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  1. Pretty sure I'm the only Abaddon player in this topic and I'm against deleting any server, if you check my post again. On the topic though: Since Desolation just dropped to very high it's quite likely that they get a link on next relink it seems. So they won't be stuck in T5.
  2. While I didn't have a problem with my server being full and withhout link. I have experience with: - my server not being full and not having a link (happened at the very start of linking system) - my server having a link but being stuck in t5 cause that link was dead (happened a couple of times) - my server having a stacked link and dominating matchups, stuck in t1, having all maps being unplayable in primetime because of 15+ random people waiting to flip camps for participation so squads can never really jump map if needed. Being full is mostly a problem if you have
  3. I'm in EU and I'm against 4 tiers. Please only speak for yourself and not for others. 4 tiers were too full when it happened in the past.
  4. Some of my guildmates still report being assigned to the wrong server and not with our guild.
  5. I don't think any of that would fix off-time coverage (one can argue if that actually needs fixing since it can also balance out if every server has some strong part during off-time. In the end WvW is an open gamemode so differences in time coverage are normal and to be expected and I think the only ways to actually change what would change WvW too much. - claim buff is a double sided sword since it also helps the outnumbered side to defend objects. Yes, it can also be used by the bigger side but that is true for a lot of balance points. Having more of something is always going to
  6. I think subversiontwo.7501 made some good points about some possible implications if language preferences are going to be used. It might be fine to use them to determine where to put solo players to a certain degree, so they have an easier time to connect to people with the same language, but if you put too much emphasis on this (especially for guild or even bigger alliances) you risk losing some flexibility in the system regarding balancing coverage. Also if you put too much emphasis on it you kinda recreate language-based servers again which is another problem. I will u
  7. Our matchup is still completely bugged. All that stuff that got captured during the "downtime"(where all/a lot of servers where playing for the green side suddenly no matter which color they had before) is now still in that green color and was not set back to the point before the game update/the wvw downtime. We're completely screwed over now cause everything is green(we're red). (Server: Abaddon's Mouth/red color)
  8. Like I said in skirmish 16 everything updated in the "match history" section in the WvW-menu but at least the actual VP in the main tab didn't update. Skimrish 16 was the skirmish the problems started, so I think it's reasonable to assume that when skirmish 16 ended, only the numbers which the system "already had" (that means the points/warscore/kills that were gathered in that skirmish before it got messed up) were just automatically added "visually" to the points from the 15th skirmish but they didn't actually get processed. At least that is my assumption. EDIT: Well, for
  9. Even the warscore doesn't update though. So I think the problem might be bigger than "just" a switch back to warscore-times.
  10. Even skirmish 16 is broken. Yes, it was the last one where scores increased buut the actual numbers ingame didn't. E. g. my server had 63 victory-points in skimrish 15 and skirmish 16 shows us going up to 68(+5 vp). But the very first tab in the WvW-menu still shows 63 victorypoints total for us. So even that 16th skirmish didn't count anymore.
  11. Same in T5 wvw matchup on EU side. Whole skirmish shows 0 points and 0 kills. EDIT: Yeah, we missed out on 4 victory points against our main enemy in this matchup so far. That's especially unfortunate since we want to try to leave T5 and our matchup is very close so far😞
  12. In the end it's just math. If you split 27 server on 5 matchups in EU then 3 servers have to be alone. And I believe that A-net just really does it "by the numbers". An example of this can be seen even in this linking: Abaddon's Mouth (DE), Blacktide (EN) Drakkar Lake (DE), Kodash (DE) Elona Reach (DE), Miller's Sound (DE) Far Shiverpeaks (EN), Dzagonur (DE) One could argue that the 6 german servers should be linked together as that would make communication easier and the international link (Blacktide in this case) would also have an easier time. In
  13. Not sure if you mean [ZORN](the guild) or "Zorn Des Miko"(me), but in any case Abaddon usually has raids scheduled 5/7 days a week and we have queues in most cases. Just the last ~2 weeks feel more empty. That said right now wvw feels a bit more empty in general but that is most likely a combination of summer/holidays/nice weather + PvE releases + football + corona restrictions being lifted in many countries.
  14. Out of curiosity: What do you not like about the current host of Blacktide? Since I'm on the host server but don't read/hear much bad stuff so far.
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