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  1. I didn't attack the whole community. I thanked people for positive advise and then pointed out how some people respond in a negative way. If someone doesn't find this behavior as a problem I do respect that but some make others feel less because they are bothered or upset over being harassed. The rules for conduct are clear and I believe this behavior falls into those rules outlined as harassment and should be addressed by Anet.
  2. First, thank you to those who responded with helpful advise. It always amazes me how many people respond to this complaint by demeaning or belittling the person being harassed, like it's one's own fault for being harassed or trolled. A person completing an event in this game is not asking nor should be trolled or harassed when attempting to collect a reward, period. Anet, please fix this issue.
  3. Strike Missions were created as a way to bridge the gap to get people interested in raids/ raid type game play. Anet did say they would rework strike mission currencies, but I don't think they will make them identical to what you receive in raids/ nor should they be. I have argued for an open world legendary armor, and have met the same wall of resistance from the player base. I think we just got the most we will ever get for open world legendary items (the amulet and precursor if you bought EoD).
  4. I think we will see a "balance" nerf to torment before EoD. I just hope Necromancer isn't "balanced" before the torment/torment runes/sigils are nerfed.
  5. There is amazing detail on this outfit, however I guess I will never understand this games obsession with the trench coat/butt-cape look.
  6. They really missed the boat when they made the revenant. The revenant should have been an actual Ritualist.
  7. So the question is while in shroud which does more damage? I dropped all gear and cleared a template only selecting Harbinger trait line but I did not select any other traits in that line or others. I went into aerodrome training with no gear and used shroud auto attack alone( used Mushroom King blessing to stay in shroud). Direct damage/ Tainted Bolts(371/as), torment damage(32/as). I don't know if this helps.
  8. PvE - I like the idea of risk vs reward. I really thought this spec was going to be a power glass canon with pistol. I was wrong. This spec clearly was only designed to be condi. The fact that for the beta they give you condi gear right off to test it with. The fact that in a video by a content creator poor CMC was blindsided or stumped with the question about power trait line came up. In the right setting with proper gear Harb can be very strong average dps option. I do like the changes with Elixirs. I don't mind the icons, maybe if they play with the shading behind vials to make them
  9. I agree with others this is not the same. Also if if you haven't noticed yet, they updated the description on the amulet. "The Fulfillment of a Legacy spanning thousands of years flies alongside you"
  10. OP you might be confusing people with a title that asks one question but make an argument for another in your comments. However, why do we have Norn tattoos, Asura and Sylvari skin patterns/glow when we can not show them off. I do agree there should be equal revealing or concealing clothing/armors. *Edit: still hoping there will be GW1 scar/tattoo designed armors someday.
  11. Please do something about people grieving others with interactable objects/reward chests. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to make sure I don't get trolled/grieved. Here are other times when people have posted about this issue and I'm sure they are not the only ones who have posted or commented on this topic.
  12. Suggestion/QoL - Could we please have ability to change 24 and 28 slot crafted bags from soulbound to accountbound like what has been done with the 32 slot crafted bags.
  13. All Races should have to ability to show more, so many interesting personal character details lost by armor. *edit: Secretly waiting for Necromancer Scar Pattern from GW. 😉
  14. PvE : The pistol seems, boring kind of like Engineer pistol. Pistol skills 1 and 2 could use a rework/tweak, I like pistol 3. I wish we had 1,200 range on pistol even if it was only the auto attack/ or if we trait for it. I don't like the fact that the only trait for the pistol is in the condi line. I like the blight mechanic but think it could scaled down a little for healing skill. I really don't see a purpose for elixirs at all unless I plan on going support which I would just go scourge. This spec feels like they indented to go all condition/support. I mean the other two spec are given to
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