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  1. I don't see a purpose of adding a new class, especially the way you did in your hypothetical mean of estimating them. I think GW2 does a great job in: 1) Creating the 9 professions. Each profession has a distinct archetype theme and does a good job being an umbrella to the array of classes found in Fantasy RPGs. Each profession has the essence of a type of hero or villain in a fantasy story. 2) Defining the Traits. Each trait category, "Specializations", really captures terms used to describe each profession and to have traits that reflect the Specializations, really adds the sense
  2. I hope for the same except, maybe giving Mesmer a Short Bow, Elementalist Long Bow.
  3. The lack of skills are clearly intentional. The missing 2 elites and missing healing skill would be nice if added, but I really think the intention is having utility skills you can't choose from.
  4. I actually like that the game isn't just pushing out more professions just for the sake of it, and if they did come out with new professions, I hope they would include each elite specialization with them. I'm having a hard time thinking of a profession theme that's missing. So far every theme is covered and what ever class is not present, I'm sure they could easily fit in an elite specialization.
  5. I thought Firebrand was the "Monk" in GW2. They have a lot of Protection, Healing, and Smiting Spells.
  6. I think your wrong about Elites being a flawed attempt. I think it's great. The only thing I wish they did better was coming up with better names for the elites. GW2 does a great job with giving a "secondary class feel" to each elite specialization. This way, they can better balance the professions, stick with the over arching theme of the class, and have better quality skills, instead of quantity, like I seen with other games where certain skills are like other and makes no since to even select.
  7. I always imagined GW2 getting a total of 5 elite spec. I guess I expected that they would allow each class to double down on each core specialization.
  8. If you watch the play through for the new expansion you'll see the armor they use, looks mighty Tengu'ish!
  9. Did ESO just throw shade at GW2. They're allowing players to play a Tengu in their next expansion, unlike GW2
  10. There could be some explanation to avoid adding Tengu, it just has to be better than doing these elites and the poor reasons in this post for me to accept.
  11. Wow, your interpretation of my words are definitely not how I intended. Being "real" typically means honest or sincere, not factual. This all is a matter of opinion. If I think that these elites were given the best concepts or the best structural designs, but were just weak implications I would say that, and they would simply need buffs. I feel that they were not given the attention needed and seems like they were halfheartedly done. That's my genuine opinion. It's not a fact. They could have bust their butts making these, but with all the suggestions for years in these forums, I feel players
  12. I think, with them putting out these weak elite specializations, they should have made time to put Tengu into the game. Let's be real. There's only 3, maybe 4 elites that people are liking. That's Mechanist, Bladesworn, Vindicator, and Spector. Maybe Virtuoso, Harbinger, and Willbender are tolerable, but the rest need to go back to the drawing board.
  13. That's just what I'm referring to. I believe GW2 lost a lot of GW players because of their lack of commitment to GW players. I know a couple players that were die hard GW fans that started GW2, but didn't continue with the game because they "lost their character".
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