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  1. You're thinking of Arachni, they're talking about Arachnia.
  2. The theory that it's the keystone never made sense. It looks nothing like a Bloodstone, and more closely resembles the Druid markings in GW1 Maguuma. Though I recall there being an old and now lost dev comment that it did have backstory that never got revealed... As to the question... there's a lot of loose plothooks, some can be good background padding for an expansion, others can be the basis of a main expansion plot for sure. Things include (grouping related stuff together) in no particular order: Where's Malyck and his tree? What's the origin of the Dream and Nightmare? And why were they both so opposed to the Elder Dragons? Magdaer, the heir of Ascalon and the full cleansing of the Foefire plotlines, as well as the resurgent Separatists mentioned in IBS. What are the deep sea horrors that were originally the deep sea dragon before it got retconned into Soo-Won? The cut IBS centaur plotline devs said they want to "save for later". Kuda of the Inquest fulfilling her father's research is still out and about. What is Sunrise Crest and why does the Priory have a map with what appears to be trade routes between the Battle Isles and it? What's going on at Raisu Palace with the Purists and Risen? The plothook that was heavily hinted at as being next in EoD just to be completely forgotten. Whatever happened to the more ominous subplot of the Order of Shadows? Why did they kill that Order of Whispers agent? What is the hinted at dark secret of Kito? What role in Elona does Kossan have now? What happened to Menzies? What is Desmina's up to, she was left with a rather ominous ending in Hall of Chains. Some more minor plothooks dropped, hinted at, or just unanswered: Subject Alpha escaped Crucible of Eternity, what's it been up to for the past decade? The Royal Locket showing the next heir to the Krytan throne, whom the Order of Whispers hinted at knowing the identity of in human PS. Where is Aurene hibernating? What was the deal with Bahltek? Who is Ecclesiate Xun Rao? What happened to Razah? Where are the two remaining Bloodstones? What was the origin of the Eternal Flame the Flame Legion had that was capable of resurrection in a world where such magic is a lost art? What happened to the Golem's Eye, lost in Ascalon City? Why aren't there any more kryptis that look like Kanaxai after all the effort of the "reveal" that Kanaxai was a kryptis? The closest one would be Sorrow, which has this awkward Celestial + Orange Markings look; no half-gray, half-black with orange markings kryptis out there, nor any mention of House Aurkus. What happened to the Spirits of the Wild after IBS? Particularly the Lost Spirits? Off the top of my head, at least.
  3. Technically speaking, not a single big bad was defeated by the Commander alone. Blightghast, Soverieng Eye of Zhaitan, Zhaitan, Scarlet, Shadow of the Dragon, Faolain, Mordremoth, Lazarus, Balthazar, Joko, Kralkatorrik, Jormag, Primordus, Ryland, Ankka, Dragonvoid, Cerus, Heitor - every single one of these had the combination of at least two allies and/or powerful weapons. The only times we did 1 v 1 fights with a named villain... we lost. Be it through being overpowered (Balthazar) or through trickery (Joko), or the villain just getting away after a brief distraction (Scarlet). I think the smallest team effort there was which resulted in victory would be Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan (Trahearne + Caladbolg) and Lazarus (Livia + The Shining Blade).
  4. Yes, you're right. I thought at first there were two pairs of feet in the second teaser and one was wearing high heel stilettos. No one corrected me when I pointed it out before with this picture. But on second look I see it's actually the bottom of the Saryx Staff being clipped through the floor. That said, Peitha doesn't wield a staff, but sword. And those feet are just the feet of Oneiros-Spun armor so there's a large degree of demon it could be - it's even feet shared with Heitor.
  5. With such high heel stilettos as seen in that second one, there's certainly some kind of authority going on. Voice doesn't sound like Peitha, it lacks some of the intense filters on Peitha, and Peitha doesn't wear foot high stilettos.
  6. While LNY is the most lackluster of events, to claim that it hasn't improved in 9 years is simply false. It is accurate to say it hasn't changed in 3 years - since 2021, which added Celestial Challenge. 2015 - Added event 2018 - Added race event and Firecracker Lightning adventure 2020 - Added Firecracker Lightning 2 adventure 2021 - Added race adventure version and Celestial Challenge Which isn't too odd - festivals usually get a small activity or one-off achievement line (in Halloween's case) every other or every third year. That said, it would certainly be nice if the annual Dragon Ball progress the main festival meta or something similar. Like Aspect Arena in FotFW and Snowball Mayhem in Wintersday, these three PvP matches have zero AP attached to them, and zero attachment to the main festival meta achievement. Some reward for them other than simply enjoying the activity itself would be nice. The irony is that by not being grindable, trying to finish the weekly does feel like a grind because you must do every adventure daily or slog through Celestial Challenge which takes a while.
  7. The original comment you were responding to was specifically talking about Bastion of the Penitent, not all raids. That said, I would disagree, on three points. The aforementioned statue, confirming that the Commander was a raider for Bastion of the Penitent. Spirit Vale begins with you searching for a Pact squad, was released with a letter to Pact forces, with an implication of you as a superior to Squad Leader Falgeir. Every subsequent raid is done by the same group of raiders who are familiar with Glenna. So the 10 raiders of Forsaken Thicket are the same 10 raiders of Bastion are the same 10 raiders of Hall of Chains are the same 10 raiders of Mythwright Gambit. And among these 10 raiders includes the Pact Commander. It's clear that, like the dungeon explorable mode, they intended to initially keep it separate from the main storyline and leave it ambiguous as to whether the Commander was involved, leaving it as a "if you did it then the Commander was involved" scenario, but with SotO seems solid canon that the Commander was involved.
  8. Krytan settlements are quite widespread, there was a Krytan outpost called Tarnished Haven not far from where the Pale Tree is back in GW1; while we have structures in northern Sparkfly Fen too, both destroyed by Zhaitan's rise that forced Kryta further north. The Drizzlewood outposts were Krytan, and I think this is mentioned in one of the collection achievements in the map. It wouldn't be accurate to say all of Woodland Cascades are of Kryta though. Bastion of the Penitent has zero relation to Kryta or humans, for example. It was created by the Wizard's Court and captured by the mursaat before being abandoned and lost for 250 years, only the prisoners and automated magical functions within still around. Not quite. The Commander and Glenna reached the Bastion of the Penitent through a portal in Bloodstone Fen. Even if Priory forces went there, they would have likely gone via portal or airship and thus control zero territory around it. There was meat to the centaur storyline - it was scrapped because they had to severely simplify the second half of IBS as it got changed into Champions, which included removing the two planned maps. Rather, it was scrapped because it had meat to it, and ArenaNet wanted to save it for later than have it be a bare bones subplot like those elements of each DRM. It had enough to it scoped out that cramming it into one DRM wouldn't have told the storyline well. Given what we know and can piece together, the centaur storyline would have occurred in a new map over two episodes, more likely than not - and to be clear, Harathi Hinterlands and Lake Doric are not the centaur homelands left to them, those remain further north of those maps, probably located between Bastion of the Penitent and Drizzlewood. Nope. There is a statue in the story step Tower of Secrets which credits the Commander for killing Deimos and Samarog regardless of your account's progress through the raid.
  9. That doesn't mean Zhaitan is giving orders. Risen function autonomously all the time. And if Zhaitan was to take direct command during a major scale invasion, why wouldn't it during other major scale invasions? Why did this major scale invasion end the moment the Maw died, when there were still risen present? Why would it end when Blighthgast died, when there were other risen still present? Why would Zhaitan not take direct control when the Artesian Waters were threatened, or when there was a major scale assault on Fort Trinity? Why would it be just this one time and never any other time that Zhaitan took over? "Because it didn't have to do so"? It didn't have to do so here either! As Kalavier said, Jormag wasn't able to speak through any champion. It could only speak through those specifically corrupted to do so - which is solely Drakkar and Bangar. Jormag was only able to speak through the Fraenir because it obtained some of Zhaitan's magic allowing it to speak through corpses - this was a brand new post 1325 AE ability and was strictly limited to corpses be they corrupted (Freanir) or not (Almorra). It's something Zhaitan never did, because even if it's the same domain of magic, the Elder Dragons used those domains differently - like how Kralkatorrik used Mordremoth's Mind domain to give shared cognition among its minions which Mordremoth never did, and Mordremoth used Zhaitan's death domain to be able to use corpses for its plant domain's cloning methods, which Zhaitan never did. A mindless swarm isn't Zhaitan giving orders, it's mindless risen following a generic sense of will. If the goal was to turn the Commander and Trahearne into minions, then the overpowering champions guarding the passage (which can literally kill players within seconds because they deal a shitton OP amount of damage) wouldn't have been kept out of the fight. Yes, because dragon minions don't have free will and cannot disobey their master's desires. But a general sense of will is very different from a direct command, as I said earlier. To repeat myself: In a similar manner, it should be pretty obvious how me giving vague directions to go somewhere over there to find a piece of architecture won't be the same thing as giving specific directions of taking 3 lefts and then a right and five blocks down to the building made out of wood. Zhaitan's will in the risen would be the former. "Go over there to find a piece of architecture". Champions are required to interpret this will and give precise commands. The devs themselves have told us this fact, and it's why dragon champions are the ones to lead the mindless grunts, and killing them always ends those major scale invasions. Like when the Maw was killed and that invasion ended. Or when Blightghast was killed and that invasion ended. or when Morgus Lethe was killed and that battle ended. At no point does the book ever state that Zhaitan was directly commanding the battle, and by canon lore "Zhaitan's will" would be at most "kill the living in that area and make them minions".
  10. If it can directly infuse its minions to command, why didn't it during the entire major battle? If it can directly infuse its minions to command, why would it need to be directly connected to Whiting? If it can directly infuse its minions to command, why didn't it during literally any point in the personal story. It doesn't even do such during the Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan fight, where we are trying to purify its strongest source of magic. Every risen in the books and the game talk of Zhaitan in third person. Unless Zhaitan speaks in third person, then not a single speaking risen is ever being directly controlled by Zhaitan. "Not sure why you keep having issue with it." Because based on the facts we have across the entire lore, it doesn't make any logical sense to come to this conclusion. It doesn't even fit into the notion of Rule of Cool. The notion is contradicted repeatedly throughout the game and even in Sea of Sorrows itself. The foundation of your belief is because the risen reaction to Whiting is written with an "AS IF" Zhaitan was wailing, because Cobiah felt a presence behind Whiting's eyes (which, btw, is a line used for many situations of Zhaitan's magic, and doesn't mean that Zhaitan is looking at Cobiah from Whiting's sight). So why would they be capable of such during the novel, when they never do at any other point in time? Why is such an ability a one time only thing, after the death of Whiting?
  11. If this was true, why does any risen ever speak to other risen? Why does Whiting give verbal orders? Why does the Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan? Or Morgus Lethe? The very foundation of your belief is proven wrong by things you yourself has said: If the risen worked as oen mind without any communication, then there would have been no reason for Whiting to order the Indomitable to retreat.
  12. I think you need to define what you mean by "control minions" Because giving orders != controlling, and the only orders given is vague will and desire, which needs interpretation by champions. Champions don't exist just to deligate tasks, but to interpret the dragon's will and command the mindless grunts. If - and only if - physically present, then Elder Dragons can command (not control) the mindless grunts. But again, if physically present. What Zhaitan did during the Great Krytan Blockade was just giving vague will and desire that Whiting and any other dragon champion present would have interpreted to then give commands to minions Zhaitan, I think we can all agree, was not physically present during the Sea of Sorrows novel. Unlike Kralkatorrik at the end of EoD or unlike Zhaitan during the end of the PS. Whiting was not directly connected to Zhaitan - that would put him on par to the Eyes and Mouths of Zhaitan, and he definitely was not. Whiting was the leading dragon champion in the assault, but not necessarily the only dragon champion. Zhaitan was not issuing commands over the battle because Zhaitan couldn't because Zhaitan was not present and as such Zhaitan's knowledge of the situation would have been drastically limited. And to this specific... I think it should be pretty obvious how me telling you to go jump off a cliff and you then doing so is very much not the same as me shoving you off a cliff. In a similar manner, it should be pretty obvious how me giving vague directions to go somewhere over there to find a piece of architecture won't be the same thing as giving specific directions of taking 3 lefts and then a right and five blocks down to the building made out of wood. By all indication, Zhaitan - and all other Elder Dragons without the domain of Mind in their access - can only do the former of both scenarios. At least when not physically present.
  13. If the Elder Dragons could directly control all the minions, they wouldn't need champions to interpret their will and lead the mindless grunts. In Edge of Destiny, one of the first ogres Kralkatorrik corrupted, Chief Kronon, became a dragon champion. The Kronon ordered the assault on Ebonhawke because it saw Kralkatorrik go south, and interpreted the will of "go south" to lead the branded to assault Ebonhawke which was south of it. Kralkatorrik only ever had direct control in the immediate area, i.e., the fight against Glint and Destiny's Edge. Kralk's will was less vague to those present because they were in the same area. But Zhaitan wasn't at Claw Island, or at Sparkfly Fen, or at the naval battle. Nor was Kralkatorrik at Ebonhawke, nor was Jormag at the Dragonspawn cave and thus was incapable of stopping the icebrood from killing the Dragonspawn when it got disconnected from the hive mind. This isn't rocket science to understand. You're comparing two very different scenarios - one where the Elder Dragon is physically present, and one where the Elder Dragon is not physically present. So of course the two scenarios will function differently. Not only that but you're now arguing against developer statement, against the writers themselves. And no, even in the scenarios you presented, Zhaitan and Kralkatorrik did not have direct control over their minions. The minions just had an easier time interpreting the dragon's will because they were in the same area and the dragon's will was about something in that area. "Kill this specific individual" is easier to interpret when you can see the individual, than "kill and corrupt in the seas" is when there is no specific target to go after.
  14. No? Zhaitan, Jormag, Kralkatorrik, and Primordus do not directly control their minions. They do not go ME2 Harbinger styled ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL. They do not even give direct orders. To quote Ree Soesbee, the writer of the novel: Ree Soesbee: The difference between minions and champions is that minions tend to be mindless—they just destroy whatever is in front of them—whereas champions are intelligent: they know the will of the dragon, and the will of the dragon is to destroy. And they lead and organize the unintelligent followers for the best effect to carry out the dragon's will. So Tequatl, unlike the other undead, is completely intelligent and is aware of what he's doing, and he's very much coordinating the attacks against the hylek. Zhaitan does not even directly control the champions. You seem to be confusing "linked to each other" with "every minion having constant communication and/or shared cognition with every single other minion". The two are not the same. The only Elder Dragon to do the latter would be Kralkatorrik after obtaining Mordremoth's mind domain (i.e., during Season 4). Yes, because they are all linked together, but not in mental communication. There is no telepathy, but the hive mind is still there. And the very fact that Whiting was giving orders is solid proof that Zhaitan was not overseeing the battle - othrewise it would be Zhaitan giving orders, mentally, to the risen rather than Whiting verbally. You are literally contradicting yourself. Is Zhaitan coordinating things, or is Whiting? Which one are you arguing? You literally just said Zhaitan was, then the champion was, back to back, right here. 1. Different writers (EoD novel was written by Robert King, who did not work at ArenaNet, and was working off of a lore bible document to get things going). 2. Flavor, dramatizing. 3. Zhaitan doesn't roar for every champion, we know this. But he doesn't roar only for champions directly connected to him - again, see General Azuldin from the story. He died, Zhaitan roared. But General Azuldin was not directly connected to Zhaitan - not like the Eyes and Mouths, which are canonically confirmed by the writers of the story to be the only champions directly connected to Zhaitan in a way that would weaken Zhaitan, because they hold a literal piece of Zhaitan with him. Morgus Lethe fulfilled a similar role to Captain Whiting, but Whiting was the first champion Zhaitan lost in this dragonrise cycle, so obviously that would be a different kind of important. I never said otherwise, in fact that's exactly what I said before. All dragon minions function on the will of the Elder Dragon. But most minions are mindless, and incapable of acting on that will other than "Return. Die." So it is up to the dragon champions to interpret and act upon and order the mindless grunts to follow that will. A major assault like the Great Krytan Blockade wouldn't involve just one champion - just like the assault on Claw Island during the personal story didn't feature one dragon champion, but five - Blightghast, Vizier Ironghoul, Admiral Feiste Bakkir, Lord Zhim Alarjann, and Thadeus Ghostrite. There's no reason to believe that Captain Whiting was the sole dragon champion present during the battle. Just the one above the others - just as Blightghast was above the other four by all indication. But you need to realize, there is a vast difference between "they act upon the will of the dragon" and "the dragon is directly overseeing and commanding individual risen". The later is canonically not happening because the only Elder Dragon capable of such is the Elder Dragon of Mind - the entire point of giving Elder Dragons a second domain for Heart of Thorns was to make Mordremoth a larger threat by having him capable of micromanaging minions and transferring his mind across minions. So that wasn't something other Elder Dragons could do - at least not until Mordremoth's death during Heart of Thorns. Would you say Blightghast and Tequatl are just beasts, and just mindless? Because we have dev commentary (which I quoted above, by Ree, the author of Sea of Sorrows) who explicitly stated that Tequatl was the one leading the forces in Sparkfly against the hylek. Just because the dragon champion in question doesn't communicate doesn't mean they're stupid.
  15. Yes. They are all linked to each other by Zhaitan's will and mind. It isn't that Zhaitan is the only one they're all linked to. They're all linked to each other too - it's how they can tell who's risen and who isn't, as is established in the other novel about dragon minions, Edge of Destiny. We also never see risen keep moving even after being chopped up to bits as shown in both games, we do not need to burn the corpses to ashes or grind them up into muck to kill a risen in-game. There's an obvious distance of dpiction of lore between the game and novels. But we do see dragon minions react to dragon champions' deaths. Not specifically a wail - but either mass dying, or fleeing upon the act, etc. do occur in-game. The two times that a champion's death resulted in Zhaitan roaring happened to occur when the champion (the General I mentioned earlier in the thread, and the Mouth of Zhaitan) were the last minion standing. Probably because the Maw was still around, as it was pretty powerful and very likely to be champion in its own right, and was dealt with last. There would have still been risen in the waters when the ships and Maw were destroyed, since it's established that risen keep moving even when chopped up. The navy didn't burn every risen to a crisp on the high seas. But killing the Maw was the end of the battle.
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