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  1. The weapon skins look awful, entirely too Fisher Price, to me. Like the mount though...too bad it is not available for the warclaw so I will not be purchasing it either.
  2. This. I would have bought it immediately if it worked for my warclaw. Perhaps a skin that can work for two mounts would work?
  3. Solid point. Still, hype is not necessarily a good thing. Unrealized hype can be just as bad, or worse, for a product than underhyping. Enough information revealed to allow consumers to make informed decisions about buying is a very good thing IMO. Obviously I would not want the specifics of the story to be spoiled but otherwise I would prefer a full detailed description of all content in a product before buying.
  4. If it is comprised largely of things that I dislike then it is a pretty safe bet that it will have less appeal for me than meals comprised of ingrediants that I do not dislike. That said, even if the features (ranger elite spec, skimmers, fishing) are not appealing a good story combined with challenging and varied gameplay will go a long way.
  5. To be fair, wanting an expansion does not mean being happy for anything as long as it is released in expansion form. Saying that I want dinner does not mean that I will be happy eating shellfish (very allergic) so long as it is served at dinner time.
  6. I find the idea of fishing as a major feature of an expansion to be underwhelming (to say the least). Skiffs do not seem particularly interesting because of skimmers. I detest the Ranger (my main) elite spec so there is that as well. Hopefully the playable content is top notch because everything else combined has convinced me to stop spending real money on the game for a while.
  7. I am in the same boat. I would love seeing a library added to the guild hall.
  8. Not only that, during beta ssome mobs (I am looking at you Bandits) were actually programmed to fight more effectively. They would move out of AoEs, dodge effectively, etc....players complained so ANet nerfed them.
  9. Yeah, this is why I tend to avoid first person games.
  10. This. Since gems have a gold conversion option the odds of a pass of this sort being even remotely a cheaper option are slim at best. You would pay more gold for such a pass than it would save you in WP cost.
  11. Quoting this because every single word of it is worth reading twice. I would like to emphasize, in particular, the point about people who prefer their PvP separated. I PvP as my end game content. I play the story once or twice depending on the content and then do instanced content and PvP for the majority of my play time afterward. Despite my enjoyment of PvP in general (both sPvP and WvW in GW2) I will not play a game with open world PvP.. The last thing I want is to be trying to work through a story bit, or gathering, or whatever pure PvE you name, to have some stealth focused PK
  12. This one is wise beyond his years. So let it be written, so let it be done.
  13. Many might like your description of a sandbox game compared to a theme park...but the majority do not. Such a change would be a VERY significant gamble to succeed at all and is almost certain to be less successful than a theme park. There would be no upside, from a business perspective, to this. Not going to lie, the labeling of theme partk games with, " anti consumer practices," while listing BDO, of all things, as a better example was one of the most jarring disconnects Ive seen in a while. Also this: "why do you think mobile games are so effective at extractin
  14. Yeah, I am sitting on something like 26 stacks right now. Love to have some way to get some use from them.
  15. The best way to demonstrate that you, "value criticism," of your ideas is to denigrate those criticizing your ideas and state that their arguments are not valid because you disagree with them. My idea, that does not hurt ANet's bottom line is to let me spend money on those cosmetics I wish to buy without putting additional barriers between my cash and my purchase. It is almost always a bad idea, not just in gaming, to make it more difficult for consumers to spend their money on your product. You are not suggesting adding gameplay to the gemstore purchase process, that alread
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