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  1. Realized it was necro'd, but "Hello". I'll see the 2 Lionels and an Adele, and raise with this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3mjTpZk3Ao
  2. Update: My bad. I forgot it usually shows if you open the thing in the upper right in game. Someone pointed that out to me. I read a 'through January 4th' somewhere, but does through mean until reset on the 4th, or whenever a patch would hit (usually around 9am-11am my time)? Or does it make it 'through' reset tomorrow until midnight ?? time, and we get a few more hours? Or just the reset in 1 minute?
  3. I periodically clear out my list. I find it generally stays pretty empty. It's been a long time since I've seen someone who can actively put things in chat repeatedly over time that's so much of something I don't want to see that they aren't otherwise extinguished through means outside of my block list.
  4. I still think it would have been cool if they added a mechanism to choose which idle animations were active on your character (like picking a glider), only you could have many (or none) active at once. Then they could start making new passive animations (just like they make the longer ones that 'play' until stopped, like rock out, shiver, shiver plus, play dead), and sell them in the store. I'd buy new animations to activate. I could de-activate ones I don't like. Others could de-activate ones they don't like, buy and add ones they like. Everyone's happy. And they could make some ava
  5. 1. I start within a day or two. 2. I stop pushing the story and will finish exploring an area when the story sends me to a new zone. 3. If I see people spoiling, I'll click on another tab I have that doesn't have map, say, etc chat (only npcs and system). Outside of the game, I'll stay away from YTers I follow, be careful what I look for in the forum, etc, until I'm done with the story. 4. N/A 5. N/A
  6. ...might not get any good holiday screenshots this year. 😔
  7. I got a shurikin (sp) glider, which is neat. 😊
  8. Thank you! Edit: I just checked a vendor, and there they are (albeit 80th level, as you always see the level you are at). What's funny is I haven't checked one of these vendors in a really long time. Just noticed they have the backpack straps for 8c. I should probably dump the extra ones I have in my bank. 😊
  9. How would a new account obtain apprentice armor early in the game? Are they sold at vendors in some sort of basic form to obtain the skins? Update: Nevermind, I didn't read all the way through Danikat's post. Is that the only way to get it though, as drops?
  10. I was hoping it was down to put in a change to how new paragraphs work. Sadly I was mistaken. 🔻
  11. I really like it, and think it's fun when others sit down at it, and enjoy sitting at others' tables. There is some weird expectation of role-playing that comes with it that's a bit of a bummer, so I sadly stopped using it. Not my cup of tea, as it were. 🔻
  12. The video card. Can't get one. Can't build a new rig. Suppose I could build one under my 1070, but yikes. I know all the Scooter Von Dooters bought them for their bitP33ns or what not, but these days, I'm not so sure there isn't something shady going on between manufacturers and PC builders. How is it I can't buy a card, but DigitalStorm or iBuyPower will happily put one in a rig for me? Granted, it's like "Bob's nVidia Card" and not a brand I prefer. "The drive thru..." - Leo Getz
  13. This worked perfectly, thank you! I was a little nervous when it was unchecked, it would hide it's own aura 'and' the otter aura, but it doesn't. So I can use the legendary and take advantage of the switchable stats, hide the aura, but still get the otter.
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