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  1. Tried the story instance three times now and every time I beat the jade guardian and the ministers, but the count shows remaining: 1 I have explored every nook and cranny of the instance for more to kill. I previously have run at least three other characters (prior to the return event) through this story, so unsure what has changed.
  2. My big gripe with eater of souls is the lack of ability to play it effectively in a group. My wife and I co-op through the story and god its boring being a mote.
  3. Guh, I will never understand the Tengu love. I would love to see Kodan, but I doubt we will get a new race.
  4. ANET put your pants back on! oh wait... on a streak not streaking.ANET has always put out good trailers. Wait for the content before making judgement calls.
  5. Th whole Crush cubs event is a delight. Vloyat Crushmaw: Feel the impressive mightiness of my crash-bang-KAPOW!
  6. An episode where we spend the whole thing scrambling to get a last moment cure only to arrive to late... and suddenly she becomes awakened embodying the spirit of JOKO!
  7. Interesting concept, by the way, wishing people well in the form of a rant. But no, I think he also means us other Forum readers and posters. People tend to skip big blocks of text, but prefer structured and ordered text because it gives more clarity to the writer's point of view. And it also makes it easier to respond to. That said, why should PvP be tied in to PvE? Or why should WvW, for that matter? They're different game modes. Skills don't even work the same way in PvE and PvP/WvW. They're split from each other. Keeping them separate from PvE is completely in line with the intentions of t
  8. I'm as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth
  9. ohhhh did I see one of those wonderful Kodan Iceberg cities?!?!?!
  10. Triple Trouble is easy. The only challenging thing about Triple Trouble is to find and organize enough players that work/play together coordinated. And avoid trolls...
  11. From the first time I viewed a vista I loved this game. It may not be the most rational thing, but the reason I keep playing is because I enjoy viewing scenery and the Vistas just really do it for me.
  12. The problem is that you can pet quite a number of (not only) doggos in GW2, EXCEPT your own ranger doggo. Totally agree, if I was not already hooked on GW2 the lack of ranger interaction with their pets would be a serious put off.
  13. Half my criteria for video games these days is "Can you pet the doggo"
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