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  1. It's the skills team. They have shown time and time again they do not play or understand their own game and have single-handedly ruined every form of content in every game mode with CONSTANT power creep.
  2. Absolutely right. All Anet has been doing is power creeping classes in EVERY game mode instead of picking something they want to balance around(example; warrior) then bringing everything up/down to that. They treat this game like a f2p mobile game.
  3. I don't want GW3 because I know every female character creation option will be meh to super meh, and unattractive as humanly possible.
  4. All of them except FF14, probably. WoW PvP is still the peak of MMORPG PvP 20 years later...pretty sad.
  5. Any purely team based PvP Game(overwatch, this, dota, LoL, etc) shouldn't allow anything but full premade in a ranked environment. All it's done is caused EXTREMELY rude behavior and angry communities to be the norm in all of these games.
  6. Power creep Skills that do 5 different things, generally break stuns, and are on a lower cooldown than CC as well as being INSTANT. Anytime I kill someone it doesn't feel satisfying because I didn't do anything to make them die, they simply made enough mistakes to get themselves killed. This is due to there being too many stun breaks on too low of a cooldown, too many evades, and not enough ways to set up kills, as all hard CC is on such a HIGH cd while also being a short duration. Other MMO PvP is ALL about CD trading. Offensive for defensive, forcing the opponent to pop a def
  7. I think this game has the worst combat due to the skills team power creeping the game to the moon. Every game mode is trash now. PvP combat is by far the worst of any MMO I've played.
  8. Yeah, it's waaay too easy to run away in this game. Mobility AND stealth is balanced around conquest standing on capture points so when those things don't exist, the game is unbearable. I can't outplay a thief by taking their node in WvW.
  9. What logic is this? Marauders isn't main stat toughness, nor is it double double defensive stats.
  10. It's the strongest form of stealth I've ever encountered in ANY MMORPG with PvP. It's completely and utterly broken due to the uptime on it. "Revealed" should last AT LEAST 15 seconds.
  11. "Assuming they aren't DE, they have tons of evades/gap closers". You missed the "Assuming they aren't DE" part. I actually mained thief until recently, so I know thief pretty well. The class is busted beyond belief. I know what the counter is, it's not logging into the game. Best counter ever.
  12. What counters? Deadeye's elite removes revealed and revealed isn't exactly a common debuff most classes have(engineer + DH + ranger + rev only iirc?). Do you want me to afk by the reveal scanner things in WvW? Sure, then the thief just walks away from me. Assuming the thief isn't deadeye, they have a million evades and gap closers to instantly teleport across the map away from me. Exciting gameplay.
  13. PvP is a lot more FUN to play than WvW.due to this. It's time WvW gets the same treatment.
  14. This video is so good at showing how absolutely TERRIBLE GW2's combat is. Nice job.
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