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  1. Making it run on my android tablet would make it an instant buy.
  2. If you were truly fine with it, you wouldn't express sadness. If you were truly fine with it, you would not create an arbitrary judgment about what is a valid reason for them to use a guild slot and what is not. You may backpedal all you like on this but I have misinterpreted nothing. If you are doing an accounting of "phantom members" (which you yourself admitted you are doing) then you are most definitely doing this.
  3. The very fact that you are making an arbitrary value judgment about the way your guildies use their 4 remaining guild slots is highly indicative of the environment and culture that you as a guild leader are creating. Do you also tell them how to fill their bank slots, or use their build templates? If someone leaves in a huff because you don't give them free stuff, they are doing you a favour. They are clearly stating that their goals and values are not aligned with your own. Problem solved.... gkick and move on. They can have fun in the "big guilds" with their fake giveaways and
  4. The fact you think you there are invalid reasons for someone joining another guild (in addition to yours) speaks volumes about why you are finding growing your guild challenging.
  5. Your post history shows this "recent return" to be untrue..
  6. If all the misinformation on the forums was done away with all we would have was you and Danikat answering newbie questions and a few posts in the art section. That might be good for you, but a lot less entertaining for the rest of us.
  7. How is this any different than Necro Wells or Renegade summons? Neither of which are a problem.
  8. In a game where Rev Hammer is a ranged weapon the weapon itself comes a distant second to the actual gameplay, and to express dissat before even seeing the gameplay seems pretty silly to me.
  9. I'm not usually one for hype trains but if I am close to a "main" on any class, it's Ele and I'm really excited for today's reveal and tomorrow's info dump.
  10. Quoting me a second time over a year after after I ignored your post to get some attention is some next level weird.
  11. Every single one of these events was bugged. It's safe to assume the engagement level of the community did not justify the resources to fix them.
  12. What you are pointing to here is a big part of the "casual" appeal. In many/most other MMOs, challenge is mitigated only via hours/days/months of gear grind. If you are having a hard time with a mob/mechanic you simply grind for a very long time to outgear it. In GW2. provided you have a few basics down, you need only need to develop simple muscle memory in order to mitigate challenge. One of these takes days/weels/months per challenge. The other depends on a small skillset that can be applied to most every encounter in the game. The respect of your time
  13. It was on Josh Foreman's stream last year where he was demoing the content for use on his portfolio. He was asked directly how he felt about the fact it was never finished and his response was a dismissive shrug and "I don't know.. it's not like it was the most popular festival" and then him talking a bit how the popularity of it was no where near that of the big festival content. Anecdotally speaking I can assure you that you are not alone in your feelings.
  14. If we find out that that after the rushed ending of IBS and 8+ solid months of grindy acheivements on old content's payoff is an expansion of a festival that even the creator admits was not all that popular? You think that's gonna play? Seriously... to even suggest this is a good idea right now just boggles the mind.
  15. Let's live in a world where balance is of no issue to the game developers and deal with an even bigger issue this problem would make even worse. As it stands now, many players have exactly zero idea what the stats are and how they impact gameplay. They muddle through with a mix of green and yellow gear in what they think are acceptable stat spreads and are hamstringing themselves by a fairly large margin. Look at the recent thread where the OP asked what kind of stat spreads other players wanted and the vast majority of responses gave stat spreads without either power or condi damage,
  16. The irony is the childish and passive-aggressive way the confused emoji is being used shows that a clear Thumbs Down would be far less mean spirited.
  17. Interesting how you turned an honest question about gameplay into tired "casual vs hardcore" rhetotic.
  18. This really looked like engaging gameplay to you?
  19. What I think is truly hilarious is that the complete hypocrisy of all these people who said they just wanted a "relaxing social feature" has already been exposed as what it really is....the desire for an even easier gold farm.
  20. Players in 2021: I want Fishing SO BAD!!! It's a perfect way to just socialize and relax. This game needs more purely social features!! Players in 2022: If it's not giving me 30g an hour, it's not worth it.
  21. You honestly feel that highly passive minigame is worthy of better gold than some of the more popular farms?
  22. Out of pure curiosity, now that you have seen the feature, how much gold per hour do you feel this system should generate?
  23. Was uninterested before the stream. Am even less interested now. To answer your question: Not a kitten thing.
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