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  1. I would really like to purchase the European World Tournament Finisher. I think it looks really cool, sadly I wasn´t around back when it was in the gemstore. I know that the whole Esports scene is a thing of the past, but I don´t think there is another way of getting the finishers besides buying a lot of wardrobe unlocks?
  2. maybe show the buffs/boons and what condis are on the golem before u post random numbers..
  3. quickness reduces the GS 4 block duration
  4. I am having fun so far playing it in PvP, using GS / Sword Sword. My main issues are: 1) No new animations, it doesn´t give you the feeling of playing something new. When you see the same animations for years, then you get a new spec and it´s basically a mix out of already existing animations, that is disappointing. 2) The Elite Skills are really underwhelming, there is basically no reason to use Urn of Saint Viktor. The spear is not only weak, it LOOKS really weak. Should be a better animation for an elite skill. 3) No CC on Alliance Legend/Greatsword. Big issue for Rev, since
  5. SotM is still good to knock away opponents from downed players and as an evade skill. The amount of CC in PvE is still broken.
  6. Just died in 99cm at Arkk because my Shiro skills were randomly swapped once again, making me look like a complete retard :) thx Anet
  7. This is what hard nerfs tend to look like: -Mist Form: Increased cooldown from 60 seconds to 75 seconds in PvP only.-Obsidian Flesh: Increased cooldown from 50 seconds to 60 seconds in PvP only Just saying.....that playing a class like revenant or guardian,engineer or thief...you never get to experience what hard nerf really looks like. Receiving a hard nerf means that the nerfed skill/utility would be better off being deleted.....a 5-10% slap on the wrist is merely a fix...let alone being considered a hard nerf...that's laughable https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Game_updates/2020-02-25#Utili
  8. Condi Rev got hard nerfed in July balance patch to the point where noone plays it anymore in PvP. The video you shared is from April, which means it shows an "op" version of condi rev that doesn´t exist anymore.
  9. I hope there will be leaks, remember what hype they generated last time with PoF? Also we all know that Anet doesn´t really advertise their game (hopefully it´s different this time), so leaks would be better than nothing
  10. I really like it too.. i done cm a few times now, I am not sure if I will be able to get dwd as I havent got them yet.. I should have done it on the first day. hope at later stage people will come help with us get dwd. .. on my first cm kill no one wipe actually but the instance was not reset. :skull: I think you will get it eventually when you do cms on a regular basis, I did it 3 times already in cms+t4 pug groups (we didn´t even go for dwd achievement).
  11. Both of these titles don´t say anything about your skill level. You can get Fractal God just by doing T4 and Recs only and you can buy Dances with Demons from the LFG.
  12. The rewards are garbage, not worth to suffer pugging 5 cms.
  13. You can try out a char without leveling/spending money on it in PvP first before committing because your level doesn´t matter in PvP.
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