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  1. This would be sound logic if: -There had been no meta prior to the introduction of the legendary armoury -There had been no balance patches prior to the introduction of the legendary armoury -Everyone playing the meta were unemployed. -Everyone was required to play the meta Unfortunately reality interferes with your tired rhetoric Do you, in your heart of hearts, beleive that world bosses on farm, represent the same accomplishment as raid kills? That Fire Elemental is as representative of a player's skill as Sabetha?
  2. Mods need to merge these "Steam is comming so you should give me free stuff " threads
  3. Of course I do. I lead metas and strikes all the time. What I don't feel the need to do is smother new players who are enjoying the game for the first time, trivialize low level content for them because I don't believe them capable, and start forum threads asking for more gold/hour than someone who doesn't tag up.
  4. Asking this game's playerbase to properly use the Mentor Tag instead of the call for help it's being used as now is a pretty big ask.
  5. And these new players are going to need people tagged up because.... Hero points in Metrica require a group?
  6. This doesn't change the fact that your solution was "moar loots plz". No achievement, no extra bag of blue unids, no buff in your Karma is going to address the underlying issues you are pointing out. This has ZERO to do with Steam.... why position it as such?
  7. Using the Steam release to argue for more rewards is the new black.
  8. None of what you have said here addresses the basic salient question that @Linken.6345 asked.
  9. If you go to the automotive mechanic and describe a problem with your gas mileage as a problem with the radio/stereo are you still correct? Time Gating is a very precise term you are misusing. The misuse shows a lack of information. Pointing this out is not pedantic.
  10. Your quote about Time Gating shows you are absolutely misinformed.
  11. Mastery advancement is not a Time Gate. Time Gates are barriers that are imposed by the game to impede your progress by not allowing advancement until an arbitrary amount of time have passed. Daily Ascended crafting is a Time Gate. There is a Time Gate in the Skyscale quest. Levelling up a raptor however is not impeded by a time gate.
  12. While the premise of this thread is a complete junk argument powered by fanfic rhetoric: Those of us who WERE excited by the idea of build templates and would have happily paid for them were absolutely NOT asking for (or willing to pay for) a system that purposefully split the QoL feature into three separate parts solely for the purpose of monetization. I would absolutely have paid decent money for a reasonably priced system. I'm certainly willing to pay money for a decent pizza. But what Anet did was effectively offer me a pizza that only had toppings on two slices by default and asked me to pay to get cheese and sauce on the rest, one slice at a time. The entire system was created to effectively milk the most dedicated players of this game and was polished to offer less value for the money than new character slots. It stands out as Arenanet's biggest cash grab that over-reached so far that it turned off just about everyone. Yes, many people expressed they were willing to pay for Build Templates. No, not a single person asked to be bent over and done dirty, the way Anet implemented it.
  13. The short answer is "no" you cannot just grab an "LI" build and slap cele gear on it and perform well. Slapping Celestial gear on most builds meant for a power set like marauder's will generally lead to sub par performance. Example: A Marauder's setup easily pushes you to the crit cap on a lot of builds. This is essential for many power builds to do a decent amount of damage. Simply replacing this stat set with Cele will lower your crit rate as well as crit damage and overall strike damage. Rough rule of Thumb: If you see a build on a site like Metabattle or a video ect that points you towards a specific gear set and no alternatives are presented it's because the creator did indeed try other gear options and settled on the recommended set. When you hear "cele is great for open world builds" what you should instead be reading is "many open world builds". Celestial is great on things like Tempest, Holosmith, Renegade or Firebrand, that do a meaningful spread of both Condition damage and Strike damage while generating meaningful boons. Celestial is not so great on things like Daredevil, Vindicator, Soulbeast or Spellbreaker. Selfish Power damage foccessed builds will see a reduction in performance that will render them simply not viable. A good Trailblazers condi Ranger setup will shine. Toss it in celestial and it will completely neuter the build. It's also important to realize many Low Intensity builds are golem builds made for easy group content. They look great in Arc on a golem and are fantastic for running strikes/raids/fractals but aren't actually what I would personally a good "Open World" build. Many LI builds lack the sustain needed to mitigate the damage of harder targets in Open World like Desert Bounty champions. My big reccomend is to gear up in Stat-selectable exotics and easily acquired ascended trinkets, tweak until you are comfortable then look at crafting your ascended. From your described gameplay loop, I'm not sure if Legendary armour is a good solution for you.
  14. Just to be clear... this a thread calling for the meta runes to be.... buffed?
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