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  1. Disclaimer this post is about PVE only. When the patch notes came out about Mesmer getting Alacrity I was worried, now seeing the unrefined builds maintaining alacrity, fury and +25 might in full vipers I'm horrified. I have to ask the question where is this class going? The original idea to give alacrity to Rev only was to allow them a raid spot after 2 years of being effectively exiled in HoT. They have gone and destroyed that one thing that was holding the line. Yes, i am aware that Rev will still be viable but Mesmer is now best in slot its just like Healing yes Ventari c
  2. She has shortbow on weapon swap guy, duh.
  3. I dont agree that the raid collection needs to be redone, the openworld pve stuff is minor. I do think that a legendary armor set should be added to at the very least T4 fractals with more progression available through doing CMs. Im iffy about open world legendary armor but if as lengthy a process as WvW that would be fine. The biggest issue with legendary armor is that its confined to such a small audience.I do raids and im fairly new but its so difficult to get into parties. Elitism is rampant, saying your new outside of a Raid academy party is a guaranteed kick. Not to mention ppl saying
  4. Looks good, not another rit spec asking for more kalla. So point their. Dhuum theme is good. Devs have already said that time lines dont matter to Rev. So this spec could be channeling dhuum from a different era with more domains under his control. I dont like the elite much, maybe lifesteal instead? As for ppl saying we dont need another good single target weapon. I disagree, we need a reason to stop camping sword / sword or remove staff from in perma static slot as 2nd weapon. This could be it.
  5. @Sobx.1758 Honest IDK what @Thornwolf.9721 talking about in WoW Fury warrior's redesign (going from dual weilding 2 1handed weapons to 2 2handed weapons) brought me back to the game. FFXIV redesign and retooling of the monk got me to do back to them game. Elite specializations in GW2 is akin to getting 10+ lvls + some new skills in more traditional MMOs, the only difference is you dont have to regrind gear and can enjoy the story.
  6. I like this idea, Alacrity fits better with Glint's theme and kit anyway and diviner's gear would be more useful cuz of all the boons glint provides. Kalla could get a more dps focused f3 that pushes condi damage (yes IK alacrity helps with condi too) or focus on dps with f2. The biggest issue with glint atm is that while it does provide boons it doesn't provide enough to put it into raids while alacrity alone is enough to put Kalla into raid meta as power. Edit: This will probably change if we ever get a stats like +Condition damage / + Expertise / + Concentration which will make Glint ext
  7. Nope it's too much work for not enough people to use it. I'd prefer they work on existing classes, their faults and making them better than adding a new class. Elite specs are really interesting and add alot to refreshing classes. I think Anet's time would be better spent fixing Revenant on a whole, Thief in High end PvE, Warrior in PvP , etc than building a new class to be shoehorned into the lore and the work to build core and 3 elite specs or worse core and 1 elite spec. Personally, I prefer them designing new weapons , armor , maps , legendaries , improving optimization, new features (gl
  8. @"Fueki.4753" You are right any weapon CAN be made into this weapon so why not go with the community favorite weapon? The Greatsword https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/12019/poll-weapon-for-the-next-revenant-elite-specialization/p1 It just seems like you NEED for it be not greatsword for whatever strange eccentric reason. 62% of the community wants it so it should be that weapon its really that simple. and this guy's concept is awesome. Edit: AND YOU VOTED FOR LONGBOW ! A weapon with 2% we dont need ANOTHER ranged spec we JUST got one.
  9. I used shield for like a week on the launch of HoT when I didnt know what Dps meant and though pve tanking in the open world was a good idea
  10. And that's why Rev isn't a class for ya. It literally for gw1 vets that its target audience. Hence why Thornwolf puts so much time and effort into what he puts out. As much as I may disagree with him on mechanics the man puts in so time to build GOOD ideas. Its honestly sad when people like you come here and just say story isn't important as the rev class in the MOST lore driven in game. Jora , Asegir , Eir & Svanir are all legends that would be worth exploring and thats just off the top of my head.
  11. Its not like they cant just add a random legend like they did before mean Kalla is a perfect example of that. St.Viktor is a good one tho , the kurzick background and he uses a katana to fight shiro so they match up pretty well imo. The problem with St. Viktor and his Lxon counterpart, as well as Vizu, is that their legend is the same as Shiro's and Arenanet might not want two channels from the same legend.No they aren't Archemorus , is a hero of the luxon people. He is was a winner of that decade's Convocation and the reason why he was at the harvest temple. Defeating shiro added to his leg
  12. Just wanna say I love this idea. Its not like they cant just add a random legend like they did before mean Kalla is a perfect example of that. St.Viktor is a good one tho , the kurzick background and he uses a katana to fight shiro so they match up pretty well imo.
  13. Katana greatsword with wind effects around the arms and blade. Shiro's mark for the foot falls maybe petals for the draw animation. thin prominent red lines for the attack animations. Basically just go full anime weeb.
  14. All of FFXIV stories are garbage sorry. Characters with unpronounceable names (thank god for cutscenes). Story is convoluted, linear and at times silly. All the cliche are in there and then alot of the story / quests is lost to no voice acting anywhere else. It sucks tbh. You talk about generic good vs bad but point to the epitome of generic good vs bad. Our Zaitan story is equal to the best FFXIV can cook up.
  15. I guess because more options is more interesting. Elementalist says hi. You know, a class whom has equally viable Power and Condi builds for both their E-Specs. Since, it's not particularly hard to enable Power/Condi hybrid builds. You just have to have access to Power scaling damage and Condi's with traits that aren't completely specific in nature (I.e. Thief E-Specs being only Power based damage modifiers). Kalla, while a flawed E-Spec in overall design, at least does this by the way of how Kalla's Fervorbuffs both Ferocity and Condi damage meaning it scales the damage of both Power and Con
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