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  1. I don't know i never tried staff and don't plan on it.
  2. Oh dude that would be perfect, make it 1.5 sec why not! 😄
  3. GS2 Now applies quickness.😆 That will be the day \o/
  4. I think axe damage should also get buffed.
  5. I also think we should be able to move with Greatsword 2, instead of being static in postion.
  6. No, even together, they're practically worthless, since signets are more dominant with power builds and the trait is on a line for condition damage.
  7. Just as the title says, I think too many classes these days are abusing the blocking mechanism of the game and there should be more ways for warrior to be unblockable.
  8. Yeah if we had a SB with alac we would get the unkillable weaver or unkillable scrapper meta again which was really dogshi- to fight.
  9. Yeah I would agree with this, it's really strong in PvE open world, and other PvE modes, but I would never take my Willbender to WvW. Firebrand is actually the weakest spec to play, even since it came out. The focus of Firebrand was to be anti-condi/scourge meta, but now that nobody runs it (which is the best thing that ever happened because pirate shipping was dogwater gameplay), there's no point. In fact, I would say the best guardian right now for WvW is core. Now if you're talking about dueling in WvW you should probably go out and touch grass because pvp is much better suited to that kind of gameplay. Honestly dueling is just stupid anyway as there's no one size fits all build for you to kill every profession anyhow. WvW is more suited for people who want to play that tower-defense game GW2 has.
  10. MORE SOLO CONTENT? I am sick and tired of just being gated to doing events where hundreds of people join or just doing things alone. Strikes don't even fill my need to do something different than being reduced to some damage meter in a raid party. You want more solo content? Do your own personal achievements. The biggest mistake this game has is that there's no form of vertical progression at all, so everything that's rewarding is just tied to skins. The social aspect of the gameplay that in strategizing or coordinating with people to take down a boss is prominently irrelevant. There's literally no need for guilds. And one can argue fractals, but the problem with fractals is they're just so repetitive, and compared to open world a lot less rewarding.
  11. You can do rated PvP, and WvW and I believe fractals(but I'm not sure) to get the cheapest deals for ascended armor. If you do raiding you can also trade armor using magnetite and skip the whole crafting process, possible even be cheaper.
  12. 10k research notes isn't that bad you can get that with 160g
  13. I'm not going to deny your opinion, because really it's your opinion. But I will comment and say that I smell a sense of extreme envy coming from it.
  14. Oh god yeah I see that. I think I'll just wait for my favorite variant to release then, I'm all set with mats to get the variants I like, Screw this.
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