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  1. Overall Score: 75% 3.5 stars. Weaknesses: The visual clutter/noise in combat. story that feels like a step down from an 80's Saturday morning cartoon. Strengths: Combat fluidity and responsiveness. Business model. Sheer number of things to do. Addressing either of the weaknesses would instantly add 15% and a star to my rating.
  2. I was just answering the question posed, not commenting otherwise. Even so we do in fact know what action was taken as the OP stated so in his first post.
  3. There used to be restrictions against discussing actions taken against an account.
  4. This. I absolutely hated the Dry Top map when it came out....just not a fan of the special movement skills...but even so I went back for this event and, with mounts, and new rewards, am enjoying it.
  5. A company giving access to an old product as a promotion is hardly unfair to anyone. The OP got something that no one receiving the free unlock now gets.
  6. True, but griefers are typically looking for a specific response. Being ignored is not it.
  7. Honest question here, they allow selling the cash shop items for their real money purchased currencies? Even so, if those cash shop items come from the cash shop, it is not the same as giving the cash shop currency for free with (essentially) every monster drop. Even so, I responded to a post claiming that other games give real money purchased currency as a drop greater than 100% of the time. How do these other games you mention managed to give something greater than 100% of the time?
  8. ANet gives MT currency with every single monster drop. Which other games gives MT currency at greater than 100% rate?
  9. This. Not necessarily referring to this OP, but some significant portion of the interest in these items is their perceived value. That value goes away if they are commonplace. I think that there is a place for rare rewards in a game such as this and I am glad that ANet uses fluff to fulfill this role.
  10. Getting upset that one cannot have someone else's property at a price more convenient to you....and the company is the one being greedy? Riiiight.
  11. Mesmers have been misusing their portals for as long as they have had them too.
  12. Pretty sure that it is communicated. We all know, for example, that armor sets are no longer exclusive to expansions, right?
  13. I am not a big fan of most of the gem store armor pieces/sets but this one I am likely to buy.
  14. This pretty much sums up my view as well. In order for the warclaw to be a desirable mount in PvE its functionality would have to be greatly expanded to come even close to the usage of something like the raptor. I don't see ANet adding enough to the warclaw for it to be a desirable choice for enough players, over any of the other options in PvE, for a change to be worthwhile.
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