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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/mightyteapot/clip/ArborealIgnorantCookieMrDestructoid-6l8tczanTF6jJeYD?filter=clips&range=24hr&sort=time teapot using it for some time , u can check the replay of the stream , there are some videos on reddit and price tripled on tp u can check it as well
  2. Somehow 6th bonus gives %5 bonus damage per stack of might , people started to abuse this across whole game (raids - pvp - wvw) , probably minor and major ones are broken as well , please fix ASAP
  3. (Open World) A debuff that limits player's eligibility for rewards while afk , it can be from client side as well , so in low periods of time (2-3 mins maybe) if player doesn't press a non-spam key they get a not eligible to rewards debuff , will be removed like when player actively* kill x mobs kinda task
  4. people who carelessly abusing and destroying other's game and enjoyment should be severely punished for this @Fire Attunement.9835
  5. don't wanna try it , fixed yet ? if not , here is a comment for more visibility
  6. Keeps loading and giving client error - unable to access server
  7. got 1300 gold from ~700 divine envelopes and some other bags i collected along festival with near max mf , it might be your luck
  8. got lots of those , but dont wanna waste all to farm key - get another character for berry farm etc , also for alt accounts as well
  9. We need some op open world abilities , which makes leveling experience for newer accounts fan and for old accounts , leveling alts easy , simply something between silkroad online's chaos mode or some high fantasy things like drawing out your soul and use it for some op abilities (maybe void jump , soul split etc) , its like a class idea as well but knowing that how hard making new classes for this much content , u should think outside the box , it should impress people
  10. it's in raid lobby so , i dont think that pvp / wvw thing is a good idea , we have npc's for pvp at lobby as well , yeah others are good , u can test attack golem in fractal lobby but its missing raid golem buffs - cd reduction , both need some improvement
  11. Turkish : Yeni arkadaşlar , bu oyun eşsiz mekanikler barındırıyor , eski mmo lar ile karıştırılmamalı , ülkemiz oyuncularında karşılaştığımız en büyük problem bu , rekabet arıyorsanız o da pvp içeriklerde mevcut , veya hesap zenginliği yaparsınız ama bunlarla hava atmak da gereksiz . Sonuçta hepimiz bu oyundan keyif almaya çalışıyoruz . Bize katılın ve bu güzel ortamda hep birlikte keyifli bir oyun deneyimi yaşayalım .
  12. National communities are what we need for this game , they are helping so many people joining the game who doesn t even heard it before , gw2 is a hard to understand game , so many casual mechanics but also lots of hardcore elitist players as well , unique mmo aspects etc. Thanks for this awesome organisation !
  13. Sand savant trait shows 10 target but manifest sand shade ability shows 5 and i can ' t give barrier to 10 person with it , so bug or feature ?
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