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  1. A lot of cool, fun and good changes. None to ele, as usual, not even sure why the class is in the game but whatever. A shame none of this matters since they don't add meaningful content to do, or things to work towards. The last farm map we got was Drizzlewood and it's a 4 year old map at this point. That's two WoW expacs, or 16 PoE leagues.
  2. All training groups are a scam and inhumane.
  3. Power creep is a big issue in a game with such anemic content updates. Every expac essentially removes more content than it adds due to power creep.
  4. No they shouldn't. Raids / CM's are done by such a small minority and should remain that way. I knew they'd continue to pick the worst option for a battle pass(ruin the game option) and try to get players to do content they hate doing. Blizzard tried doing this for a decade and finally learned that you don't force players to do things they don't want to do, or they quit the game. Anet is in for a rude awakening.
  5. Gyala Delve is the best meta in the game.(part1) Healers matter. DPS matters. Buffers matter. It's the best gold/hr in the game. This hatred over Gyala is so weird. You prefer metas that give less gold than Queensdale and pose zero challenge where nothing matters? Cause thats every SotO meta.
  6. The expansion just has nothing. They made us wait through EoD and then rushed out a living story to release this expansion of nothing to do. Gyala Delve is better than this entire expac, and it was free with EoD.
  7. A really bad one, still. No goals or new challenges added since EOD.
  8. Everything involved in OW legendary armor is somehow worse and less fun than AFKing pips in WvW. OW PvE is fun, yet they made grinding it for legendary armor EXTREMELY boring. Shows the grasp these current devs have on the game.
  9. "We'd rather you didn't play our game", yeah I get this sentiment from the devs all the time. HoT was the most profitable, popular and well liked time of GW2. Weird conclusion to come to with those presented facts.
  10. The director has been MIA since a month after EoD. They make PR announcements and random devs talk in streamers chat. No other dev interaction.
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