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  1. That's not even that high though ik I've gotten 900k-1mil multiple times on both my thief and engineer which are by far my most played classes. Just depends how long the match is and how much time is spent actually fighting versus just capping points and rotatin
  2. Hammer definitely goes to scrapper. I've hit ~25k dps consistently on golem with scrapper. Don't have link but basically you use whirl gyro, grenades, and either bombs or rifle turret. With turret you stays in hammer and auto and use grenade 2/4/5, whirl gyro, grenade toolbelt, hammer 2, turret toolbelt off cd. Bombs pretty much same thing but instead of hammer autos use bomb autos and also bomb 2 off cd. I know it uses scrapper and firearms which both have a ton of dmg modifiers and pretty sure explosives as well but could be wrong. When I mained engi in fractals Id actually use this if no he
  3. Just getting back into roaming wvw and I've always loved p/p condi variations of elixirs or tools. I'd prefer core or scrapper but anything is fine.
  4. Once meta is complete and the timer to kill the bosses and loot the caches runs down, nothing happens and the map just never resets. Haven't been able to find a fresh map since I completed meta first time.
  5. So, is this something coming out on tuesday or at least the next update after that or is it gonna be months from now? Because the initial post acted like it was something that was ready and even said they were implementing it next update and wanting feedback. Then 2 months later thanked us for our feedback but said basically according to our interest they would start working on it and were excited to have us be a part of the developmental process.
  6. Because I just switched mains from charr to sylvari thief and my OCD and a lot of extra time on my hands I ran through world completion and now going through all the stories starting with 1-80 personal story. Firstly I forgot how long it was and a little nostalgic for the dozens of times I died in "Victory or Death" playing it before any expansions. Though I just want to say I love the detail in it especially the sylvari story was my first time doing it for that. Also it could just be because I havent played on any of the living story maps recently but Zhaitan seems like the coolest dragon Ane
  7. For people with duplicates, just refer to the current system of build templates especially with regard to legendaries. Crafting a full 9 sets may not have been worth it now considering this but at the very least, you won't have to deal with the horrible/half decent implementation that we have to expect with legendary armory
  8. I mean it's not like you can copyright dragons, but the trailer for season 1 was almost to a dot the fight against the night long in season 7. And with the entire mood of the new story and the wall to the east revealed with season 2 it just seems very close to me.
  9. Can we please get mistlock sanctuary passkey. Or just multiple passes in general. According to history on wiki at least mistlock and royal pass are due sometime this fall anyways or will be the longest break in between appearances on gem store thus far. Havent checked others
  10. It's funny. Anet easily dealt with pve farm bots, but not in pvp. Only thing you can do is make you're way to gold 3 or higher when ppl really want to win compared to lower tiers, where your team lose 1 fights and ppl type "trash team, bye bye" and afk. I've been in both tiers, you still see afkers in higher tiers but it's really nothing compared to silver, quick tip, if you want to win in lower tiers you just have to farm one guy consistently, 3 quick deaths and you have a good chance the guy goes afk.I'm gold 3 been in and out of plat. People just think they're better than they are and en
  11. It's funny. Anet easily dealt with pve farm bots, but not in pvp. Well pve bots farm gold which you can buy thru gems. Of course there was a issue that had to be solved before anything else in the game. Takes profit away.Yes, but what he is talking about is separate from what I mentioned in original post. I was simply talking about people rage quitting and sitting in spawn for the game. There are people that bot pvp matches and get 3k+ games in a season. That directly transfers to gold from the chests. The final repeatable chest gets you ~15 silver a pip. So a loss would get 45 silver and a
  12. Well, yes. It is complicated. It's tough for them to take action on a report without the possibility of wrongly suspending a player if the player themself who reported them was not valid. It really comes down to what information they have which I have no idea. If they can look back at a minimap for a game showing all 10 players and quickly scan through the entire match like its a video, with the resources, they should be able to take action on all valid incidents reported. I realize this is unlikely for the amount of data it would take even if it only sent for pvp matches that a player was rep
  13. Is anything actually done about match manipulation and idle player reports? I understand there has to be evidence and most of the reports are handled from chats, but there is someone that is afk after first fight or no later than halfway through the match almost every other game. It's a huge issue that is hard to prevent entirely in any competitive setting, but it feels like nothing is being done whatsoever.
  14. Midway through pvp match colors randomly inverted or whatever this is:After going to character select and back in after match it was still:After exiting the game and logging back in it was fixed. Though it is a very annoying issue that I'm sure I may not even run into again let alone get looked at in any sense. But, among the many, many issues I have had as a gw2 mac user over the last 2 months, I'm glad to see the mac client getting support to prevent random problems like this.On a 2017 Mac book pro, I haven't even upgraded to Catalina yet, which I've heard has several issues, and I run in hi
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