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  1. Not sure that the real world comparison holds up and cant say that I believe that it is a good idea for content, the only content of note on a map, to be set up so that you have to miss it if you have not already studied the intricacies of navigating the map. If I zone into a map and I am <here> and the event is over <there> and the map is designed, for whatever reason, to slow down movement between those two points, and there may be only a short time left in the event, then spending the time figuring out how to get there, knowing that the event may end, or not have enough people t
  2. Pretty much this. Perhaps not an ideal solution to the, "stack and smack," you might see elsewhere, but it helps.
  3. Weird, when I am on map and I see a big red circle or boss icon elsewhere I often find waypoints contested. Is there another navigational method I am missing? The meta may still be unrewarding but not having to try to figure out how to get from one level to the next, searching out stairs and ramps, in Kaineng would help.
  4. This is a solid point. Wales has had coal since before there were humans in the region. Stone age hunter gatherers didnt arrive in the area and immediately develop steam power because they now had access to a power source.
  5. If the OP had said, "to diminish or destroy the roaming scene in WvW," I might have been inclined to agree, or at least to agree that such was a forseeable side effect.
  6. Other than using the Arborstone scroll to join my guild for strike missions I generally do not spend time in EoD maps anymore. The maps are bland in terms of interesting things to do. If I happen to be on a map and see a meta event on the far side, I have to consider that I would need to figure out how to get there before the meta ends. Maps designed to impede direct navigation are maps where I could waste my time trying to get to the content rather than actually playing it. For that matter I could spend my time trying to get there only to find that no one else is there so the meta is doomed
  7. Different aesthetics (cats vs dogs is a huge distinction), different abilities, different animations. Personally Jackal is my current standard land mount for PvE.
  8. A shift implies a change to what already exists. No new release will be as large as all content that came before it combined. So, having new content be different, "futuristic," in this case, can be a design shift unless it is an anomaly. Any shift starts with a single step.
  9. You are on TC and worried that you cannot get credit for the necessary steps? OK.
  10. Seriously, the least the Norn could do is develop ethanol right?
  11. 250 years is nothing in terms of advancement from a medieval starting point.
  12. By the way, if you want help putting a build together feel free to speak up.
  13. The existing log in rewards are pretty significant in terms of gold fore those who do not want to do dailies.
  14. Zero. You do not need gold to play the game. That said, the daily 2g log in rewards are sufficient to cover some costs, such as waypoints, that could be a bit of a pain to go without.
  15. And yet the game's total population has grown (take any company's statements with a grain of salt of course). I doubt very much that many of these changes are attempts to appease a small number of complaints. Some of those complaints however may match up with issues identified by ANet as needing to be examined.
  16. In the pre-hot section you forgot tanks, machineguns, submachineguns in many ways more advanced than what we have in the real world today, lasers, helicopters, submarines, flamethrowers, automatic artillery, armored personnel carriers, force field generators, hologram projectors. Based on what we actually see in game rather than on dialogue Cantha is actually behind core Tyria technogically. But I agree that the tech element is overdone throughout the game.
  17. Anything has the potential for improvement but your suggestion(s) included taking this away from people who like the way it works now or changing it, potentially making it not enjoyable to those who enjoy it now. You postulate that it is boring FOR YOU and then ask others how to make it more fun FOR YOU. It doesnt work that way. No one here knows you well enough to even suggest what would be fun to you. Make your own suggestions. Others can then pitch in or comment on your ideas. This will mean a lot of disagreement because what is fun to you will very likely be uninteresting to ot
  18. Your title was not a suggestion. A poll is not a suggestion. Your use of those two mechanisms was designed to manipulate others. If you want to make a suggestion or state a preference it is a simple enough process to do so without using manipulative tactics. And a poll designed to manipulate participants and skew results does not benefit ANet.
  19. If we are going to talk about what makes sense.... Why does using my new turtle mount in Orr not advance her masteries but not using the mount in Kaineng does? Same question for Skiff and Jade Bot. ANet has designed the system to not make sense. It is designed to encourage people to play on maps they would rather not. If someone already desires to play on a given map then they will do so regardless of masteries.
  20. The current situation mandates that players concentrate on those four newest (as you mentioned) maps. It prevents people from spreading out. All that the current situation does is discourage people from leaving maps that they would rather not play in.
  21. This is a really solid suggestion. Ranger with a pet to tank for you while you pew pew away from a safe distance is a decent option for open world.
  22. I am glad that you appreciate all of the effort I put into it. A real labor of love.
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