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  1. I still haven't finished the story and stuff like this makes me less inclined to even do that. Wishing I hadn't bothered with this expansion.
  2. I don't have any problem with people. I have a problem with the build kitten's. I don't run builds that are 100% someone else's. I have to have the flexibility to tweak things to work for me. There are those guilds in WvW that are the same. I just avoid them too. Fortunately I've found freewheeling guilds there that I enjoy running with. I solo my story and hate being forced to play it with others. I don't mind it, I just do not want to be forced to.
  3. I avoid all group content outside of WvW like the plague it is. If the strikes are required to finish the story I will be finding something else to play.
  4. I finish wood and then I quit playing WvW for the week during no downstate. I hate this event.
  5. You have to make 2 awakened versions. The slumbering one won't add to the armory. I had 1 of each and had to "upgrade" the slumbering one so all my toons could use it.
  6. The fights sucked but the outnumbered pips were nice. Rough week that link.
  7. Just because they say it'll be free doesn't mean there won't be a cost. Maybe it'll be free to use for X number of toons, but if you want to use it on more you'll have to pay to unlock. Like we got so many templates per toon free but more cost gems.
  8. The first few chapters were good. I loved Drizzlewood after I took the time to get into it. The latest chapter i is the worst. I tried the first DRM and noped out. haven't been back and don't plan to. My game time is now more limited and I can't see wasting it on DRM's.
  9. I tried the first one when it came out. Didn't like it and haven't been back to any of them. People still play these?
  10. Speak to your guild leaders/officers and ask them. They may have specific rules about it. Personally I feel guilds that require rep are living in the past. Pre HOT it was how guilds received influence they could use towards upgrades and boosts. They got it when you did an event while repping them. If your in a guild that requires it ask yourself if you really want to be there. Rep a guild because you want to, not because your told to. There's to many good guilds that don't require repping to ever be in one that does.
  11. Doing map completion yet again for Legendary weps and I'm noticing the mobs aren't always spawning. So far I've noticed 2 hearts with issues:Help the wupwup tribe in fireheart rise. Lowest heart on the left. The mobs weren't spawning near the truffles. I went back later and it was fine. Different IP maybe.Help sleekfur warband defend the road at soldier mesa. The mobs that attack the machine guns aren't spawning. This one I though to grab the IP And yes I waited to see if they would spawn both times. They can still be completed but slower going without all the means of advanceme
  12. I was the last one alive and still fighting each time. My group was telling me to /gg. Maybe my full zerk ascended gear wasn't squishy enough. I suppose my 70ish AR wasn't enough for the level 25 fractal either. But yeah, totally my fault. A problem with the fractal and let's blame the person saying there's a problem. Typical forum warrior response.
  13. Avoid it. Final boss is too hard and it bugs out sometimes making you have to start over from the beginning.
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