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  1. Refer to the post above yours. The only thing that will end up changing is that youre not guaranteed safe passage in a warzone anymore when travelling to your zerg, which is the way it has been since release. Theres literally like 50 maps you can go too if you don't enjoy open world pvp. Who cares about safe passage? Lol. I would opt for a true "open world PvP", not some instanced version of it like we do in GW2. Unfortunately, GW2 has the best combat system on the market to date (even after 6+ years!), so alas! here we are. I guess you selectively forgot to read my comment "Might as well just
  2. Wow, Warclaw hasnt even been out for 1 month yet and its already getting nerfed to the ground due to fairweather and troll QQs. Lol. Might as well just rollback pre-WvW mount era and refund all our mount-related purchases. RIP. I was hoping we would get mounted combat in the future...but wow, this just killed it before it even had a chance to begin. What a way to squander resources that could have gone towards WvW alliances features.
  3. Most efficient way to fight "supposed" top guilds is to:1) cloud with a quality core group (preferably players that are pvp-oriented)2) pin-snipe the driver3) both 1) and 2) in synergy *Rinse and repeat til you are done farming them and they rage log for the night. Cheerio!
  4. I'm still running my same rifle DE build I ran prior to this asinine patch. Granted I've had 5 years of scouting practice to build my map awareness, the patch has affected me little. ;)
  5. Given the large amounts of bandwagon behavior since the release of this game, server pride has diluted to nil post-HoT/server-linkage era. If you just take a survey of which players are on which server, you will find certain band of groups will always be together regardless of which server is the FOTM. Many guilds also experience large turnovers, but atleast the corruption and back-handed tactics of server leaders is not as prominent. Also, given the tentative plan of converting GW2 WvW into an alliance-structured environment will deem servers obsolete. I have been fortunate to have played wit
  6. I logged in recently and tried out these stealth tricks and traps. They actually were quite amusing to use. I kept spamming them at zergs so they couldn't do their typical cloaking waters/veil stacking invisi-pushes on fellow roamers or friendly zerg. It was quite a sight to see...they veil and immediately reveal themselves. I got quite a few good laughs out of it. Easy pin-sniping too. I recommend all thieves to employ these tricks and traps to stealth bomb enemy zergs so they cant de-target their pin and zerg. You just have to learn to use the tools ANET gave you to gain an upper-hand in any
  7. That is a valid suggestion. I would also like to see a trick and trap with the effect: "All incoming attacks cannot be blocked or be nullified via invulnerability skills for 30 seconds".Of course, this would follow similar to the stealth trap and trick as being an unavoidable effect. And the effect will have same radius and affect the same number of enemies in said radius behaving similarly to the stealth trap and trick.
  8. Doesn't Veil only last 2 seconds? 2 sec stealth is never enough to reach foes, guild/zerg usually run multiple veils, but now as long as you see them veiled, you just thru a few trap on possible direction they will have nowhere to hide. As a thief main I'm not bothered by this change. Used to ANET going to extreme measures to nerf the class as a result of fairweather QQ. Why even bother introducing a sniper thief concept if you're just going to nerf it to the ground. Should have gone with the sword/sword thief concept instead. Lol. #logic In any case, this change should be nice for pin snipin
  9. Yea, this would be an interesting idea. It would definitely give insight into how overly reliant some players are on passive traitlines. Nowadays with the HoT/PoF expac goodies, some classes/builds play themselves with minimal user interaction. #autopilot
  10. All three of those are already common in roaming, the no DS weekend didn't change that. People running back to a zerg on their own, will die to the roamer DS or not. The only thing it really changes being smaller scale teams have a CHANCE if they have better tactics, it rewards skilled play. It was nice to see some skilled guilds out in wvw again, which I had not seen much of for a while. Some of them I know and had even been in, having 2/3 or even half the numbers of the other zerg I remember bashing our faces into them over and over again getting downs on every push, but never being able to
  11. I think for the majority of time that I see complaints being made towards classes/builds in general is that many do not want to take the time to learn how to beat it. Their bias or hate towards it has either made them refuse to creating a character for that class/build or only using it for a short time period where they decide it is unbeatable but not giving it enough time, seeing where the actual weaknesses lie - this takes time and many encounters with differently skilled opponents. It seems your comment takes the cake. Dont see many plausible observations like this nowadays. I am amazed a
  12. Where is option (F): "Keep stealth access for thief class only, and delete stealth access for all other classes."As it should have been from the dawn of GW2. ???
  13. While you're at it, add an option that states, "Keep stealth access for thief class only, and delete stealth access for all other classes." As it should have been from the dawn of GW2.
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