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  1. You should mention wether you're playing on EU or NA 😉
  2. Where exactly did they market GW2 as "you can play how you want, yet master every content"? I remember them marketing that there's no holy trinity, that it's very casual friendly (which it really is), that classes are not fixated on one playstyle and so on. I have yet to see an GW2 add stating "Throw together any gear with any traits and you will still succed at everything the game has to offer by just smashing random buttons."
  3. If only "They just dump the content as "not being able to play how they want" and move on. ". It's more likely they go to the forums and/or their bubble complaining about toxic elitist raiders, a mysterious arbitrarily meta etc. If people that are so fixated on their playstyle and unwilling to learn/improve/adapt- would just go and find their niche and have fun there and not bother those that enjoy different things and playstyles- we wouldn't have this kind of threads over and over again. Guess I'm just too old for that "everything has to cater to me special snowflake" mindset. That's
  4. Not a video, but a quick overview about objectives/scoring for each mode can be found in the wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Player_versus_Player
  5. Another minor thing to mention- if you visualy want 2 shining blades and the convenience of legendary weapons, you can also craft 1 shining blade and 1 bolt and use the shining blade skin on bolt. Should be cheaper than crafting 2 shining blades and you get an additional skin unlocked.
  6. As long as you know what you're doing, carry your weight (not like that 8k DPS reaper I faced lately....) and meet the party's criteria (like xxx LI or KP or whatever they ask for), there's nothing wrong with bringing your Reaper. So if you're confident in your skills- go ahead.
  7. I like this suggestion. It doesn't hurt anyone and dungeons might see a little more play. Personally I usually do the daily dungeon when it's availabe and thus wouldn't mind them being a daily option. It's a nice casual and relaxed activity to have with the guild or friends, yet slightly more demanding than open world stuff.
  8. I think Briar would have been better as her second name instead of tying the names together with a hyphen. Anyway, mostly a matter of personal taste anyway, so congratulations to you and your family, hope everyone is and will stay well. (and bonus points to you, if your family's name happens to be "O'Hara")
  9. A lot of good advice was already given and since OP seems to be gone already, it might be too late, but since to my surprise no one already brought it up.... ... can I have your stuff? Anyway, take care and I hope you find a gaming home that fits your needs.
  10. From the blog post: "These encounters will introduce you to the mechanics you’ll need to learn and master in order to continue your journey, in an environment that doesn’t demand perfection but still pushes you to learn and grow your combat capabilities." So basicly they're doing the same approach they did before with fractals and strikes- adding "stepping stones" for people to improve and get ready for raids (now strike CMs), yet neclecting the fact that this didn't work out as planned for the majority of the player base. Guess this is the final proof for the Devs being mad, accordi
  11. Going by that logic, updrafts should skyrocket every Asura into space and beyond. Not that I'd be against this kind of solution to get rid of those lil' rats, but I guess it would upset at least some players...
  12. Playing druid, hscg and Hfb myself and I'm a big fan of healtempest for raids, so here's my two cents. First it would be helpfull if you'd mention the game modes you're struggling. Since you mention squads, I assume you're talking about raids. Be aware that pretty much everything you do (with the exception of SyG) will only affect 5 players, so usually only your subsquad unless your squad is very scattered. Raw healing ain't the strongest feature of the Hfb aswell, as you already figured out, staff 2 and F2 are your burst heals (and if equipped spirit bow), the later with a very long
  13. No idea what you're saying here. I was referring to your "fastest 100 get exclusive rewards" idea which in my opinion is a flat out bad idea, even more so on a long term event. To make my example clear: player A, or let's say "static group A" would be well capable of tackling the challenge (climb to 100 with whatever fancy stuff the event throws at them) and are likely to be among the top 100. But since they also got some RL stuff going on, they mostly play during weekends. If said event starts on, let's say tuesday, they're pretty much excluded from the top rewards just because they have
  14. I got that, but I still do strongly disagree. Introducing a 3-4 month long event, yet excluding ppl meeting the skill floor from some of the rewards, just because they have a job / live in inconvenient timezones / have a life besides GW2 and can't invest their time right at the beginning is a no-go for me. We already have a softer form of this in form of seasonal event dailies punishing those that can't split their gaming time evenly across the week but have to focus on a few days. I don't want to see this emphazised.
  15. The base idea of some seasonal incentive to play fractals- I like. Add some exclusive rewards to them- I like. Gate those rewards to just a few players that happen to have time to play at the start of the season- no no no no no. Reset fractal progress for such a season- another big no. Changing AR to an account-wide system- indifferent since I'm swimming in infusions already, but I wouldn't mind. tl;dr: I'm all for something like the recent fractal rush event, with exclusive rewards for everyone participating and completing it, but over a longer period coupled with a less stressf
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