next to each other, which makes it even harder for you to compete as a small group.
  6. What makes WvW stale is you take a squad of 20-25 players out there to raid for 2 hours, and finding no good guild groups to fight. You end up either ending raid early or run around chasing cloud or banging your head into siege filled T3 keeps that are not possible to break. Due to the tiered system, this happens way too often. There are only a handful of servers that have enough guild groups to fight during NA. And they are all spread out in different tiers, giving you potentially weeks of boring matchup before you finally find one matchup with good NA content. There are too many servers
  7. Doesn't matter how much Tempests cleanse, Scrappers flip everything they cleanse into boons thanks to Purity of Purpose. So even if a Tempest is "competitive" with Scrappers, it doesn't matter, Scrappers still win due to the single fact that they keep your whole squad with a full bar of boons with their cleanses. Why take a class that erases condi's when you can take a class that turns all the condi's into boons? Simply you wouldn't. A nerf to Purity of Purpose would bring Tempests back into meta. Tempests already got their 10 target shouts slapped. We're all waiting to see what Anet is
  8. Purity of Purpose is the main issue with scrappers, it's too op to not carry 1 scrapper per party. Even if another class, such as Tempest, get anywhere near a scrapper's cleanse numbers, the scrapper is still better because all those cleanses are flipped into boons. A scrapper hits 1,000 cleanse? That's 1,000 boons the scrapper just gave to his/her party. Where as Tempest simply cleanse, there are no boons coming out of the cleanses. Not to mention scrapper's sneak gyro which is very valuable in WvW. But the main reason why scrappers are preferred over others is how their cleanses turn c
  9. It's for the whales, MMO's have these to let them flush their overabundance of mats and money.
  10. Feels like his stay was always limited and timed. He went from having a great time progressing through fractals and doing pvp with his friends, even playing with his gf in pvp. To spending a whole night dueling, solo queuing, not talking, when group queuing with his friends they weren't talking at all just doing their own things, etc.. Plus he openly talked about how he doesn't have much time left in this game, and how he needs to move away from MMO to get back to the "twitch race" (one can assume he's taking about viewership & subscribers). A strange 180. I don't think it's a problem
  11. He's getting better and his friends seem to enjoy other aspects of the game so he's probably going to keep playing. Because of him other streamers like teapot are seeing double the viewerships. So like it or not, he's getting people interested in GW2. Honestly devs should take note how confusing the game can be for brand new players jumping into pvp, and make improvements if they care to grow the game.
  12. Nerfs to dragon banner 3 & 5 are coming next update: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/688406906?t=00h23m01s
  13. Nice detailed post, addressed all the issues with Dragon Banner nicely. Now someone needs to ping cmc so he'll notice this thread.
  14. Reset NA last night, 3-way map queues fighting together at the same time, and no skill lag aside from a few seconds of lag during the initial clash. Something is working.
  15. This one is a no brainer, of course you should not be able to use F skills while carrying a banner. And Dragon Banner 5 needed to be nerfed a year ago.
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