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  1. As hilarious as this post is, one additional thing to consider is that gameplay-wise, a full day is merely 2 hours for us. From the Battle of Khylo clocktower, we can infer that Tyrians have clocks that function on a variable of 12; and Event Schedule Board in Grothmar tells us that there's an event at 20:00, so it's likely a 24-hour cycle. Which means gameplay is sped up x12. So OoC running is 294 units per second in gameplay, would mean running 294 units per 12 seconds in direct association of mechanics->lore; or 24.5 inches per second (so basically 2 feet per second). Whic
  2. A bunch of new articles about End of Dragons came out today, so I figured it'd be good to compile the miniscule lore coming from them. First, a list of the related articles: * https://www.gamespace.com/all-articles/news/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-preview-a-postcard-from-cantha/ * https://www.nme.com/features/gaming-features/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-preview-cantha-is-all-about-togetherness-3139566 * https://www.pcinvasion.com/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-preview/ * https://www.godisageek.com/2022/01/end-of-dragons-offers-plenty-of-new-content-for-guild-wars-2-fans-hands-on-preview
  3. It's possible that they had very primitive machines during the Plains of Golghein battle against the Flame Legion, as most dwarves would have been turned to stone by then and gone into the Depths. Thus it'd be a mixing of events and using half-truths to establish a narrative that isn't a lie but still misleading.
  4. As far as I know, the only example of gods in charr culture prior to the titans is their myth of Melandru creating the world, which comes from The Ecology of the Charr. But that isn't about worship, merely acknowledgement of their existence. The lines about the charr killing their gods for freedom is (technically propaganda) about killing the titans and overthrowing the Flame Legion - a combination of Pyre's and Kalla's rebellions. The bit about the charr killing their gods is more specifically about Pyre's and the Fierce Warband's actions. After witnessing some humans kill some titans, t
  5. That doesn't even need to be a school either. Could be that they had a private teacher. It is a bit weird that a norn and human trained together though, outside of LA that is. I think that's our first mention of such.
  6. Wasn't referring to you, as you were just correcting when the dialogue was and not telling me that I was wrong about how to interpret the lines of dialogue after several others had done just that. You're fine. And for clarity: There's no real statute of limitations on lore posts among the community, so long as it's constructive. Better to thread necro than to have ten threads on the same topic. But it is an kitten move to do so just to be repetitiously insulting or hypocritical as others have been in this thread.
  7. But apparently Livia telling her mortal enemy she has no children isn't at all fallible, I guess. And it's fully okay to proclaim to someone that their opinions is nothing but wrong, but hell is raised if that someone dares to suggest another's opinion may not be the only interpretation. That's nothing short of twitter-level hypocrisy. And that's really my issue at this point. That, and people are constantly telling me I'm nothing but wrong over and over and over again. Even when two weeks passes since a comment was last made on the topic. But you know what, kitten it, ga
  8. I'm aware it's not infallible. My point is that Livia saying "I have no children" to her mortal enemy is even less reliable, and the very existence of the Commander's line creates and implication. The commander isn't talking about Livia's age there though, that's a different line entirely (and implied by calling her Livia). They're talking about her relation to Anise specifically. Ya'll are so kitten gung ho about denying the possibility that I present, which is ironic given many of you are also proclaiming that I do nothing but deny the possibility of others' interpre
  9. I'd say Flax is the one councillor who would act in a time-appropriate manner, given how quick he was to imprison Gorr. For merely voicing the notion of Elder Dragons eating magic, Gorr was arrested in less than 30 minutes (and that's assuming PS instances function on 5x increased speed scale) after his first public statement. That's insane speed on the Arcane Eye's part, especially for the supposed bureaucratic mess the asuran system is, and they were confirmed by Flax himself to be working on his orders at the end of the storyline. As seen in the weather-o-matic storyline, he's p
  10. By the lore we have, it's pretty much an "all of the above" situation, and changes based on the races involved. People do have natural gifts, but they can learn magic without such too (while the world is high in magic, that is, such as it is during GW1's and moreso GW2's times) Schools do exist, and learning magic is certainly part of the asura and sylvari curriculum, and was part of the historical human curriculum (as evident by Nolani, Academy of Arts and Magic). Though we don't see it in-game, there is a Queensdale Academy, though we don't know anything about it other than its apparent
  11. It's more that the implication was very, very much there, and on top of that Haia doesn't show up in any Council instance (until S3) just like all personal story characters who die or have optional-fates never show up in instances even if they should. It's not hard to imagine that this was a slip up by ANet, as this would be the third time a "dead character" was brought back to life. Eitel the Unlovable was killed in the personal story, then inexplicably came back in HoT as Cin Fursarai's bodyguard (and yet didn't show up in S3E4, when Cin does and in an active warzone...). Similarly
  12. Devs confirmed that Balthazar not cursing Lyssa was intentional. What the intended reason for the lack of cursing remains a mystery. But Kormir does call Lyssa out - twice - in relation to banishing Balthazar and leaving Tyria.
  13. To play devil's advocate, the game drastically shrinks down the scaling of Tyria for the sake of gameplay. As such, it no doubt drastically upscales the scaling of Tyrian threats for the sake of gameplay too. The Nightmare Court canonically from a dev's statement only makes up approximately 15% of the sylvari population, but discounting player characters, they far exceed friendly sylvari NPCs by at least 5x. It's also hard to imagine that the Wardens, Seraph, etc. would be so incapable of taking down villain hideouts that are a literal stone throw's away from town with how obvio
  14. I imagine if, say, Kossan had siblings or cousins that he knew about, his defining feature wouldn't be "descended from Koss" but something else, or at the very least he would have brought it up when meeting Koss while they talked about family. It's kind of humorous how few the main cast talk about family, beyond parents or sometimes one or two siblings. Marjory has the largest family, with at least one other sister and a mother living in Shaemoor. Taimi being the obvious orphan exception.
  15. Tyrians seem to not be quite so prolific as we only seem to have a small handful of descendants from GW1 characters seen throughout GW2. Come to think of it, do we even ever see Tyrian families with more than 3 or 4 children? And when we do meet famous people's siblings, half of them tend to die off (e.g., Dylan, Belinda)... Huh.
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