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  1. No, the separate multiplier is always better than 300 Ferocity. Let's say you have zero ferocity from sources other than Death Perception. This gives you the base crit damage of 150%. 300 Ferocity will give you 20% additive crit damage, bringing the final crit damage multiplier to 170%. However, 15% crit damage (assuming it works like existing traits that give crit damage instead of Ferocity) is 150*1.15=172.5% final crit multiplier. As we add Ferocity, this becomes even more pronounced. Without Death Perception, a full Ascended meta Power Reaper in Shroud has a crit damage multi
  2. Assuming Death Perception ends up in line with other traits that increase crit damage and not via Ferocity, then our crits will do more damage post-patch than now. Whether this increase plus the extra out-of-shroud crit chance are enough to make up for losing 23% crit chance in shroud needs someone better at math than I to figure out. It's still possible for us to crit-cap with some gear changes at the cost of Power.
  3. Not much that converts Ferocity to other stats on Necro. For the actual crit damage, a 15% separate multiplier out-does 300 Ferocity always. Even with 0 Ferocity otherwise, you end up at 172.5% crit damage instead of 170% crit damage (300 Ferocity), and the more Ferocity you build, the greater the separate multiplier's impact will be.
  4. 10% and 15% are crit chance and crit damage respectively, so you're reading it wrong. As for Ferocity to crit damage? Not really sure, but if they wanted to cap it, they would keep it as Ferocity and not a separate multiplier.
  5. Honestly, Locust Swarm needs to be buffed to 240 radius anyway. The group healing is going to be...what, 400 healing on a 30 second cooldown? Equivalent to 3 ticks of 0 healing power Regeneration? Pretty laughable. Traiting it increases that to 5 ticks of Regeneration. Ooooooooh. So strong.
  6. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwEE6M0R6ysZD-zxQYhom7cHEWZERKURFY7BRMqBk9Q8rhCLbA-e This is the least painful route I am finding to crit cap post-changes. However, should probably note that the crit damage change seems to be multiplicitive with Ferocity, so it will be a crit damage buff over what we see now (yes, it will be a buff even if you have 0 other ferocity). The reliability of said crits is what takes the hit.
  7. The Resistance bit is more for the fact it's far less reliable as an interrupt in PvP/WvW. Looking on the wiki, I see that most of the traits boosting critical damage do have notes saying they're multiplicitive, however, so I do feel better about that.
  8. I don't understand why people are thinking the crit damage bonus on Death perception will function outside of Shroud when it's clearly replacing the Ferocity bonus. I'm also not aware of any existing crit damage bonuses being multiplicative with Ferocity. I do have my concerns on the Warhorn changes as well. If the bonus defiance damage on Wail of Doom is less than 100, it's a nerf against breakbars. There are a couple raid bosses where it will be a nerf regardless if it's less than 200 damage. As it is, the skill does get negated by Resistance after this change hap
  9. As a heads up about Shatterer in particular, though, it is now a VERY different fight than what you remember. Had a massive rework a couple years back.
  10. Sure. Right into one spot for all your AoE.
  11. Given that Harbinger is literally the easiest Necro spec to burst (Shroud offers no protection, has no barrier, blight reduces max health, only gets a 1/2 second evade in extra defense), I don't see how they're "unkillable." I can see how you might have some issues in an attrition battle, as Necro does have the tools to be difficult there, but Harbinger is one of the easiest specs to burst down in the entire game.
  12. You can assign a keybind for each mount. I personally use the numpad on my keyboard. It's under the "controls" section of your options menu. Only mounts you have unlocked will show up for assigning, so if you're still working on, say, turtle collections, you can't assign a keybind for it yet.
  13. It's actually all self-inflicted conditions. Expertise doesn't apply to the conditions applied to yourself via corruption skills, though other duration increases do.
  14. Note: I did make the initial observation that led to this video, but I did not make this video. Credit for that goes to @Yeager.5420
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