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  1. The said that they will release new Fractals (but didnt read anything about raid ) . The majority dont have problem with Fractal delay . The only Fractal population that is dying , is the CM , because they removed "half the rewards -dissaproved by the devs" the 2,7 gold average from Mystic coins (omg noo....)
  2. Removal of the DPS meters 😛 For 6 years now , people have said that dps addon is a godsent that allow people to use off-meta builds as long as they can do enought dps . Then for the last month, you have threads about "omg Teapot is using this 1111 spec" , this removes the complexity from the game 😛 (and that sexy guy , is trying still to bridge the casual vs raider gap , xaxaxaxa.
  3. Its already been :P (the good old days , when thief had traps (benefit from Stealth Runes) and they didnt reveal you . Ahh the fun old memories of WvW , getting killed by an 100% total invisible player at spawn) Edit: are you sure old gg , you dont Conditions to "mark" the target (blood footsteps) for Unranked ?
  4. If the majority don't care about dps addons , then they wont notice any major difference 😛 (normaly i would say that people can indentify skills that do more dps , like in pvp , thus this balance patch is helping them , rather be forced to memorize a rotation (which a rotation works only in stay-still bosses) , but i would wasting my time trying to persuade old people that play raids like they where taught 20 years ago) In CM strike we reblancin it with more HP. People love big numbers + tight timers (why not make the fight RNG like soo won old gg ? Poeple loved that fig
  5. Very nice idea of buffing core weapons old gg. And thankfully that the pve side is satisfied , we can move to the more crusial part of balancing PvP/WvW (and hopefully it will force a re-design of Rev 2handed-mace + Ele Staff)
  6. It will be better to put Urn + New Comfetti (like exist in the chest of the 4-Winds) + existing imfusion . They are the most sought out items and they waste less resources to create new ones for an old content While using the Watchwork Weapons for another content , will have 2 areas of the games where have very sexy rewards We avoid any future scenarios where people try to argue that 1% of the areas of the game should be for them and then tell the company 3 months later , that casuals are not doing the content for lack of rewards and we should buff it so they have a mo
  7. The code exist . Choose either the IBS code or the PvP one without the MMR rating If it fails, the resources will move to other areas . Fast nail . It will hurt at release , but it will give the company a strong indication Whats simpler an 1-button-auto-lfg ? We avoid the toxicity of people trying to leach in 250kp groups
  8. I don't see really the problem . If people like auto-lfg , then the threads of Raids Sellers + Getting in groups you dont belong will stop. If it fails , then areas will get more manpower-resources . Bahh ...fast things... no more toxicity on the forums
  9. There is not areason not to try again The code exist . Then we will use this excuse + the threads that Raids are discontinued for low participation , to allowcate resources to other areas .
  10. A final nail. It it fails , then we can agree that the community dont like instance content. Resources will move to other areas of the game No more "you shouldnt join groups you dont belong , but you can have an auto-lfg"
  11. 1)create an afk mechanic 2)people-re-spercted to healer to cheese the mechanic (i was there on Boneskinner) 3) Youmean one last standing player that didnt die and continued the battle ? For 1-2 moremin? 4)You can keep the old lfg
  12. Lets try again , puting the button in the LFG pannel + no 2 hour cd + afk detect mechanic Those 4 players changed their spec ingame , becuase they knew that way they can cheese . So in the auto-lfg there is no need for deticated slot-specs Why not repeat that ? If it failed again (they already have the code) , then they will have the data that majority dont like instance content
  13. There no need for specific group composition for normal Strikes + Dungeons. What is the backfire ?
  14. Again , there no reason not to implant it . It fails , it fails (because the casual wont like it..) and more resources toward other modes . There is no longer needed to "inovate" different things for instance content . This is the last straw
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