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  1. Exactly. It's "possible", but it's never actually explained that it was done. It hasn't even been properly hinted that it was done. In fact, the only reason why people suspect it was done, is because the main characters aren't actively worried about it anymore. But then Champions has this continuous undertone worry about maintaining balance still (while simultaneously showing Jormag believing it's nothing to worry about), and this poorly written ominous hint of something about to happen in just two sentences. No, it's never explained what she meant by that, in-game or out. But whe
  2. You don't seem to get it. The mobs that have Unstable Magic Abilities which I listed do not drop essence orbs, and they are not given essence shaders. There are zero ties to the essences with them. I am specifically referring to these guys: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defeat_the_Champion_Icebrood_Goliath https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defeat_the_Champion_Icebrood_Kodan https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defeat_the_Champion_Icebrood_Voice https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defeat_the_Champion_Svanir_Tyrant https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defeat_the_Dominio
  3. The machine was broken and created using one of a kind parts from Omadd's Machine. Not even Dues Ex Taimi knows how to replicate those parts, so the machine is gone forever. Which makes it the one thing about Season 3's consequences that hasn't been negated outright yet.
  4. Agreed... That's plausible. The issue is as you say, it's a hypothesis. This is something that is so critical to the overarching storyline that it should absolutely be explained or at least solidly hinted at. Because at the moment, the only thing we have to go on for sharing magic is: Glint: You will see, Scion, that absorbing magic comes naturally. But the power, its temptations...they exact a price. Glint: Champion, this magic is powerful and dangerous. Share the burden so she can absorb it. [...] Glint: Good. Power has many uses, Scion. By choosing to share i
  5. The wondrous thing about building a fiction is that you can develop reasons for just about any plot to occur, even in an established setting, and without creating retcons. If you believe otherwise, it's just that your ability to create those plots is limited, and nothing more. Ignoring the fact that I never said Aurene got all the magic, or said anyone said that, in order for your other points: Unlisted on the wiki in any form apparently are the karmic volatile magic nodes, which are prevalent in both Bjora and Drizzlewood. While mechanically different, lorewise they're ef
  6. TBH, I think you're being a bit too narrow minded in the possibilities here, and I'd say that for how you react to most story beats that ANet has glossed over with IBS or that people want to see. Though I do agree there'd be some overlap, a big deal for it would be more for getting the players there, than any story beat involved with going there. Even if it was just one city, and that city was nothing more than serving as a base of operations in the open world / story path, and held zero other significance other than giving us a look at pre-Destroyer asuran lifestyle, that's all the players wo
  7. 1. But even then, Jormag's still fully capable of replacing Ryland. I wouldn't say that Ryland being seen "as rare" would prevent Jormag from replacing Ryland just as they replaced Drakkar almost immediately. Even if we take all of Champions and replace all references to Ryland, the Commander, and Braham with the unique dragon champion title of "Herald", who's deaths do impact the Elder Dragon unlike standard champions, these champions are still replaceable. As evident by the fact that Drakkar was Jormag's herald and (seemingly) replaced by Ryland, or the Great Destroyer with (presumably) the
  8. Jormag showed up second to the fight. Ryland is not so special that Jormag couldn't replace him, and Jormag has Mists-hopping abilities thanks to Kralkatorrik's death, so there was no reason Jormag couldn't just keep running. Jormag was NOT actually forced into the situation. But the issue is that Aurene is not sharing that magic. Outside of the Commander and Caithe, there's no mortals who've been bonded to Aurene. The extent of Aurene sharing magic is simply not absorbing it - which is the very issue of killing Elder Dragons, that there's too much magic in the world
  9. It really feels like there is missing content between the end of Chapter 3 and beginning of Chapter 4. There are a lot of off-screen events that are mentioned (clash between fire and ice forces, Braham killing innocents, etc.). Most jarring to me is how Jormag goes from "I will not fight without a very clear advantage" to going double-suicide aggression, while Aurene goes "I will not fight because I worry about the consequences" to "balance needs a push, so I shall shove it". And the saddest thing of this, is that three simple things could have been done differently to greatly impr
  10. But yeah, guess that would make it the most impressive thing for the Commander, outside of outright resurrection when resurrection magic has been lost for 200+ years.
  11. Given all the text, I don't think we'll be seeing either dragon dying tbh. As I've heard others say: it's like the two Elder Dragons are playing pokemon. It's a proxy battle, not a direct conflict - whether Ryland or Braham lives or dies is ultimately irrelevant, because the Elder Dragons both survive that. What's even sillier, is that Braham and Ryland are just "the current strongest champion". Other than having some free will (tentative, in Braham's case, and seeming to get weaker every moment given "we are Primordus"), Ryland and Braham are nothing special in the scheme of dragon champions
  12. To be fair, I also wrote up such a story as @Telwyn.1630 where the Searing gets stopped. Was tempted to turn it into an RPGMaker game even. Then I realized I had better things to do than slave over a fan game. :D
  13. Fun fact: The Commander does not fight Ryland 1 on 1 ever (yet). In fact, they seldom fight any foe 1-on-1, let alone a dragon champion. Not even the Shadow of the Dragon was fought 1-on-1. And when they do fight 1-on-1, the commander loses (see: fights with Balthazar and Joko). And as of HoT, the Commander technically does "receive the Corruption power boost" due to their bond with Aurene, with an increasingly stronger bond as the story goes on (particularly beginning in Season 4).100-200m is a gross overstatement, and even if they stood up, they were very much knocked out and heavily injured
  14. What's the Mesmers scripted skill there? I forgot... Not sure if there's one during Confessor's End for mesmers, but during The Hero of Istan, mesmers simply blink through the bars. Presumably from a fahrar, as well with other magic. Humans have academies (and private tutors for nobles; probably got cases of one-on-one mentorships too), while asura have the colleges and schools for progeny. There's no stated educating system other than fahrar for charr, none for norn, and sylvari have small classes and one-on-ones with mentors in the Grove. Incidentally, despite being the most structured, we
  15. Haha, yeah, and i even mention this in OP as well. :tongue: I ackgnowledge that it's obviously for gameplay reasons, but i just want to find some lore reasons as well. :smile:No sense in getting angry though, that would accomplish nothing. I wasn't intending on "blatantly ignoring the discussions restriction". I was saying there is no lore reason for why they can do this but the Commander can't, because by what lore we have, the Commander CAN do that. And more. But it's restricted to scripted events because gameplay balance. Given things like the profession-restricted skills of the story inst
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