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  1. I haven't even touched EoD because I'm still very much in Elden Ring mode and it sounds like it's a good choice, since all these reports sound like a lot of things will eventually get nerfed and it'll be easier for me to tackle it later.
  2. The story feels incredibly rushed with lots of characters getting introduced and then having absolutely no role in the plot or simply vanishing after their intro.
  3. I would've rather had the actual mini-game be very simple (Lost Ark style) and have the challenge be about finding the right spots, time of day etc. locations for fish.
  4. Yeah. No luck unfortunately. Made it through eventually, just a bit of a bummer that very first instance had a bug like that.
  5. I got stuck inside an airship in the first mission with no way to die and I had to do the whole kitten thing again. Why isn't there any measures against something like that?
  6. I really wanted the pistol to be main hand.
  7. At this point I'd hope we get a story mode where we can watch what's happening in the story and we wouldn't have to fight trash mobs as busywork. Yet still I have followed the story this far, I would like to be invested in it, but it's just so hard anymore.
  8. The bosses still have too much health and the event takes way too long with constant breaks in the fight (certain HP % thresholds meaning "go do busywork elsewhere!") It's not like these fights are challenging, they're just incredibly tedious. It's repeatable content you never want to repeat after story missions??
  9. I can't go through the race with swimming normally. Instead of people telling me to get gud, could you maybe fix it so I could use the skimmer underwater?
  10. You can never convince me that ANet didn't 100% rig that election. The story where Evon was captain just didn't fit their agenda.
  11. The commander shtick is getting very old by now. I hope that once they finish this storyline they forget about the "Commander" and just let us make a fresh start adventuring somewhere (Cantha).
  12. The story was incredibly short. Outside of fetch quests and "fill this bar to make this content feel longer" there was maybe 15 minutes of story content. It felt strange having the game make such a big deal about caring about some charr in a cave when you've been killing them by the hundreds in map events. Even if you knew them, I was with Smodur on that one (although not what he pulled later on). I wished that my character would've had a bit more agency on the events. It mainly felt like I was an errand boy and didn't even say anything at the final negotiations. I mean, my character (a charr
  13. I agree that they are somewhat too hard for a solo player now with all the nerfs. Sometimes you play on a time where there simply are not others to take those camps and you lose to other roamers, so your only option is to flip camps and kill sentries. T1 camps should not be hard to cap, upgraded camps can be harder since that gives upgrading them some use. People going "hurr durr I can solo T3 camps and towers just fine" just simply need to consider that skill cap to get into WvW is high enough as it is and needn't be higher for new players.
  14. I'm definitely having more trouble than before the balance patch. For a change I tried switching to core and ran tactics instead of defense. Leg specialist definitely caught a few people off guard and Warrior's cunning worked well against classes who use barrier. But for a lower tier player things are definitely harder now.
  15. IF we get a new elite spec and IF it's with current weapons I'd like some kind of PbAoE staff spec.
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