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  1. I mean, you said it right there "cheese builds". Anything that is truly awful to fight because it can't be beaten by player skill on any class. My personal thoughts would be like Perma stealth Deadeye. Yes it can be beaten, but you have to somehow be a god tier player (or just very lucky) to catch them imo. I'm an average player and I can't beat it. However I am also playing the wrong class to be able to compete with them (mesmer). My understanding is necros have a really good chance to take em out, but even then it's not a guarantee. permastealth is bleh imo just in general, no matter the cl
  2. good old t4 where we flip t3 keeps, towers, camps, garrison, and even SMC with 12 or less people: no one comes to defend b/c the other servers are dead at that time. conversely, the same thing happens to us when our 16 hour dead zone comes about. ya, when i play there is barely anyone around which isn't much fun. but that's just me. But, you aren't answering the question. The question is "When does he play?" because it matters. Yes, on most NA servers, NA is stacked pretty hard, but outside that timezone there is a lower population for sure. Which is why he thinks it's dead. It's not, I've pla
  3. So.... for the OP.... when do you play. I see lots of people in T4 NA >.>
  4. "World versus World (also known as WvW) is a combination Player versus Player/Player versus Environment game mode where players from three different worlds (which can involve 6+ servers), battle in the Mists." - GW2 Wiki While it's not obviously the main focus of WvW, it absolutely IS PvPvE
  5. I have NO idea when you are actually playing, but yeah..... that's not true. Taking keeps is attempted or happens all the time. I spent like an hour and half the other night defending a keep on an enemy bl that we managed to t3 up AND was being hit from the other two servers. And we fought in it with multiple walls down, no supply coming in. And held it for a long time until the multiple guilds defending just gave up. So yeah, for "No one" trying to take keeps anymore, you might want to get your facts straight. Also, roaming isn't dead because of sensor towers and mounts. Roaming still happen
  6. Oh boy, I really thought we were out of the woods on these mounts threads. Hadn't seen one pop up for like... a week or two. Lol. Honestly, and I keep having to say this, when the dismount skill comes... it probably will solve some of the "issues". I'm sorry but you'll just have to deal for now with the "issues". And just like another developer I know, it will get patched... eventually.
  7. Because its a fun and interesting map to play on (more so than deset bl) with unique and non intrusive mechanics, but from a competitive stance has very little influence and very few rewards.This is a valid thread. I've been there, it's not that interesting. Also it was never supposed to be a replacement to the WvW, it was designed to be a glorified waiting room for wvw when there were huge queues. Not for a long time... honestly they could remove the maps and what.... 20 people or more might actually care? Eotm is just a waste of data/space at this point.
  8. I'm so confused, why does anyone even care about EotM...... Even before the pip system for WvW I never understood the love of EoTM
  9. No, because that's ridiculous Also, thread necromancy Still relevant tho, 3 months with no fixDoesn't need fixed, hence no fix. I mean aside from a "dismount" skill
  10. No, because that's ridiculous Also, thread necromancy
  11. It's too late, they are here to stay. I prefer having them for every aspect of wvw. Sorry you don't like them, shame to see you go but as with all games some folks like change, others don't. Nothing to be heartbroken about.
  12. I dunno where you are getting the impression they are making only 3 servers from 24. Based off what the official posts (possibly outdated but with no updates we dunno) I think they were looking into a cap of 500 players per alliance so no one alliance can force a Blackgate situation into existence as there will be other alliances potentially that large. Also in addition to that they were looking into alliance locks so that if you want to transfer alliances it wasn't instant, and you had to wait till the end of the proposed 8 week cycle (much like world linking). I know there are more than 500
  13. The question is : Why does it matter, it's not like if roles were reversed HoD wouldn't do the same thing back to either FA or CD?
  14. I dunno, I've been dismounted by a gunflame warrior out of no where and he put up really good fights after the fact. Soulbeast isn't the only build that can dismount a player off mounts, it's just the easiest.
  15. Honestly both help the outnumber more then the outnumbered, however at least with no downstate the outnumbered have a chance of doing something to the folks outnumbering them.
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