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  1. "Quantity is a quality all its own."
  2. The team that "really wins a game" is the one that beat the opposing teams, not the one who was beaten but had a third party authority assign victory to them regardless of their performance. When victory is decided by ANet handing out victory points and not by players organizing, playing to win, and the like then there is no point in trying. Might as well just have ANet decide the Victor for the match up 1 minute after reset.
  3. So people with full legendary gear would be immune to the consequences of failure in this proposed game mode? A game mode that seems designed to drive sales of bank tabs, because you will not want to keep gear in you character's bags for something like this, and which renders some characters immune to the big downside, seems like a bad idea.
  4. Unfortunately I no longer have the link as this was explained by devs on the old forums years ago. Because I dont have the source do take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Event scaling adjusts down for dead characters. The event will scale up for players present but that upscaling will fade if they stay dead, not participating. Someone who is attacking, with a skyscale fireball for example, will continue to scale an encounter up even if not contributing significantly to victory conditions.
  6. Agreed. If they didn't have time to do justice to their ideas then they should have scaled back the implementation in order to deliver a better, even if smaller, product. SotO was not their first rodeo, they had more than enough experience developing for this game to recognize their limitations under the new time constraints. This is a management error.
  7. According to late 80s/early 90s Marvel comics it should be Off'Lyne.
  8. To be fair an Asura wife would be frightening.
  9. A beta event such as this one isn't there for every player to get to sample the new whatever, it is for the company to get enough samples to act upon (or not as the case may be). If a weekend is sufficient for the beta to achieve its intended goals then extending beyond that time frame is wasteful and has a potentially negative impact.
  10. "Is no," and, "will be no," are very different things.
  11. Check each of your characters for map completion percentage. Depending on how and how much you play you might have a character that is much of the way to map completion without consciously trying. I had multiple characters already in the 50-80% range without purposefully working on completion when I decided to pursue legendary weapons. Finish for that character to get the gifts and then use them on whichever character will be doing the crafting.
  12. You contradicted yourself. If we choose to create the high demand then we created the situation. Sure supply is part of it, but if no one was willing to pay for the item then it's price would not be high.
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