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  1. Rangers lost a huge amount of utility in PvE with the patch. Power Soulbeast was a solid pick for fractals (outside of CM 100) and raids before this, while now it's a pretty terrible choice. Condi Soulbeast was already getting overshadowed in practically every way by other classes, and druid is on its way out as it gets replaced by more consistent healing classes. The last thing ranger needed was to be nerfed.
  2. 1: Certainly. Soulbeast dps is solid in almost all fights in both raids and fractals. If you're doing fractal CMs though, firebrand works much better.2: Somewhat. Firebrand is greatly preferred in fractals, while both firebrand and druid have their place in different raid comps.3: That depends on your playstyle and how much you want to heal and dps. You need two sets of gear to run both a dps build and a healing build anyway, so my recommendation would be to put healing gear on your guardian and dps gear on your ranger since you said the dragonhunter dps was boring you.
  3. Take whatever you want in dungeons, they're old content so they're not balanced to elite specs at all. Druid isn't meta in fractals, so you won't usually see them in CM groups, but for regular t4s they work fine. You can run it in open world, but pretty much only if you want to carry others in meta events. Open world druid is just slowing things down for yourself when you could be doing much more damage on soulbeast.
  4. As with almost all ranged attacks in this game, you do have to be facing the enemy to attack them. It works that way by design, so it will never be "fixed".
  5. In case anyone else needs some tips here, these are the things that helped my group shave unnecessary time off: In the intro jumping section, grab your first two charges and kill the first air elemental. Grab the charges that spawn after that to cap it out and ignore the two subsequent air elementals. Stability helps there so they can't fling you around.On the air boss, you can meet a dps check to avoid the red circles spawning on you during the post-33% burn phase. On the fire boss, break quick and dps hard. The 33% meteors should be placed close to the boss so you're not wasting time running
  6. When they give explicit schedules like this, it's a safe bet that they'll follow through. Hooray for new fractal content!!
  7. In general it's best to avoid metabattle. Those builds are far from ideal and often behind on updates. Check this out for a greatsword build, it's still an ideal weapon for high damage and mobility: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/ranger/soulbeast/power/
  8. I've seen your average WvW build. Drop by the Aerodrome sometime and we PvE'ers will happily show you what actual damage is like ;)
  9. If guardians are your least seen class in fractals, you're missing out on meta groups entirely. HB/QB is in practically every group that knows what they're doing.
  10. Condi soulbeast can work just fine for open world, and it's fun to put a bunch of condis on enemies and let them die as you walk away. Condi in general is a bad idea in fractals though, so if you want to change things up there I'd recommend looking at a different power class.
  11. I'm a big believer in leading by example. The commander doesn't necessarily have to be top dps, but should know the mechanics very well and very rarely make any major mistakes. Additionally, a great commander knows what they're doing well enough to be able to pay more attention to what the other players are doing and potential areas in which they can improve instead of needing to tunnel-vision on their own build.
  12. All you need is some block/damage immunity and good self-sustain, so plenty of professions can do it. Honestly though, I don't get why we see so many different handkite options. Soulbeast is so easy and uses Druid gear so you don't have to make a whole other set of gear for one boss.
  13. If you've got all this cleanse, why are you standing in the roots? All you have to do is remove the immob and then walk a little bit out of them.
  14. I've seen two methods to taking down the TD's:1) The standard is a scourge with epi. This is what my guild uses. I bring tides and longbow. One small knockback with tides, then the epi hits, then the larger knockback with longbow. This got us through regular and CM modes.2) Let the TD stay on the group for just the right amount of time to get a nice amount of condis on it, then knock it off. This is more dangerous, but potentially more efficient. If your other healer is enough, you certainly could take dps gear, but I think it would still be better to use either epi or leaving it on the group
  15. I always thought the cheetah in PoF looked awesome, but alas, it has no use in any game mode.
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