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  1. Confirmed in today's stream that every one of these points (including 3 should be a Leap finisher) were addressed. It remains to be seen if the numbers are where they should be, but it all looked a lot smoother in their demonstration and the new numbers look much better. Also, yes, Sword 3 will be Leap finishers.
  2. Is it really helpful for sustain if you're lowering your max health, though? Ironically, it could be taken as a DPS trait with Relic of Vass. Making your utility elixirs add a poison stack to your next 6 hits can add up. I don't know if the relic has a cap on how many stacks it can have, but if it does, it's at least 15.
  3. Agreed. Elixirs should have one trait only. I'm not sure what your trait would accomplish, though, as it's in direct competition with the reasons you would actually want blight.
  4. Yeah, well, I played trombone, so take from that what you will 😛
  5. I will say that as I am not a pianist, I don't enjoy playing ele 😛
  6. Fair points. I'm honestly just spitballing ideas on it, of course. It would be hard for Consume to be much worse than it already is.
  7. Ideas for improving auto attack chain: Make it a true projectile, not a ground-hovering wave. This stops small changes in terrain from making the skill fail, let alone large ones. Speed up the projectile. This helps it land against moving targets as well as speeding up the chain, since each wave has to hit before the next attack can begin. Change legendary projectiles for better visibility of the skill's hitbox. Also, legendary sword skins currently bug this chain to let you perform the entire chain with no target. Ideas for improving Ravenous Wave/Satiate: Satiate is the big offender here. It hits the necro harder than the target above 50% and below, it's still only matching Ravenous Wave's damage. Not worth the health sacrifice. Give this some additional benefit like a boon theft or a 1/4 second daze. Failing that, make the damage equal to Ravenous Wave on targets above 50% and really make it hurt those below. Ideas for improving Path of Gluttony/Gorge: Best skills in the kit, but really feel like these belong on Dagger and Dark Pact belongs here. Having leaps forward on a ranged weapon is a strange choice. Make these Leap finishers. It's absolutely a leap and Necro could use ways to actually finish in their fields. Given the risky position you put yourself in to corrupt the boons, perhaps add in extra healing for each boon removed this way, like Signet of the Locust has. Range on the leap, especially Gorge, could stand to be longer. There's an inconsistent delay before being able to use Gorge. No idea what's causing it, since out of combat, you can use them back to back without issue, but in combat, you frequently can't. Ideas for improving Hungering Maelstrom/Gormandize: The cast time for Hungering Maelstrom is excessive for what it does. Either reduce to 1/2-3/4 seconds or add more to it than just damage. Remove the short cooldown before you can start casting Gormandize. Gormandize really needs a visual indicator it actually hit. I can't see it in combat. Gormandize could use something to really show the necro feasting or consuming. Right now, they spend health to just...I dunno, throw the target into the fridge? Major flavor fail with the skill design. Maybe inflict a debuff where the Necro steals a portion of incoming healing to the targets? Ideas for improving Consume (Sword 5 part 2): Make it remove Stability and Resistance before applying the Fear. This sets it up to being a counterpoint to Wail of Doom where one can't be blocked and the other can't be resisted. This also brings good utility for WvW/PvP, which the weapon is sorely lacking. Give the Necro a benefit for catching the return like Tides of Time on Chrono shield does. Perhaps a large return of health and/or boons like Superspeed (to stay in range of fleeing foes) and Quickness (to capitalize on the window of opportunity). The fear is very difficult to land on players, and even in PvE it's unreliable. Make it instant cast. You already had the cast time of Devouring Visage and the travel time. Let it return at no cast time. Players can clearly see the projectile they need to avoid.
  8. It seems there's an issue with auto-attacking at range where the projectile has to dissipate before the next cast can begin. This makes it very slow at range regardless of quickness. Speeding up the projectile should help with this problem as well as its lackluster performance against moving targets. The fact the projectiles all behave like Deathly Swarm where they travel along the ground makes the entire weapon useless if you have defenders on a wall in WvW, and since this is seemingly intended to be paired with greatsword, that leaves the necro with no way to hit targets up top, despite having a weapon with sufficient range to do so. Path of Gluttony/Gorge would indeed fit much better on dagger 3 than sword and Dark Pact would fit better on sword than dagger. Even in PvE, I was really feeling the lack of utility on the weapons, and Necro weapons are not known for utility. Maybe there needs to be some additional boons or conditions. Devouring Maelstrom needs to have it's short cooldown before being able to cast Gormandize removed. Consume DEFINITELY needs to do something more than just 2 seconds of Fear. It is nowhere near worth the 5k health cost.
  9. Okay, but there's only one raid or strike in the entire game that is even available to people who don't own an expansion (Old Lion's Court). I guess maybe if you have only SotO and no other expansions, you might have a point, but in all cases, elite + spite/curses+ Soul Reaping is the best dps.
  10. Path of Gluttony/Gorge really feel like they should be Leap finishers. The cast time is also kinda clunky for only being 450 range. I attribute most of this to the aftercast between them. EDIT: the aftercast on these is fine, but it seems like some of the other skills in the kit have ugly aftercasts that just make it feel clunky. Namely skill 4. Hungering Maelstrom especially feels clunky because there's a delay after skill hit before you can que up Gormandize.
  11. Desert Empowerment only triggers off of Scourge skills and traits. The issue that caused that was actually Rune of the Sanctuary, but it was changed so Blood Bank didn't also proc Abrasive Grit or Desert Empowerment.
  12. Bug: the auto chain cycles even with no targets hit with Bolt equipped.
  13. Necromancer sword numbers, for those curious: Skill name Skill slot Power Coefficient First hit heal (base+coefficient) Additional hit heal (base+coefficient) Health cost Enervation Blade 1, part 1 .9 202+5% 40+1% Enervation Echo 1, part 2 .9 202+5% 40+1% Deathly Enervation 1, part 3 1.3 394+10% 79+2% Ravenous Wave 2, part 1 2.0 Satiate 2, part 2 1.0 (x2<50%) 2882 Path of Gluttony 3, part 1 1.75 1610+40% 410+10% Gorge 3, part 2 1.75 1610+40% 410+10% 3842 Hungering Maelstrom 4, part 1 1.5 1764+20% 294+3% Gormandize 4, part 2 2.0 3842 Devouring Visage 5, part 1 3.0 Consume 5, part 2 0 4803 *Hungering Maelstrom additionally has life siphon damage of 1764+ 0.5% of power I apologize for subpar formatting. Coefficients were discovered using legendary gear with no stats assigned, Awaken the Pain + Elixir of Ambition to add exactly 1000 power, and Bowl of Poultry Satay to add exactly 100 healing power. Please note these numbers are only for PvE. I do not know at this time if anything is different in other modes.
  14. Why would you think anyone who isn't tanking would run Death Magic in raids in the first place? It's not a dps line, nor is it a support line.
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