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  1. (damm its narrowed downed) Can i apply for the accounting ? Trust me bro , 1x year(total 2) in management and economics in shipping (damm oral english communication ) , is all that i need . If it doesnt work it out , then i will move with the money to Brasil
  2. Yeah , just like the accounting department , used to get headache when people could get 400 gems with the achivements . Or Smite(game) when they offer free gems from login .... Why people cannot emotionall support the guy that tries to balance all the time the " Items you will have more than a year + what your merch+ income + assets worth , vs what you must pay/own to others+tax" ! Theres humans ! Edit: At the 5 th year of GW3 they will use leap to production of GW4 . By using GW3 enging + code , they can easily leap more easly to GW4 in the 7-8th year Now in the 11-12year mark of GW4 till the 14-15th , there will be small paid expansions + 1 year of nothing (only living sorties) and use that time to leap to UF7 and GW5+GW6
  3. Yes... People are currently using real money to buy something from the GW2 gemstore. If they give gems in GW3 ,A VIRTUAL CURRENCY , they will gives people moneys back and lose moeny...... How i didnt think about that ... (3 items , by vote will be re-deisgned per semester . Whoever didnt have it in GW2 , will have t buy it in GW3 .. And in ordetr to put scarcity , the same items cannot be shown in vote for 2 years ) Thats why i told you 7 years , that coinsice with PoF . The engine + code for GW4 will be there . 40% of the job done. And any new game is like a new fresh car that attract customers 😛
  4. What if just like they used the GW1 engine to create GW1+GW2 , then UE5 can be used for GW3+GW4 ? And every 7 years they move to the next game / engine as a marketing ploy ? Its a simple strategie to counter future games. And for the GW2 Gemstore items , to re-implant it in GW3 , they can let the community to vote for 3x item each semester , for free (LoL hereo VGU) . It you didn't get what you wanted (or you won , but you dont like that its not exactly the same like GW2) , you get "gem currency" back in GW3 (virtual money that can spent on new items) . If you have unlocked all the options-vote (or 50-70%) , you get automatically a free/or 2 scaled gemstore item in GW3 , re gardles if you vote/get the item or not
  5. I don know i have seeen multipic , people saying that people should Waypoint if fully dead in reddit . The major problem is the afking . For some reason we see more afkers currently in areas that offer the OW legendary compared to other Gold-money-maker meta , which is strange... Maybe we should offer the OW Lenedary some alternate ways that involve PERSONAL participation (like Latterns) , so people cannot benefit from afking (of get boycoted...so they get inot...WvW) Also lets buff the dps , by 500 dps more to reach the general Casual pds , if the damage of Skyscale is low
  6. We should spent some resources first , on the afkers that don't do anything , that destroyed the Convergences ... so people dont need to tell us to join Private Groups as a solution (like Marrionete+ first EoD strikes). Fireball combat can wait
  7. We must have more , now that the majority insisting that you should buy it from the TP , or we dont need . One more option shouldnt hurt , like from Astrals Points (exept some people pockets might get hurt )
  8. Hm , the company could always try to sell the PvE GoB is the Wizzard Vault , like a limited edition gem store item . Its not P2W and people have done various ingame activities to collect the Astral Points . Edit: then if we need more "Core Weapons" (or "PvE" armor!!! Everthing is PvE !) , like Catleboarg, we make special events where the whole game works together : Or we circle each player with 20-30 min playtime for a Rush event and the rest of the server , will unlock for you the rest (sent an RNG-unlock item) , that cover 75% of the Core map If you suprass the quota (3x areas-heart-vistas unlocked) or help a new player in 1x event , you have an increased chance for another PvE CoB The rest of the days people should do the old Core run or buy from the TP , like most Raiders are saying to them Edit: the 20-30 min playtime could Work for WvW.too , with showering them with WvW - track Potions...
  9. Imagine a Kung Fu Master in GW2 with Swimsuit .....
  10. We could make an altaternate way to get it , just like Skyscale . So there wiill be the Normal-Buy from TP- 3d way 😛
  11. Hmm , it seems people have a monetary benefit , create the more rockus 😛
  12. Attach in the Turtle a Skyscale (faster turning speed) or Roller beetle (faster straight-backwaords acceleration) , and create a button that will attach the enemy and will try to escape from it (like the npcs will moves backwards to escape the main player) , allowing the driver to man the extra guns . And place even 2 more for for more people to hop on for some battleship vs Boss action. Edit: Or attach player skiff with cannons , so the Turtle becomes like the last ship in the"Battlehip" movie.... Or mounts have differents elements . Fire-bunny can do a fire dash+ circle area and Switch to a Water turtle (where the water evaporatees and oxygen fuel the fire) and you are yeeted off some meters. Or Earth Bunny at his jump , raiseu p many rocks and you can switch to to Air Jackal to leviate them and jump over them for few sec , or an extra button that throw them in the enemy you are targeting And F2-F4 elements buttons that is shared withing mounts and each elements in Mounts is RNG every 1 min (but show their icons ontop )
  13. I agree (so we run out of any problems , that the majority dont like )
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