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  1. I misread that. I thought you said the half life of U235 (just over 700 million years if you're no familiar)
  2. Pay to keep Anet employees working. I still use core builds in wvw from time to time just because some are fun to play. What I find is that a lot of people don't know how to react to them and the fight goes my way. "Powerful" is misleading. Equal skill, the better build or better class matchup will take the win, but its pretty rare that the skill is equal. Good players adjust.
  3. Tybalt That personal story part where we have to outdrink the pirates is my favorite single story step in the game.
  4. It doesn't feel like they put a lot of thought into the fishing. "Hey, lets put in a system that annoys our customers!" "Yeah, the best way is to put in RNG, they love that!" "Oh!, and add in catches they can't do anything to help themselves with!" "Brilliant!" While the titles are punny, the last one could have easily been "RNGesus loves me!"
  5. The NPE was horribly done (said that at the time too). I'm glad they're going to do something about it.
  6. I agree about the fishing. The RNG nature of something that you want to work towards feels so wrong. Most achievements in PVE you know what you have to do. If everyone does the same thing, they get the reward (dodge the thing, kill in X minutes, complete # events, etc.) In fishing, do the same thing, you do not get the same outcome.
  7. Its a shame that they don't offer anything to focus for those collections. Frustrating their customers seems to be one of their goals with the fishing implementation.
  8. We 'wvw-centric' payers are not pretending anything of the sort. For the purposes of this thread; I want Anet to put resources into WvW which is on every day rather than putting that effort into a few week festival. You can go on not knowing things as you say.
  9. No no no. Hey Anet - WvW is a cornerstone remember? Hire someone to get to work on that. Add in the coder you had turn off the jadebot in wvw (though you made a liar out of the guy on the livestream) and we'd have to people working on the 'cornerstone'. Once you get that done, then maybe someone can spend time on SAB.
  10. Either the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing or they out and out lied to us. Neither is very comforting.
  11. They realized they gave something to the forgotten game mode. Now, they've corrected that mistake and left us with nothing new. Kill mobs in pve - get extra loot. Certainly don't want wvw players getting the same thing.
  12. Of course they took that away. Wouldn't want to attract player who might find they enjoy the game mode. Anet really doesn't want any profit made in this game mode. I'm sure after they've tinkered with the alliances for another year, they'll find something else to take away.
  13. There are a very bitter minority who will make enough noise that Anet will change the game for them. Map completion includes wvw? Gone. Give them some more time, I'm sure Anet will capitulate. Maybe they'll introduce a gem store item called the 'gimme that!" pay 2400 gems and you get whatever item you otherwise don't want to put in the effort to get.
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