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  1. You can do rated PvP, and WvW and I believe fractals(but I'm not sure) to get the cheapest deals for ascended armor. If you do raiding you can also trade armor using magnetite and skip the whole crafting process, possible even be cheaper.
  2. 10k research notes isn't that bad you can get that with 160g
  3. I'm not going to deny your opinion, because really it's your opinion. But I will comment and say that I smell a sense of extreme envy coming from it.
  4. Oh god yeah I see that. I think I'll just wait for my favorite variant to release then, I'm all set with mats to get the variants I like, Screw this.
  5. 350-500g per skin where are you seeing that???
  6. Yes that is a skill issue then, you shouldn't at all be failing solo events. I'm sorry but you just need more time spent understanding your elementalist and its limitations. Again this is one of the hardest classes to master, but it really comes down to understanding your class as well as the enemy.
  7. I really don't mean to make you angrier than you already are, but this is something that will get fixed with experience, you say you've had some time playing, okay, whatever, but you have to fail at some point to learn what you are doing wrong. As others have stated, a group event, for obvious reasons is meant to be taken down as a group of people. Assuming you've been playing for a while, Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns maps test your mastery of your class. Truth be told Elementalist is one of the hardest classes to master because you're working with a low HP pool com
  8. Lol I wouldn't get married even in a video game in today's age. And housing? Why not just get one in real life.
  9. Well, if you'd like to see higher Aurene weapon prices, be my guest. I think they're the biggest sink for chunks of jade, but i may be mistaken.
  10. I used to think like this, but food is like wearing an extra accessory, it also on occasion gives magic find and exp. And if you do the math for Sharpening stones, the same deal happens 2% of say 2000 power on your character will give you +40 power. About the same as backpack i believe. Same for infusions, infusions are also very bonus heavy because if you have the might ones it gives like +5 power each one as an example will give you +60 power if you slot on your accessories/armor alone.
  11. The way cameras work in video games as far as RPGs are concerned is they are anchored to an arm that extends from your camera to the character. Sometimes this arm is scaled so you can better see the target. However it is super annoying when you have to do a jumping puzzle SUPER annoying.
  12. I'm not saying the players paying for gems is bad. I'm saying the people on the trading post are bad, instead of waiting for someone else's item to sell for a price they want, no they go in and undercut, then they get undercut, then they take out the item and undercut again, despite having already lost roughly 10% in listing fees, and single-handedly ruining a market. Nobody wins in that scenario repeating itself over and over again. But we just have to work with it. Thankfully the supply and demand concept works out, that is literally the only thing keeping the TP alive.
  13. I'm always stunned when I see players comment that they love and defend the trading post, I for one do not, it has an aggressive tax of 15% with 5% of that being the listing fee, and always has proponents ready to undercut you at the spot. No matter what way you look at it the economy in this game is almost 100% risk dependent, your listings can get undercut, and BAM you've lost your ability to sell "haha jokes on you!" style. Then there's the insta sell where if the margins are far apart you end up losing MORE than 15% of your profits! Crazy! It makes making gold in
  14. We do have it, we just don't talk about it.
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