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  1. This. The weapon doesn't need to do a lot of damage if what else it does has some oomph. Unfortunately, staff is just too low-impact to make it onto my gear setup 99% of the time. Unblockable is nice, if there was much of a reason to block most staff skills. Soul Marks gives a flat 3% life force per mark trigger, which means the biggest benefit to staff (reliable life force) doesn't even care about evades, let alone blocks. Putrid Mark is okay (not great, just okay), but the rest of the skills all feel very underwhelming. Unblockable 1s fear is the second best thing staff can offer, and
  2. Necromancer has too many sustain traits as it is. Needs to be cut by at least half. We're already too tanky at face value. As for sword I do think it's most likely as well. My speculation comes from it being the most popular option as well as I have a suspicion that Sacrifice is going to be utilized for the next elite spec in some way. Blood bank makes me think this because barrier can be used as the health cost for Health Loss skills. You can test this yourself with signet of Undeath. I actually did by mistake and later tested again to confirm. Although I suspect it wasn't always that way but
  3. Going to be honest, only changes I would want to see to minions are related to the active skills. Make them more impactful, and with Bone Minions, at least make it so the one closest to your target is the one that blows up, not the one closest to you.
  4. Do you have Runes of Sanctuary? Because I tested and Blood Bank doesn't do anything at all if you're not full health or pushed over full health by the healing.
  5. Death's Charge didn't exist when the 3 second ICD was introduced. That was done before the Specialization update pre-Heart of Thorns. We have literally never gotten to use no-ICD Chilling Darkness and Reaper together. You*Obviously. They have nerfed the trait because of the beta.Pretty sure they nerfed it before the first HoT beta. There's no question they nerfed it due to Reaper, but it was purely on internals. No player got to try no-ICD Chilling Darkness Reaper.
  6. Death's Charge didn't exist when the 3 second ICD was introduced. That was done before the Specialization update pre-Heart of Thorns. We have literally never gotten to use no-ICD Chilling Darkness and Reaper together.
  7. Idk man, Pirate ship never stopped and Scourges was the main reason it never went. Well Scourges kept the boons in balance. Now they can't. Exactly, so either they will nerf boons or the classes that give so many of them, or they, most likely, will nerf Necros again because...you know...reasons.It will be Necro nerfs.
  8. I think we lose a weapon trait first. Minions have 3 traits, none of which are cooldown reduction, and I can't see them completely replacing three traits like that. My bet is Lingering Curse or Spiteful Talisman. Banshee's Wail is too weak to take, so that won't be the next one.
  9. Scourge can officially hit 2 targets per shade and 2 for himself in wvw. End of story. I have no idea why they don't just have tooltips set up to reference the value in the code. Damage, healing and boon/condition duration numbers update automatically, so it's not like those tooltips are static images.
  10. Good to see that more people are testing with dread. I fully agree with the changes you propose, they seem appropriate and not terribly overpowered. Do you use staff? I am very curious what your build would be, considering I would assume that you want curses for the extra condition damage. One thing I found out is that signet of spite is actually rather good when you pop it right before you go into shroud. I don’t know if it’s a bug but I have noticed that with signets of suffering, the passive effect stays in shroud, even when you activate it. This could be good for a condi build I imagine.
  11. What if it gave Barrier absed on a percentage of incoming healing, then also gave a damage boost based on your amount of barrier? Say, 1% damage for every 4% of the barrier maximum you have? So, when you have barrier equal to 50% of your max health, you get 25% damage increase. Possibly balanced due to the temporary nature of barrier, plus the fact it can be reduced by taking damage. You're guaranteed at least a bit of barrier generation just from having Vampiric. Major issue is that turns it into a nonbo with Vitality as it will make it harder to get enough barrier for the effect.
  12. Soul Comprehension still exists. To Soul Comprehension's credit, it is not a grandmaster trait.True. I personally will say that Soul Comprehension is the worst trait in the game and Blood Bank is a tight second, though easily the worst Major and/or Grandmaster trait in the game.
  13. It deals no damage. Its heal is kitten. its a strange "niche" slow kitten projectile skill on a offhand weapon thats supposed to be a "burst" weapon. The skill is not even able to crit to make any use in power builds or has any reasonable scaling for any other build. Its just "there" without any purpose or reasoning that would justify its existence. Its like a melee healing strike on elementalist staff when attuned to fire. At least the old version of Reaper's Touch had times where I felt good about casting it. The new one, I never feel good about casting it.
  14. Vampirism isn't a dps buff, it's basically the same as minion damage. It's a bit higher than Blood Fiend dps, so it's a buff for melee range.
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