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  1. Upgrade or change your graphics card. Use Game Booster.
  2. I don't expect all of them to teach me. The teaching doesn't happen enough. If I'm wrong the raiding community would grow. And I'm completely fine with being wrong.The raid community doesn't grow not because there's not enough players wanting to teach, or not enough opportunities to learn. It's because learning process itself is too tedious/painful for a majority of players, which results in not enough players being willing to stick with it to the end. Which is a byproduct of both content difficulty and the skill discrepancies within community. And those are a byproduct of the combat/skill/tra
  3. Is this a trick question? Are we just going to pretend guardians don't exist?
  4. A little harsh, but yes; ask yourself is your k/d good? If so, it's not you, or it's not your build, or your decision making process.
  5. No, I would prefer everyone stay the hell of my main class! >:p
  6. "The Demonslayers are powerful warriors who defend Cantha from the horrors of the depths." <- wat? Also, breathing people to death sounds like something rangers do on their spare time, were combatants, meele fighters, not mouth breathers.
  7. Stop caring about the meta then. I go minstrels healbrand in strike missions, nobody notices or cares as long as I keep pushing out perma quickness. Why do I do this? Because I don't care about metas. I'm thinking of bringing a full grieving war into a raid one day because I am a savage.
  8. You're thinking too much, it's simple, think about how to continue proccing your f1 ability. The idea as berserker, if you're going power or condi, is to keep casting your f1. So I play power berserk, you do not ever need to switch from dual axe; just look at your adrenaline bar, when that bad boy is zero, use the rage heal, boom (f1), use axe 5 but do not break the channeling. You just need to keep casting f1 over and over again, axe 5, and dodge roll. Oh and don't forget to use your physical skill to get the 7% damage buff, keep that bad boy up too. That is your job. It is that simple. Use S
  9. I used to be in your train of thought, I didn't give it any importance, I still don't. Now I just give achievements importance if they give me something in return that has value. For instance, I want the runic cape, so I need to get the achieve to be able to get it. I want the legendary armor, so I need the achieve for that. I want the mist shard armor so do the achieves for that. Occasionally if I'm doing the story a second time I'd challenge myself to not die or go down, or try to get the challenge achieve that goes away for fun. I don't care about people's AP scores because it only serves
  10. Of all the things anyone has anything to complain about, pve botting is probably the dumbest, perhaps not as dumb as afk necro minion farming complaints, but still 2nd in the dumb ladder.
  11. AND IT WAS AMAZING! Whoever made the songs has amazingly good taste in classic metal. FOR BLOOD LEGION!
  12. As a warrior I eat a lot of rangers for breakfast. Nice try though.
  13. If we could have the ability to see both of our weapon sets if we have 2h with a dual set of one handed at the same time. So like I have a greatsword and two axes, so I'd be able to see all three on my character at once. Just a dream.
  14. I agree with this, what the hell is a healbreaker? ;)
  15. I did not choose warrior to be what guardians and rangers, from a literal artistic perspective were meant to do. Thanks but warriors are killers not wound lickers.
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