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  1. That is some beautiful art. Zhaitan was very well designed with so much detail in the game. I wish we saw more of Primordus, not happy with how that ended 😖
  2. Sounds good, cant wait to see that new guild hall. I just have one question...will Kanaxai be back...or is he gone for good 😭
  3. The Halloween festival was my first Guild Wars event over 12 years ago back in GW1. I still remember getting all excited when Mad King Thorn picked me out in Kamadan to play rock, paper, scissors. I look forward to it and Wintersday all year. I love the decorations, atmosphere, music, activities etc. Side note, I hate Gourdgrinder 😡
  4. Do people not understand what a BETA TEST is? Its meant to identify problems so they can be fixed. They are trying to completely overhaul and rework an entire game mode, did you really think it was going to go smoothly right away?
  5. Long needed change. I was doing one of the recent return to living story missions (Forearmed Is Forewarned) and got instantly kicked out of the instance for using a teleport skill that landed me outside the playable area. Luckily I was able to continue from a checkpoint and did not have to restart the entire mission.
  6. What am I curious about is how the guilds individual members WvW activity levels will impact their guilds matchups. For example, a guild where every member marks it as their WvW guild, but their activity levels vary. If this guild has more members that are in the low activity levels would that determine their placement in a matchup?
  7. So hypothetically one guild can fill an entire alliance slot? I am curious now as to what takes priority when placing players in alliances, our guild choice or our activity. So let's say a guild has 500 players, they all choose it as their WvW guild, but activity levels vary from high to low. I know this is a highly unlikely possibility, but its more about curiosity as to how the system works.
  8. Personally I did not like the skills flipping between alliances after use, I would prefer a way to keep one set of skills at a time. Eternity's Requiem states a duration of 9 seconds, but it seems to only last for one. Traits are lacking, and too focused on endurance and F2 usage. I never like to spam dodges to get some effect from them, it should be situational in my opinion. The traits seem to encourage a lot of constant flipping between legends and there are other related traits that can present some synergistic builds, but for me this is not practical.
  9. I tried the DX11 beta last night and it made everything look very dull and the game looked very dark, the gamma slider did not work. It also dropped my fps by 10-15 frames. Had to turn it off.
  10. Players in 2012-GW2 is dead. Players in 2013-GW2 is dead. Players in 2014-GW2 is dead. Players in 2015-GW2 is dead. Players in 2016-GW2 is dead. Players in 2017-GW2 is dead. Players in 2018-GW2 is dead. Players in 2019-GW2 is dead. Players in 2020-GW2 is dead. Players in 2021-GW2 is dead. Starting to notice a pattern here....
  11. Update has been very nice so far. Only main problem I have found is when trying to swap a weapon from inventory, you have to reselect the legendary and add the upgrade items each time. Would be nice if this could be fixed to allow smoother weapon swapping. Also would be nice to have a way to read about the Legendary Lore in game anytime.
  12. After todays Legendary armory update, I have salvaged maybe a dozen ascended items and I am not getting any stabilizing matricies at all. I always got them in the past, now I am getting stuff like unbound magic, agony infusions, etc but no matrices. Was there some change to this? I have a lot more I would like to salvage, but I am holding back atm.
  13. Can you be a little more clear about match up rewards? Do you mean skirmishes or at the end of a matchup. Either way I would like to see personal achievements be reused for rewards, as rewarding winning servers has caused many issues in the past. I believe many of those same issues would continue with alliances. I like the idea of WvW Seasons, where we can personally complete sets of achievements for rewards, similar to what we currently have with PvE return to Living World. Many games use this concept, so many of us are familiar with it. Personally I would like a way to get the Gi
  14. I remember the first no downstate event, I played 14 hours straight all through the first night. I was having so much fun I didn't even realize how much time had passed. Unfortunately I don't have the time anymore so I couldn't play much this time around. I do wish they would run this event more often.
  15. I made tons of gold, and had some fun so all good here. Plus, I always enjoy snowy areas, so added bonus!
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