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  1. Hello, I would like to make a checklist for Anet before EoD's launch. Here are a few points I thought of based on past experiences, please feel free to add others I might have forgotten in the comments. -Check new E-specs traits and interactions with core traits and older runes/sigils to avoid bugs/exploits. -Don't forget to include new stat combinations and new runes/sigils into the legendary versions. -Triple check possible situations that prevents EoD's events from beginning or continuing correctly (this includes, but it's not limited to, a correct scaling based
  2. Please do this. There will be time to nerf them later, so let us have fun the first days with broken OP class. That's one of the best parts.
  3. They didn't look that great from the guild chat (at least to me), I fear they could be quite plain and simple, I mean that they don't seem that "game-changing" like glider or mounts were. Aside from fishing on it and bringing other people with you (which I don't see the value, except for roleplayers), what does a skiff offer that a skimmer can't do? But I give it the benefit of the doubt untill we actually can test it ourselves, I would be glad to be wrong.
  4. Of course I would prefer no cash shop, but that's just because I'm a player. If I were a studio (like anet), I would prefer a cash shop to make more money.
  5. There is no bug to fix beacuse that mission never had checkpoints to begin with. If that was a good or bad decision on Anet's part (it was bad), that's another discussion, but you wasted support's time by sending that ticket.
  6. Finally got this on third try, for the record I haven't done anything particularly different this time in the fight (character/weapons were the same), except NOT being in a squad/party and joined meta when Amala was already at 75% hp instead of when meta is at start (gate).This really seems luck based to me. Exactly, it was really annoying to play lottery for an event to count.
  7. Doubt it, some players in my same map got achi normally, some others (me included) didn't 😕
  8. Same here, I created another topic 1 min late (sorry but I couldn't see this one while typing xD)
  9. I did this event twice today and both times i didn't get the new achi! Some people partecipating in the event didn't get as well, while someone else got it normally. Can you fix this please?
  10. No thanks, forum profile should have as little as possible informations about one's game account. Here's a reason if you want one: Topic: Nerf ranger! It's OP Guy1 (who mostly plays ranger): no please I like how it is now. Guy2: your opinion counts nothing because you're ranger main. I don't know but I don't want to see this.
  11. No, I dislike every single battle-royale game out there!
  12. Warrior: shortbow. Give the rest whatever you want.
  13. I didn't even know there was a "death count" in-game, and I started playing years ago xD
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