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  1. Yep just ran into this. 😞 Unfortunate bug.
  2. I was on the platform for a bit. Got buffs and stuff while timer was going. Couldn't see Aurene anywhere. But got on Skyscale and went off platform at the last 3-5 seconds and was off the platform when the event ended. Still weird and probably needs to be fixed.
  3. Ok. I managed to get it tonight. I actually left the platform right as the timer was going off and was on skyscale when the event ended and it completed properly and triggered? So yeah..
  4. That is weird, but it was kind of along the lines of what I was thinking was happening. Guess I will have to try this sometime if it is not addressed soon. Thank you for sharing your solution.
  5. Still some interesting scaling on the second event. Stopping the enemies from corrupting the jade shipment. They hit like trucks and a ton spawn at once. First one with the sleds is good now though.
  6. I can't believe they added two new achievements to flawless these events and they still scale insanely. Also, kinda wonder if the Zu Heltzer relic event in Echovald suffers from bad scaling as well. The enemies are so tanky. Even with a lot of people I haven't seen that one succeed either. Eventually too many big enemies stopping you.
  7. The Jade Lantern achievements give a box that gives you the map gift of the respective map as well as a Lamplighter badge. It is repeatable as well. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Chest_of_the_Jade_Explorer
  8. Have had a full set since last week. After reset today she still won't take anything again. It originally bugged out on giving her the Aetherblade meta statue.
  9. I made a post about this a couple days ago. But yeah, only thing I'm missing for that achieve and done it many times. So I assume its bugged. Glad I'm not alone at least. xD I did send an in-game bug report last night just in case.
  10. Ran into this today. No goggles spawned on win map.
  11. I will agree most of the collections are quite involved compared to most we have seen before. I really enjoyed them when I finally got to finish most of them though. Very nice little story bits. There is a couple easy achievements hidden behind the guise of harder stuff. At least I found the Echovald's Haunted Court, Altar, and Perch all easily soloable and the events you have to manually start yourself, so they are often ready. These are actually needed to be completed for another collection and I had no idea they were so easy till I got to that point. If you like fishing you c
  12. I got first DE win on March 6th. Finished collections on the 7th. First win was super close. Like mere seconds. Was condi dps this run. But condi felt much better than my previous attempt with power. Commanders were really good at discerning when to switch sides, using text calls, etc. Did another run last night (as heal/boon tempest) on the 10th and honestly not sure on the timer. Was less than a minute I think. Seemed like considerably less tail time then I'd seen in previous attempts. Used Discord to listen to Commander. But not everyone was in there.
  13. Well, did another run today. The event definitely spawns after the crystal phase and lasts until you get up to the tower for the fight. Wiki even has it listed now. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Meet_Aurene_at_the_top_of_the_Harvest_Temple But still can't get credit for it. So I dunno.
  14. I was wondering that. Cause everyone usually bails to the sides after the central escort is done. But I was wondering if I missed something afterwards. I'll have to try it again and wait and see. Only reason I questioned it is because its listed after the last crystal event. So was wondering if it was an order.
  15. For some reason I can never get credit for the task "Meet Aurene at the top of Harvest Temple" even though I've done the meta multiple times and won some. Don't think I've ever seen an event pop up telling me to go the temple after the crystal part if there is supposed to be one. Maybe I am going up there too quickly after finishing the previous event? Looking it up on GW2 Efficiency seems at least some people have finished it so it has worked at some point or I'm doing something wrong.
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