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  1. If there is a major focus on revamping PvP and WvW for this Expansion, promoting fishing and skiffs is a good move to appeal to the PvE only crowd. But another profession would be huge, more important than a New playable Tengu race. I rewatched the 1 minute trailers for Virtuoso, Alchemist and Will Bender, there are no random images of Guild Wars 1 characters/professions anywhere. This can’t just be random, the image of a Ritualist. Perhaps the Vindicator wields a great sword, but has a secondary legend? Can’t wait for more details lol.
  2. I don’t think ANeT would tease something like a Ritualist , unless it planned in some way. Doesn’t just Fishing and skiffs seem mediocre as expansion worthy features? Sure WvW alliances is coming, but that has been planned for over 2 years. I’m still hoping for a Ritualist profession, but we’ll see!
  3. Please make this happen. Sincerely hope that image isn’t just reusing the Ritualistic outfit and that we are getting Ritualist as playable profession. The hype is real now. The Asura and human are both wielding great swords. The Char has a staff , but why is the Ritualist there on the right. So cool !
  4. Vallun’s guides are good for thinking about how to rotate. But in general, his PvP builds are 90% theory craft that will only work in gold matches and rarely in platinum tier. Basically, his builds are not viable unless it’s thief or guardian. Take the information from him as good enough for the average player, but not good enough for the average player to compete at a platinum level.
  5. If you remove Menders amulet for no reason other than newbies are complaining about it on the forums, then you should also consider removing Berserker and Marauder amulet. There is no reason to just remove amulets from the game, you should just balance the professions that are over turned. Don’t be lazy and keep on balancing each profession just like you did today. Removing amulets ruins PvP diversity and any chance of competitive PvP from the community in general. Please do your job right, don’t remove amulets. Balance the professions that need it, just like how over turned burn DH was, or
  6. Lol. Menders amulet removal ? Why not remove berserkers and Marauder amulet while we’re at it ! No. Learn to play and +1 properly.
  7. It takes practice, and most players aren’t willing to invest the time. Although there is some luck in the allies who happen to be on your team, you have to play your best to continue to climb or maintain your rating.
  8. I want to know whether the Lich 4 shroud bug on minions Necro was fixed, that carries over life force shroud after the timer runs out to the start of the match. That is an awful exploit. That should not exist in the game.
  9. Some burn stacks should have been removed from the permeating wrath skill or how it interacts with Dragon Hunter. Otherwise I think it’s fine. The only time the burn is a real issue is when there are 2 Dragonhunters, that the burn can’t be cleansed on time.
  10. Yes. That’s why I modified my response. It would be extremely useful for a new player or someone doing living story episodes. If someone has not done Heart of Thorns, those mastery points take quite a long time to level up :)
  11. It may be useful to new players trying to level up mastery points. Not so much For me with 299 mastery points.
  12. That seems pretty useless :( Thank you for the response.
  13. It will be 12 hours until I am home to check. What does the new black lion mastery chest Guarantee item contain ?
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