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  1. There should be a fair system, so support players should indeed get the same bags and WXP as DPS. And on the same basis of fairness, if I kill a guy 1v1 worth a 100 WXP, I should get 100 WXP and 1 bag. And if I am in a 50 man zerg and we 50 v 1 the same guy, then I should get 2 WXP and a 1 in 50 chance of getting that bag.
  2. A class played predominately by snowflakes who were fine being meta in WvW most of the game, but have been throwing their toys out of their pram for the last year or so, because they are finally experiencing a little of what engy, ranger and thief put up with for most of the game.
  3. If you want PvP with decent balance then don't play an MMORPG (especially not a themepark one). You should consider yourself fortunate you got 3(ish) years of design and balance being virtually entirely around PvP, which is pretty rare for this type of game. But once they decided to add raids and PvE went "serious" then the game was done as a PvP game, you should have followed Teldo out the door, long, long ago. Or do what anyone sensible does, which is go play their tryhard PvP in a dedicated PvP game and just play GW2 (Or any other MMORPG) PvP as something on the side, to screw a
  4. I don't know which is funnier, PPT guys who think "winning" (or even trying) matters in a 24/7 game mode, with different team sizes, where you can transfer team and that is usually a foregone conclusion. Or "fight" guys who play a game mode where most "fights" are garbage, because the game mode lacks mechanisms to produce competitive encounters. And which as a skilled PvP game is not even mediocre. Roleplayer is what best sums up the entire WvW playerbase, especially in 2021.
  5. True, but then those not heavily into roleplaying realise the "fights" aren't much different.
  6. Playing with one other person in what is basically a 5 man normal multiplayer lobby game tacked on to the side of the game, has zero to do with being "mmo". If this were an MMORPG in anything but name only, sPvP would not even exist.
  7. Not really, over the life of this game Ele has arguably fared better than most other classes (Guardian being the obvious exception). not really, Ele obviously enjoyed core days the most but ever since HoT, other classes have been getting what ele can do with additional effectsEle fared fine after HoT launched, tempest was strong in PvP (multiple teams used one in the world championships), it was still God tier DPS in PVE and it was still meta in WvW. And that is typical of ele for most of the game, across all 3 game modes it has spent most of the time between being decent and God tier. Which
  8. Not really, over the life of this game Ele has arguably fared better than most other classes (Guardian being the obvious exception).
  9. WvW lacks players not because of lack of rewards, but because the game mode essentially does not work as a competitive PvP game (that goes for both fights and PPT), which means most of the time you end up with dull, bad PvP.
  10. If my group of 3 is fighting a group of 5 then we are having an outnumbered fight, it's pretty simple maths... And what some PvDoor tag is doing the other side of the map has no bearing on that or perhaps you think he magically chucks heals across the map to us... How about when he leaves the map and our opponents still have the outnumbered buff until the next tick, do you think he will chuck heals to us from another map? As for wanting perks for being outnumbered, no idea what you are going on about, I didn't ask for perks, I simply pointed out the flaw in this idea or indeed any idea that at
  11. So if three of us are roaming about in a group and we encounter a 5 man group who have the outnumbered buff, because our blob is PvDooring some tower, then the three of us are having to fight an outnumbered fight against 5 guys whilst having the disadvantage of no downstate/res... Doesn't seem a very well thought through idea to me.
  12. Downstate ups the skill cap by adding a layer of teamwork, awareness, decision making, etc to a game where the combat is frankly not particularly skilled, damage application especially is faceroll, even more so on certain classes. (an "action" combat game that aims for you, LOL) Which is why more skilled players tend to manage downstate better than less skilled ones., such as back when this game had "e-sports" you could see the handful of teams that were actually good, generally handled downstate better than the other PvP teams, let alone bad WvW players.
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