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  1. I'm challenging the development team to enforce the conduct this game promotes or face the backlash of whatever community is left. Players are running programs to enhance damage, ability cooldowns, run speed, range, auto evade, auto targetting siege, ports from professions that do no have that ability into keeps and towers not gained by siege. I have been threatened in messages from a moderator of these forums and other players for calling out the rampant cheating and obvious to everyone hacking. I haven't broken policy by typing this post and I'm recording
  2. Perma evade, lets count, 1, woa really dodge, 1,2.3.4 wait what? Perma Block 1,2,3 ,4 ,5, 6, ,7, 8 ... um...seriously, Hey look at my Necro can fly! port to location at will, WAIT, what you forgot your pocket Wurm buddy! Hey is that 8 clones over there, why yes it is, look 8 clones at will no matter what happends in combat, you forgot to update the patch notes. Hey look its the broken flavor of the last 6 months scrapper grenade build with unlimited cc thanks to hack programs and broken damage abiltiy one shotting anyone.... Wait, why is that renegade cha
  3. Everyone on Fergason's Crossing has witness and Ele in downed state recast the vapor form to escape 2-3 times in a row which is impossible, no it wasn't a glitch or lag because other professions have been caught and reported also using elite abilities multiple times in a row blatantly in front of everyone. On top of the hack programs these losers are using they have jump-movement abilities macroed to establish maximum distance precisely every time without error or fail, this included using terrain auto targeted instantly to escape where it is not possible to creat the distance in
  4. I'm done spending anymore money on this game, I know they don't care and I'm only one player, but I've spent thousands of dollars since they released this game and not one penny every will be spent until someone gets rid of these devs and starts over. Wishful thinking I know but maybe if more people stop spending money they would sit up and notice.
  5. Yesterday on our borderlands the two servers we fought repeatedly for hours exploited jumping through Bay gate without any siege and attacked the lord and defenders. We repelled them for about two hours with a golem and about 4 defenders. They were a small group, Then the other group came in a zerg and a commander showed up with the numbers to crush them. This small group hacked into towers , smc and used blatant speed hacks, radar hacks, jumping hacks and abilities hacks for hours. The playing field is so unbalanced allowing these hacks and exploits to continue you have
  6. At least 15 players just witnessed a ranger use invisibility approximately 10x in a row with no pet (dead) running from the WC side of dredge through the caverns all the way safely to Anz. The ranger was crippled, dotted, and yet he outran my superspeed the whole time being attacked by our group and did not fall below 10% health. This is just a tiny example of the constant cheating by players in wvw using illegal bot and hacking programs to give their character an unfair advantage all the time. I have reported over 500 players and submitted tickets and deta
  7. I am a platinum major who mains a mirage and I'm quite familiar with the profession and what can and cannot be done, this isn't a cry wolf story I got beat down, this is legit hacking by many many players and a lot of players notice the same exact thing and other things I never even knew to look for.
  8. I appreciate the recent ban involving the cheaters and players using hacks in the game. But are they WvW related, are the banned players a direct result of proof, complaints, reports filed by their victims? Or was it a random ban to say we did something? Silver ranked assaulters, bronze ranked assaulters taking no damage from conditions, or cripples have no effect after repeated applications, never make a mistake dodge, reflect, invuln, evade every attack is unbelievable. Here's the truth, while Anet did ban players for cheating, hacking, the sheer numbers of players flying, running at top spe
  9. Nope, not going to delete this, unless I look back and see naming and shaming. You're certainly welcome to share your concerns about this subject. I want you to know that they are noted. I had a long talk with CS just this week on the topic of cheating and how players can best report incidents. I wanted to be sure that reports truly were noted, and acted upon. And... they are. You may not see the reaction, because it can happen outside of your view. You will not hear about the outcome, because there is no method to respond to an in-game report. But when you report someone for cheating -- and t
  10. no class should have abilities, gimmicks, or be allowed to 100% negate another class from engaging them and defeating them. THIS is the nuts and bolts of what my message really boils down to, I was just expressing my own opinion from gameplay on the rest, feel free to disagree
  11. I have played GW2 since beta and had for the most part a lot of fun 99% playing in WVW, I have played pve in everything from EQ1, Daoc, GW1, EQ2, Warhammer online, mostly RvR, and the list goes on. My gripe with the current state of the game in WvW is the fundamental flaw of the development team insisting on trying to balance all game modes with the existing abilities and what I also believe is even more flawed is the MY CLASS HAS TO DO EVERYTHING YOUR CLASS CAN DO BUT BETTER! Warriors in "HEAVY" plate armor with the mobility of Ninjas, the heal capabilities of a Paladin, Better Crowd Control
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