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  1. You can be in 5 guilds, only one of them has to be selected as your wvw guild and it doesn't have to be the same you represent. Is it really that much of a problem to form a guild with friends to simply solve this problem?
  2. You obviously didnt understand the system. Worlds are created by the matchnaker based on wvw participation. If one large guild/alliance stacks many many active players, they will in turn get very few allies. Not too mention that there will be limits on how many active players can be in one Alliance (as their selected WvW alliance). In turn other worlds may consist of smaller alliances, but way more of them, hence balancing things out.
  3. Looks like the game wasn't able to put every player on teams properly. The team name of our selected guild is "12,204" and we can't get into WvW at all. activating a portal, or opening the first tab in wvw panel only yield errors messsages. Match overview only shows "blue", "red", and "green" as team names.
  4. 100% agree. It feels like ArenaNet desperately wanted to bring in something new, but it simply doesn't fit into this game for all the reasons you said. Especially this explanation: "This may maintain a strong all-around support role for a focused target in certain gameplay, such as 2v2 PvP or playing with a friend in the open world, while allowing Specter to still fill healing and alacrity support roles for group play." is very telling. It sounds like they just now realized that there is not much need for any kind of single target support in this game. While on the other hand, your effect
  5. Miller is dying only because it gets relinked with Elona over and over and over again. Why, Anet? Why?
  6. Very dissapointed in the fact that Specter still has a 300cd trait. I thought we were past that, but apparently Anet does not even acknowledge this as a problem.
  7. Let me shortly address the use of Support specter in WvW (large Scale): WvW has a very defined meta, with each subgroup having exactly 2 supports: Firebrand and Scrapper. The firebrand providing insane defensive boon support with a bit of heal and cleanses, while the scrapper brings an insane amount of cleanses, good healing, some boons and important Utility (yes, scrapper support is broken, but that's not the point for now). Specter in comparison brings mostly healing and barrier, a few , mostly offensive, boons and a bit of utility. So, who is it going to replace? You'll be either
  8. But it also doesn't mean that everything he says or suggests is wrong, so... why not discuss the actuall matter instead discussing if someone may or may not be qualified to make a suggestion?
  9. Are you really sure that this is the case? Because that would be news to me. AFAIK only the scepter beam works this way.
  10. All the numbers that we saw on the stream are PvE numbers. There's a good chance the cooldown of this trait will be higher in PvP/WvW as well.
  11. No, why should it? Wvw is all about aoe. Just making your commander stand longer does not help at all when the rest of the squad dies.
  12. Spectre will be bad everywhere you run in slightly larger groups, as it basically anti-scales with the amount of allies. The single target focus is simply a mistake, gw2 is not made for that.
  13. Really unsure about the arrangement, feels weird. And i absolutely dislike the new fat icons, the old sleek ones were far better.
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