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  1. Dont forget Sc guild , where it hid the fact that ele can do 51k . Forcing the devs to reduce the auto attacks from 1.1 >0.9 + if you offer quickness , you personally deal -10% less dps . (i mean common i hate thieves , and they are the ones got hurt the most ....Who cares about PvE guild and the World-First-Race . Or what happens if you don't get invited to the ones that demands 500kp + titles..) No more dps meters ! No more oligarchy ! Make the"voice of the people" with test servers !
  2. If we are going to have test server, then we must stop balancing around the dps meters (hehehhe yes plz!) Some classes that are complex -have utilities tools , should do less/more dps. They only problem in the high end people wont take some classes , which if that happesn the non-welcomed are welcomed in our ranks. We may not KP/LI or high dps , but we have big casual hearts! It doesnt mater if your Crit character can reach 32k , rather than "best option-not draggin the rest" 39kdps , we will still love you with our 6k !
  3. xaxaxa! If they put the 2016 Joker face next to the burning money , i don't a problem with that ! But.. If that happens...:P
  4. Yes people cannot jokes with their friends for areas that originally were meant to have a normal-relaxed conversation with some friends . Even a casual can understand that having 2 character with copy-paste-same-aoes fury to the whole party (4s - 8cd) , is a different solution that having a static Boon-duration character . Or that for 6 WHOLES YEARS, they avoid having a "meele traitline only" and try to spice up and put different things in different areas (War -5%crit in Arms -creating hybrid traitlines) I am sorry , they didn't spelled that
  5. His an adult , he knew that the balance will get people angry , like february 2020 . We have to wait 5-6more hours to understand the reasoning for each balance change . They are at a "vacation-sumer time" and they resume+ give us the roadmap after they come back in september 😛
  6. 1) Tommorow 2)The dev was having fun/joking with his 8 CLOSEST FRIENDS ,The community did the death threads 3)...no opinio.. 4)We have a timeframe . They said this summer will have a balance patch and they did. Now they say in the Semptember-Octomber and they might do something urgent between now and then (hello! its summer time ! excuse me they don't release faster +roadmap NOW in the heat... )
  7. Well , now that the Dev is not getting fired , some people are in a BIG trouble 😛 (xaxaxaxaxaxaxa) (isn't it time to check , who owns -who account ?:P Its free-really estate)
  8. I hope they hire new devs and ban arcdps . In every thread in reddit , people justifiable compared all the classes to guardian . So we must nerf- adjust numbers , so the more a class offers in versatility , the more less dps it can do . And even pros are saying , power specs are doing 3-7k less dps forcing people to have a condi meta , and we have people like dT that are quitting Edit: (You know old gg that i spent 5 years practicing math in Burkley and Yale right ? If people have problem with the Mist offensive potion that offer a defensive stats (HP) , then offer
  9. I just hope people aren't trying to replace a dev with another more agreeable-izzy-dev and spread miss-informations . Because if that don't happen , then it will be alot worse , with things aimed at them, were the majority are not affected (Mystic Coins). (Good luck)
  10. Maybe people that did them before the patch , should get an achivmenet called : "Scourge MVP and the rest did something , idk" Edit: should we include also Guard MVP , for when it had the "aegis" Mantra of Solace ?
  11. The open pve side will not be affected at any way . If people don't do instance content , wont bother the Open world . If people get toxic in the lfg , wont bother the Open world . Theres a chance the people that wanted an auto-lfg (45:05) might comeback. Bending the knee , and having a bad publicity that we admit defeat tothe superior system of ff14 , it will act as publicity trick to entice them (more than the ingame current population can :P)
  12. This can work for our benefit thought... If they implant an auto-LFG , then videos games sites , like the one that dissed Blizzard for copying our mount , will tell stories like "GW2 ,one of the MANY inovating kings bowed down to FF14" (.. and then we throw a spear to that Persian God King...) .East vs west , noodles vs pizza and theres a chance the FF14 raiding communiyt will give a chance in GW2 next expansion .
  13. Lets create an auto-LFG and use this ff14 "echo" mechanic (full modern game set), and we automatically wont need the EXP groups help for like...ever ! No need to re-invent the wheel and waste more money !
  14. If people can opt it out , then ok . Lets make a dps addon , were if you have enbled-installed it , then you get tracked and you messure who has the "longest number". If some1 will "force" me to enable it , then i guess it will another form of LI , were i can simply avoid it and play were the majority are .
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