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  1. "We can put a man on the moon..." 🙄ðŸĪ“
  2. As of yet, I haven't seen it as such a huge problem that the activity scales to a point where it doesn't get done in a reasonable amount of time with those actually playing. Sometimes I'm not always 'exactly' where I'm supposed to be either. Examples, I will leave the opening Braham fight early to WP and get in position 'before' the cut scene to start working on the north ... uh ... 'stone crystal thingy' (<-that's either the official wiki name, or i'm just never going to remember any of these names for things they make up ðŸĪŠ). If I'm all out of EMP before the final bubble (which
  3. This 'sorta' worked, but I understand why it put me where it did. I had the elder blessings with the bubble around me before going into the volcano when I quit to do HotS. Switching back to Flashpoint, I have to go back and build up my bubble before doing the volcano. Understandable in this instance I feel set back a little, but I think it's all part of that same step anyways. So what you lose is any progress inside a full step of an episode, if it has multiple steps, potentially.
  4. I'm in LW3.5 (Flashpoint) on the final step of the story with a character. It's an alt and I thought it would be fun to do all the 'revisiting' on an alt rather than my main this time, so I'm playing ahead a little bit to get the episode map and steps 'open', as I like to do all the event stuff on the first day (FOMO perpetuation of the Locust phenomenon, I know), and then I do the story steps on subsequent days before the next week. Next week is LW3.4 (I think I'm counting these right, Lake Doric, at any rate - The Head of the Snake), so my question is, can I activate LW3.4 (HotS)
  5. tyvm! Would you happen to know for Like Clockwork if the chain needs to be severed, or you just need to avoid all her attacks?
  6. At the time of this post, 2 'No' votes from Scourges. I was this many days old when I learned the 'P' in 'PvP' stood for 'Player'. 😏
  7. My first attempt was joining someone's squad. It went horribly. We failed after the second lane. I learned how to join the public event, and it was a lot of fun.
  8. Managed to do a pug. Fantastic and fun. Good thing those are going away in a week. 😔
  9. What time are the public instances? How do you join one?
  10. Am I reading that correctly? The public version is only available for a week? Follow up question (if applicable): Why? I rather like the public Dragonstorm being available every day.
  11. Still waiting for my $8.23 (adjusted for inflation) for the ticket I bought to see the movie 'Gas'. 🙄
  12. Appreciate the update, thank you. Aside from the explanation, which makes sense, I'm kinda curious about how these are even allowed to exist. I suspect this is true for many things in the game, like the original Unbound gathering set, specifically the logger, which forces me to unequip my weapon. Or any other interactable which forces me to unequip my weapon (taffy bashing) vs those that don't. It perplexes me that there aren't standards for these types of things. You make a logging tool, you follow the logging tool guide. You make a trinket with an effect, yo
  13. I totally did. I must have looked at it like 10 times, and I just read the stats and thought, "Oh, that's my WvW staff." Didn't bother looking at the sigil, an entire 0.004 degrees lower than where my eyes were looking. To add insult to injury: my WvW staff 'is' my main PvE staff. I don't 'have' a different staff for WvW. Not sure why I got it in my head, just today, that I did. I'm real close to throwing the car keys away and walking out to start the car with the banana peel. 🙄
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