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  1. Players in 2012-GW2 is dead. Players in 2013-GW2 is dead. Players in 2014-GW2 is dead. Players in 2015-GW2 is dead. Players in 2016-GW2 is dead. Players in 2017-GW2 is dead. Players in 2018-GW2 is dead. Players in 2019-GW2 is dead. Players in 2020-GW2 is dead. Players in 2021-GW2 is dead. Starting to notice a pattern here....
  2. Update has been very nice so far. Only main problem I have found is when trying to swap a weapon from inventory, you have to reselect the legendary and add the upgrade items each time. Would be nice if this could be fixed to allow smoother weapon swapping. Also would be nice to have a way to read about the Legendary Lore in game anytime.
  3. After todays Legendary armory update, I have salvaged maybe a dozen ascended items and I am not getting any stabilizing matricies at all. I always got them in the past, now I am getting stuff like unbound magic, agony infusions, etc but no matrices. Was there some change to this? I have a lot more I would like to salvage, but I am holding back atm.
  4. Can you be a little more clear about match up rewards? Do you mean skirmishes or at the end of a matchup. Either way I would like to see personal achievements be reused for rewards, as rewarding winning servers has caused many issues in the past. I believe many of those same issues would continue with alliances. I like the idea of WvW Seasons, where we can personally complete sets of achievements for rewards, similar to what we currently have with PvE return to Living World. Many games use this concept, so many of us are familiar with it. Personally I would like a way to get the Gi
  5. I remember the first no downstate event, I played 14 hours straight all through the first night. I was having so much fun I didn't even realize how much time had passed. Unfortunately I don't have the time anymore so I couldn't play much this time around. I do wish they would run this event more often.
  6. I made tons of gold, and had some fun so all good here. Plus, I always enjoy snowy areas, so added bonus!
  7. Yes, and several years later I can confidently say I am 85% over her, progress can be made! I was never a fan of the alliance concept, but nowadays I am a very casual player with limited playtime so I wouldn't mind seeing it implemented. I do think they abandoned the idea with the lack of any updates or communication for so long. Another theory is that they shifted all resources towards work on the expansion so alliances might still be worked on but wont be implemented until well after the expansion.
  8. I had a pretty crappy day...and I just smiled for the first time today after reading those "update notes" 10/10
  9. I just started playing again and I really want to see a new balance update...the current meta is incredibly boring and stale. Nothing feels fun to play. Instead of just nerfing/buffing we need a lot of reworks of weapons, skills, and traits that are never used. They don't need to be made over the top, just practical for different playstyles. Instead of pushing people into a few viable builds, you need to create more build diversity. Also 300s cd's...no just no....
  10. Do the quick wvw dailies like camp, sentry, dolyak, vet creature, spender, defender etc.Consider using a class with good mobility, and a ranged weapon option.Look for builds online, there are tons of guides, builds and videos.Consider a server transfer if you find yourself more interested in WvW, big fights can be really fun and there are servers that are active during your time.Use celebration/birthday boosters, and other items that help speed up reward track progress.Play on outnumbered maps for the extra 5 pips and +50% participation, just run around killing guards, sentries, yaks, and take
  11. Engineers are putting out a little too much healing and barrier spam, would be nice to have some viable offensive builds. dps scrapper with bomb kit have usually the highest damage output in large scale and close range fights. No need for more offensive builfs. Holosmith for roaming is good too. Afaik there is a one shot build... I look at it more like this...compare it to Guardians. They have some very strong offensive builds as well, but the majority of people playing Guardians are running Minstrel Firebrands because it is the dominant meta build. Much the same way with Scrapper, while it
  12. @X T D.6458 said:Just wondering, what the current timetable is for pushing out balance updates. Would like to see nerfs to stealth, boons, and rezzing/downstate... Elaborate more on Rezzing/downstate, what is it that you dislike about it.Personally I would like to see a rework of revive traits, and skills. Specifically protective reviver, transfusion, and illusion of life. It is frustrating trying to fight groups running boon balls that can instantly rez people back to full health. Downstate needs to be nerfed in WvW so people cant constantly rally, increasing the downed state penalty and red
  13. Thieves need stealth nerfs, its long overdue, specifically Deadeye rifle builds. The class is too reliant on a broken, unbalanced and gimmicky mechanic. They need to shift the class away from that garbage. In regards to Rev, I am mixed to the change to CoR targeting, the cd seems a bit high. Elementalists need a buff to air skills, especially staff. The damage and utility is pathetic at best. Guardians are always so tricky to balance...way too important of a class. As much as I would like to see their boon output and healing nerfed, it cant be done without lowering damage from other sources to
  14. I saw that mentioned in a pvp post. I tried to watch some of it....but in all honesty it was painful trying to watch those devs fight....I did not see the part related to balancing though. Don't get your hopes up too much.Patch might just be more nerf to Arrow Carts. Ballistas and Gates/Walls. I always welcome siege nerfs, cant stand seeing people sit on siege instead of fighting.
  15. I saw that mentioned in a pvp post. I tried to watch some of it....but in all honesty it was painful trying to watch those devs fight....I did not see the part related to balancing though.
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