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  1. ... I see yeh ain't from 'round heeah, I reckon. :)
  2. This sounds like something that would turn people into even more visually spammy eyesores than they already are.
  3. Just for kicks, my krewe has been attempting to concoct a capable Power DPS option for core Necromancer, believing that present day capability and knowledge could compensate for the profession's shortcomings. Results have been thus far... according to pre-assessments (lacking). EDIT: For the record, I'm only accounting for PvE.
  4. Not a fan. Level 82+ mobs annoy me enough as is. Also, anything ten levels over you will not be able to take damage.
  5. The only thing that bothers me about the female sylvari stretch animation is the end of it, where the animation tries to transition into the female human default stance, then suddenly jerks back at the end like my character all of a sudden remembered she's sylvari.
  6. Off topic, but I just need to ask a quick question! Are the icy and fiery weapons available? So far, I've only seen them in the wardrobe, and was thinking that maybe the wiki just hasn't been updated yet.
  7. There's a gap, considering archetypes and pet-specific skills and merged skills, but since this is for open world, it doesn't matter much. Play whatever; you'll be fine, unless you're wanting to solo group events. However, you can have all kinds of pets unlocked. Just swap them according to your other gaming needs (PvP, Fractals, etc.).
  8. Strictly in a PvE sense, I haven't found a nice, advantageous purpose for a plain Necromancer build yet. Reaper and Scourge, yes, but I find them tied when it comes to their differing purposes. I've tried some Necromancer experiments in the past, but they lack in all areas except possibly durability.
  9. Superior Rune of Thorns is still in the game.
  10. Despite the necro, Gw2's AI at present is too primitive to make this feasible. Also has flashbacks of the anti-social eventuality of Gw1 that started in Nightfall.
  11. For me, the AOE rings as well as the pillar indicator thing that showed where meteors would land were both sometimes appearing and sometimes not, since the patch.
  12. If you mean tanking as in having everything focus you to take otherwise detrimental damage away from squishier allies, there's no such thing in fractals (except for maybe the annoying CC spam golems in Chaos). If you mean just general sustain, maybe in the instance where you're trying to solo/ carry bad groups along to finish a boss in fractals while being the only one left standing; no. As for raids, no idea, but doubtful. Someone else can enlighten on that as I haven't touched raids (to a serious extent) in years.
  13. I doubt they will add new stats, but I believe they'll add new stat "sets."
  14. There's a way to make a custom ingame playlist that's shown somewhere on the wiki, which even includes what plays on death. I've never done it but found the possibility neat once I heard of it. Perhaps someone more enlightened than I can link you to it.
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