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  1. You list a bunch of isolated advancements in technology, but how many of these technological advances you list happen within the same 100 year timespan? And I'm not saying that history was stagnant. I'm saying it was a snail's pace in comparison to the 20th century. Slow != not moving
  2. Point being... Repeating GW1 content, like the final Factions boss fight, as free releases for GW2 ain't gonna happen and there's no legitimate reason for people to not buy and play GW1 unless ArenaNet do a legit remaster of GW1.
  3. My understanding is that the tech is rather new - as in post-Zhaitan. Unless they retcon it, on top of Cantha's own isolationist tendencies, the DSD has been sinking ships. There's zero evidence the Canthans have airships, so there'd be no way for Canthans to get in contact with Tyrians. The only way Canthans would know of the Elder Dragons being a threat to Tyrians would be if they got a ship through the DSD's blockade, and then Zhaitan's army, and then back. Which hasn't happened, because no Canthan has shown up other than rare sporadic sailors washing ashore from shipwrecks.
  4. Remakes are typically done because a) the companies can make money without needing extensive pre-production (e.g., new plots, characters, lore) and b) some devs just want to see their old favorites remade in newer graphics. Yes, remakes gets new players to play those old games, but I wouldn't say it's "for that exact reason". It's almost always going to be about making money. Same thing with movie reboots. If remakes are done for getting new players into the franchise, it's because they have a new sequel in (pre-)production that they want to expand the fanbase for. Though those will
  5. It isn't all that sudden though. It's firmly established in the personal story that the Elder Dragons know all their minions know both before and after the point of corruption. In Season 2, we learn that Mordremoth and Glint both began its communications in what Ogden says he is "hesitant to call a language" and from Scarlet's journal, it's described as images in her mind. Mordremoth learned the common tongue of Tyria through his mental connection with Scarlet, and only began to whisper actual sentences in her mind in the second half of Season 1 - that's nearly 5 years where his communica
  6. Well, if we go to dictionary terminology, it'd effectively come down to "is it still being sold/produced" and "can it run on current systems". For GW1, both answers are yes. So I'd say that's an objective view that GW1 isn't outdated. But if people want to deprive themselves of a good time, they can do that. But they shouldn't be demanding the devs remake a perfectly functional and available game just because it's not using the latest levels of technology.
  7. Those are krait in the Bladesworn video, and use the same models as krait in Kryta maps, though what seems to be a naga does show up in today's Catalyst video. Nothing says they survived in Cantha. Maybe they're returning with the PC. After all, GW1's tengu in Cantha looked nothing like that. The Ministry of Purity wouldn't be capable of covering every nook and cranny. A village or two of dredge and tengu surviving isn't unfathomable. Especially since dredge are naturally underground inhabitants and tengu are natural cliff inhabitants. Not the best places for humans to traverse, es
  8. The notion of it being outdated is really silly and false. Though it doesn't play like GW2 so I can understand that but that really shouldn't be preventing people from playing the game either. That's like refusing to play Doom Eternal because it doesn't play the same as Team Fortress 2.
  9. No reason why they can't go play GW1 though. It's still active and you can even solo gameplay pretty much the entire game with the right hero setup. And it's pretty clear that other than perpetual nostalgia, ArenaNet's new writers have zero-to-minimal interest in continuity with lore that came before them (which for the most part, means pre-S4 at this point). So just let them delve into new stories and topics instead. Less lore headaches that way.
  10. They did, in Season 4. But in Champions, Braham slowly reverted from his IBS state to his S1 state. In Snowden was his S3 state, in Thunderhead his HoT state, and at the end, Tom Abernathy's desire literally put him where he started at. To quote the dev to the best of my memory: "with clear skies ahead of him and no responsibilities; he can choose his own fate from here". IBS was his "great hero moment", and it's unlikely we're going to visit him again given players can't get over his S3E3 actions.
  11. The only change is that you have clothes right away, and don't need to talk to the warden who now stands there with zero purpose. Apparently, not being clothed instantly to fit the lore was too confusing to new players, so it got changed in the New Player Experience that reduced so much early level gameplay. Even though simply walking away would clothe you as well as talking to the NPC with a green star...
  12. I hope that by "remaking Shiro's fall at the end of GW1 Factions", you're referring to his first death that happens 200 years before GW1, and not the actual final battle of Factions because, let's be honest, there is zero reason to remake GW1 events in GW2. Hall of Chains was enough of that, and how they threw aside a potentially interesting Dhuum plot for a one-wing raid that repeats GW1 battle design is very much meh.
  13. Correction: The wiki says the fate of his soul is unknown. This is just a reference to how in GW1, it is unclear what happens to souls when they're "killed". GW2 ended up answering this, in that they reform over time with a little less of their memories and personality intact - "kill" them enough times and they're nothing more than rabid spectral animals. But Shiro's location is very much known: the Realm of Torment. That said, while Shiro was my favorite GW1 villain, they should not bring him back. Why would they? His story is told and complete, any reference to him is nothing more
  14. As Draxynnic said, all three were gunning for Balthazar, and one of those three was a fully powered Elder Dragon, so that's nothing to sneeze at. At that moment, Balthazar had been empowered by the majority of magic from two Elder Dragons and one Bloodstone, so he was by far not weak. If it weren't for Aurene's protective magic, Kralkatorrik's actions, and using Sohothin, then the Commander would not have won in the fight against Balthazar. Generally, there's more magic available, so GW2 heroes should be stronger than GW1 heroes. As for the 3 chains - not chains, seals
  15. The Realm of Torment was both his realm and his jail. They imrprisoned him in the heart of his own domain. Same seems to be the case with Balthazar, as the cinematic showing Rytlock and Balthazar meeting in the Mists is very reminiscent of the Temple of War in the Fissure of Woe with the hanging chains, ashen air, and everything.
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